Review: Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn; The Nosh Show, Ep.69: The Light Side; AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FANTASY TEAM

JFG Nation, I woke up this morning and I am losing in my stupid Fantasy Football playoffs. I am going to lose after tonight’s stupid game between the stupid Detroit Lions and the stupid New Orleans Saints. And you know what? NO ONE CARES.

I am an admitted lover of fantasy sports; mainly because it enables me to have some skin in the game and forces me to think about other matchups besides the one my own team is in. But have you ever tried to talk to someone ABOUT fantasy sports? Holy sh*t, you’ve never seen someone’s eyes glaze over more quickly. Hell, I bore MYSELF talking about fantasy football. It’s fun at first. “Oh, you have Odell Beckham AND Julio Jones??? Wow.” But then after a few back-and-forths like that, you start realizing, “Ugh, I REALLY don’t care who this idiot’s second Tight End is.”

I think the tipping point for me was earlier this season. I had the highest total overall point total in my league but was in last place with only one win. I took a screen shot of my horribly unfair situation and posted it to Facebook, expecting some sympathy/empathy/SOMETHING. The result? CRICKETS. Well, crickets and the occasional person leaving some snide remark. UNHELPFUL, DAVE.

So yeah – no one cares. So now when I watch football with friends, I don’t even bother mentioning it. I just silently push my Yahoo app, cursing under my breath that LAMAR MILLER CAN’T BUY A TOUCHDOWN and wondering why the hell Carolina choose THIS week to score no points. Stupid fantasy football. NEVER AGAIN*

*until next season (Ok, I’ll bite. If *YOU* have a fantasy football sob-story for this year, I WILL listen to it. Post it below in the comments.)

On the flip side, here’s something you SHOULD care about: EPISODE 69 OF THE NOSH SHOW IS HERE!

For you new arrivals, The Nosh Show is a podcast started by Marvo from The Impulsive Buy, featuring Ryan from GrubGrade, Dubba from On Second Scoop, and, of course, me, your friendly neighborhood JFG. Today marks the release of The Nosh Show, Episode 69: The Light Side.

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This week, “talk about Sriracha Greek Yogurt, Sriracha Cheez-Its, gigantic cocoa puffs, holiday beverages from Coke Freestyle machines, and a follow up on $40 Star Wars Ice Cream. Also, CT from the Nerd Lunch Podcast fills in for Dubba in this episode.” You can listen embedded here:

You can subscribe to The Nosh Show using various services: iTunesStitcherTuneInRSS, or, you can also download the episode.

Today’s Review: Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn!!

Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn: The Money Shot

Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn: The Money Shot

Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn is just another one of the fine Popcorn, Indiana products that I have reviewed on this blog. I don’t believe this is super new but I’d never had it before. Let’s do some pics and then dive right in:






I opened this bag of Popcorn, Indiana Limited Edition Toasted Coconut Drizzlecorn and could immediately smell the toasted coconut. It was sweet and pungent, sort of like I was smelling coconut sunscreen – but in a good way.

Pouring some out I could see that each popped kernel glistened with a clear sugary coating, and that there was a consistent splashing of white sugary confection even on TOP of the shiny sugary coating.  To that white confection was stuck tiny brown slivers of toasted coconut. The popcorn stuck together in clumps and was super light.

Popping some into my mouth, it was standard fresh Popcorn, Indiana quality popcorn. No stale bits in the bunch. The sugary coating made each popcorn piece sort of taste like Kellogg’s Corn Pops. Sugar yet wholesome.

The white confection added a creamy sweet flavor to everything – like someone has drizzle clumps of the white creme from the inside of Oreos all over everything. Yeah – it was SWEEEET. But the toasted coconut helped mitigate the cloying flavor of the confection – combined with the coconut, the drizzle coating tasted like a Samoa without the chocolate, or like the outer layer of a coconut donut from your favorite local donut shop. Just sweet coconut flavor with the usual texture of toasted coconut – flat little bits that get stuck in your teeth.

All in all, however, really tasty. I pummeled the entire bag, riding the sugar high until I realize there was nothing left except a few kernels and a mound of coconut bits that had fallen off of the popcorn. If you’re a coconut fan, buy this – Popcorn, Indiana did it right.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.50 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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  1. Alek says:


    That sounds very good!

    Oh I was in Germantown,MD last week visiting the area. I liked the area! The wegmans blew my mind and loved it. I gotta visit it again despite the long length of travelling to get there

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