Review: Hot Diggity Dog Pringles (Walgreens Exclusive), The Nosh Show Ep.70: #GetYourOreoOnIGuess, & Prediction Results

JFG Nation, heck of a weekend. Let’s see how my predictions from last Friday went:

  1. KC to cover -3.0, and under 40.0: WINNER WINNER.
  2. PITT to PUSH -3.0, over 45.5: LOSER LOSER.
  3. No clue on SEA/MIN spread, but over the 40.0: SUCH A LOSER.
  4. WAS to win and cover +1.0: BIG FAT LOSER.
  5. Best Motion picture, Drama, Spotlight: Still have zippy interest in seeing The Revenant.
  6. Best Motion picture, Musical/Comedy, The Big Short: HOW IS THE MARTIAN A COMEDY?????
  7. Powerball? *RIPPING UP TICKET*

Started strong and went downhill….sigh, rough betting weekend. Meanwhile: EPISODE 70 OF THE NOSH SHOW IS HERE!

For you new arrivals, The Nosh Show is a podcast started by Marvo from The Impulsive Buy, featuring Ryan from GrubGrade, Dubba from On Second Scoop, and, of course, me, your friendly neighborhood JFG. Today marks the release of The Nosh Show, Episode 70: #GetYourOreoOnIGuess.

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This week, “we talk about three new Pepperidge Farm Milano flavors, two new Pringles flavors, one new line of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, and much more. Ryan is out this week, but we once again have CT from the Nerd Lunch Podcast filling in.” You can listen embedded here:

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Today’s Review: Hot Diggity Dog Pringles!!

Hot Diggity Dog Pringles: The Money Shot

Hot Diggity Dog Pringles: The Money Shot

Hot Diggity Dog Pringles aren’t the first hot dog chip I’d eaten – in October 2011 I reviewed Hot Dog Chips from 7-eleven. Verdict? Tasted like mustard, pickle relish and a bit like ketchup, all with a slightly meaty flavor. Then I tried Herr’s version: again, mustard, ketchup, slight vinegar-y relish flavor, and super salty/porky. In both, I thought, not bad…


But how would these Hot Diggity Dog Pringles hold up? You can only buy them at Walgreens, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Trying to drive demand or hide this flavor, Pringles? Also, the color of the can throws me – as my co-worker remarked, the pink reminds me of raw meat. Or bubble gum. *gag*



I see mustard, I see tomato powder, I see smoke, vinegar, and….natural flavor? That contains milk? Hmmm…weird, Hot Diggity Dog Pringles. Weird.

I opened the can and sniffed, and the can smelled like salt and vinegar Pringles. A tad bit of smoke, but mostly the sting of the vinegar.


I licked one of these Hot Diggity Dog Pringles, and the immediate flavor I got was mustard. A salty, vinegar-y mustard – I didn’t get the same separation of flavors as I had with other chips. I didn’t taste pickle relish AND mustard in this chip. This was straight up ballpark mustard – the kind that is super tangy, super yellow, and really distinct. The kind of mustard you drench you hot dog in to make you forget that you’re eating a hot dog.

Despite the tomato powder, I didn’t really get a ketchup vibes – after the initial tang of the mustard flavor, the rest of it sort of faded into a general savoriness. No real ketchup or pickle notes. But was there actual hot dog flavor? I mean, sort of – the ballpark hot dog analogy is the best one I can think of. After all that mustard, you can always sort of taste the hot dog underneath all the condiments, and that’s basically what happened here – the hot dog flavor was sort of an afterthought. The meaty smoky flavor was super slight and I wasn’t sure if I was tasting it…but then after I finished a chip and smacked my lips/tongue, I could get a bit of hot dog flavor. Not super strong.

All in all, this version of hot dog chip wasn’t as successful as the two other ones I tried, and maybe in that sense, Pringles pulled off what they wanted – to create a basically non-offensive version of this chip. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, or eat it again, but not because it was gross. They tasted fine, but weren’t memorable.

PURCHASED AT: Walgreens, Metro Center, DC

COST: $1.79 on sale

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Discuss - 4 Comments

  1. Marc P says:

    Agree on the pink coloring but I gotta say, the picture of the hotdog in a pringle bun is pretty creative.

    Bad beat of my weekend: Bengals ML.

  2. Corisa says:

    Speaking of fast food pizza restaurants with dessert on the podcast, did you guys ever try Pizza Hut dessert pizza? It is delicious! Thin, crispy crust topped with either apple, cherry or blueberry filling, then drizzled and topped with a vanilla glaze and sugary oat clusters! .. If not, you must try!

  3. Elisa says:

    There’s always Five Guys…

  4. Beeb says:

    I saw these and was too turned off by the color of the packaging to plop down funds to buy them. Also, I tried the grilled cheeseburger flavor of pringles and they were NOT good, so it was a no for me

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