Review: Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies (Limited Time Originals) & The Great Debate: Do You Get to Keep Your Shoveled Spot?

JFG Nation, as you know, blizzards hit the East Coast. As the sun has arrived, and people are digging out their cars, the great debate emerges: Do you get to KEEP your public space that you dug out after you drive your car out of it? On one hand, it’s public space. On the other hand, you worked hard to get your car out. So what happens? Leave a chair there with a sign?

This article basically sums everything up perfectly; I REALLY encourage you to read it. In DC, a guy warned that if someone took his space that he spent HOURS digging out, he’d use hours to shovel snow back around the space-taker. In Philly, someone just left a note: “If you park in my space, I’ll break your [expletive] windows. Have a nice day.”

In Boston last year, someone who stole a space got their tires shot with a nail gun. The article also discusses a 66-year old man who got his jaw broken when he attempted to take someone else’s space.

Now, for non-snow-city people, this probably seems drastic. “You don’t get to keep the space, it’s not YOUR SPACE” I’ve heard my West Coast friends say. But those West Coast friends have never literally spent four hours digging out from 40 inches of snow….like a lot of these people have.

So what say you, JFG Nation? Where do you fall on the spectrum? Do you get to keep your space? Should you leave a chair with a note? Or do you think, snooze you lose – you leave, and I take, and that’s just the way of the world. Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies!!

Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies: The Money Shot

Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies: The Money Shot

Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies are the next in the line of bacon items that Giant/Stop n Shop have released. I reviewed their Bacon! Maple Ripled Potato Chips the other day – loved them. Now they have Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies? Quasi Oreos? Inside a box covered in bacon strips? How could I pass this up???


I’ve had maple sandwich cookies before. Lance has a great Maple French Toast Quick Starts sandwich cracker/cookie. These CVS Gold Select Maple Creme Cookies? AWESOME. And usually I love the combo of bacon and maple…but in creme cookie? I dunno about these Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies…



Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies have natural flavors…so, bacon fat?


I opened this package and sniffed the rows of Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies…..MMMMM smelled like pancakes covered in maple syrup! The smell was really intoxicating – if you’re a fan of maple sugar (as I am) you’d love the aroma of these. I stuck my nose closer…definitely some porky aroma there. These basically smelled like breakfast.

The look of the cookies was Oreo-like, but like some of the Target-branded sandwich cookies I’d had before, there was no-screw-off factor with these. The creme acted as a virtual cement, preventing the cookies from being separated.


I bit into one of these Bacon! & Maple Sandwich Creme Cookies and chewed…hmmmmmmm. The initial flavor was, honestly, very much a pancake with maple syrup flavor! Not as bold of a maple sugar flavor as I would have liked (the CVS version was over-the-top maple, just the way I like it). But the flavor was there….as I chewed more and more pork fact flavor emerged, more than any actual discernible “bacon” flavor. In a lot of ways, these tasted like pancakes you might’ve eaten that were cooked on the same griddle that had JUST been used to make some bacon.

The more I chewed, the more I felt just “meh” on these. They weren’t super maple-y sweet. The bacon flavor was a bit muddled. The cookies used in the sandwich were super crumbly and buttery, which was nice – shortbread-esque – but left a really unpleasant residue in my mouth afterwards. When I rubbed my tongue against the roof of my mouth, it was like a mild coating of Crisco. Bacon fat, perhaps?

These cookies weren’t BAD, but they weren’t great either. Sort of a let down – I wanted to like these, but maybe this fits into the space of salty/sweet where even though I’m not scared of the taste, I just don’t get enough umami to justify further consumption. Meh.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Van Ness, DC

COST: $2.99 on sale

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  1. MP says:

    In Chicago, leaving a chair / thing in the parking spot you shoveled is illegal now. No, you don’t get to call dibs unless your car is actually there. I think it’s absolute terrible & wrong to vandalize somebody’s car or beat them up over a stupid parking space. It’s your duty to shovel your sidewalks & street spots. Lazy jerks.

  2. AY says:

    Car got keyed last night after parking in the space that I shoveled out over the weekend and someone was trying to reserve when our leasing office made it clear multiple times that you can’t reserve spots.

    Needless to say I hate people right now.

  3. Lauren says:

    If you don’t have a reserved space, if you moved your car you shoveled out a different spot which is no longer there when you get back. What should happen is if you fail to dig out your car within a certain amount of time (48 hours?), you get towed and you pay. Then either everyone cooperates and digs out spaces or there is room in the now empty spaces for parking.

    *I say this as someone who rarely gets to park in front of their house, I’m parking in a different spot every day, usually a block or two away. I guess people probably feel more “ownership” over their spot if they have a regular parking space.

  4. TehBuLL says:

    Sure it’s “illegal” in Chicago but so is shooting people. Not going to stop anyone around here. Luckily we’ve had almost 0 snow to test the enforcement of the Dibs system which is widely accepted and only attributes minorly to the afore mentioned shootings.

  5. Lauren says:

    I agree about the maple bacon cookies. They went on clearance at my local Stop & Shop recently, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to try them. But they are disappointing – for a supposedly maple/bacon cookie, the flavor is blah! Neither maply enough nor bacony enough. They’re weirdly greasy, too. I don’t even want to finish the package. They just aren’t good.

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