Review: White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles (Target Exclusive) & DUDE. What Is UP With Playboy????

JFG Nation, we need to talk. What is HAPPENING over at Playboy Inc.?? First, they got rid of nudity. And now, they are selling the Playboy Mansion?? What’s next…the bunny logo is going to be sold to the NFL??? Ugh, gross – images of Roger Goodell in a Hef smoking jacket just popped into my mind. *retch*

Look, I get it, Playboy. You used to be the king of exclusivity, of the gentleman’s craft. But now, you’re not the only game in town – the internet is full of porn, Sports Illustrated and foreign mags has as much nudity as you have, and Maxim and FHM are WAAAY funnier than you. You have to adjust your product so that you can survive – we alllllll get it. The Internet ruined everything, yes yes.

But selling the mansion??? I mean, where is Playboy HQ going to move to, a La Quinta Suites? The Playboy Mansion was one place I wanted to see in person at SOME point, and now it’s going to be converted into a ….well, a La Quinta Suites or something. LAME.

Weird side note: Apparently, the buyer of the house has to deal with the fact that Hef has a right to live there until he dies. What the….that’s not creepy or anything. You want to head to the movie room to watch some Furious 7 action, and Hef’s already there watching Casablanca? Total buzzkill, brah.

What do you think? Death of an iconic brand, or who gives a sh*t? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles!!!

White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles: The Money Shot

White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles: The Money Shot

These White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles are a Target Exclusive, and they were spotted a while ago…but this is the first time I’d ever seen them. They LOOK good, right? I like white cheddar. And I like black pepper. What could go wrong? Let’s do pics, and go straight for the review.





I’ll just come out and say it – these White Cheddar & Black Pepper Pringles are AWFUL. Like, really bad. When I opened the can, the aroma that came wafting out was NOT white cheddar or black pepper, but more of a …sweet potato vibe? Actually, to be honest, I thought my Pringles had gone south or something. Undaunted a tried a chip….and almost spit it out.

The flavor was NOT white cheddar and black pepper, the flavor was almost a sour milk flavor. SOUR. WHY THE HELL WOULD A FLAVOR CALLED WHITE CHEDDAR AND BLACK PEPPER HAVE SOUR AS A PROMINENT FLAVOR NOTE??? Yes I am shouting, because these were back. I tried chip after chip trying to see if I could taste the named flavor: NOPE.

I don’t know what this flavor is. These chips taste like creamy spoiled milk. I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, Pringles, but knock it off. NOW. Target, you hitched your cart to the wrong horse here.

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD

COST: $1.50

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  1. Shorneys says:

    You know, there’s a word for creamy spoiled milk: CHEESE.

    And I think the contractual sale of the Playboy Mansion includes a life estate to Hef, right? He gets to occupy the entirety of the mansion until he dies (and presumably, you *don’t* get to move in until that date too?). Your ownership of that building is predicated on him kicking it: preferably in a way that doesn’t lower the value of the property or cost too much to clean up.

    I think there was a This American Life story about a woman who bought a duplex but had to grant a life estate to her upstairs neighbor. He sold the place when he didn’t have long to live; but then he got better AND KEPT LIVING. And it was a weird piece about the two of them interacting with each other, while knowing that his continued existence on the planet meant that she was getting the crappy end of her purchase, and her happiness and complete ownership was contingent on (and persistently dogged by) this old frail man’s continuing will to live. THAT’s awkward.

    • Marianne says:

      And THAT is why I LOVE “This American Life”. How do they find these people? And how do they always manage to squeeze stories out of them that are so thought provoking and lovely???

      Anyway, about the chips…I’ll pass. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. MP says:

    Playboy? Hahaha. That’s something your grampa & old great uncle care about.

  3. Chip Review says:

    We concur! And we’re pretty sure that Hef would too!! These are some horrible tasting potato crisps. Easily among the worst Pringles ever, if not, the worst!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking of trying these until I saw this review. I think I would pass on those…

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