Review(s): Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s, UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips, Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes, & Showering When I Can Barely See

JFG Nation, been a while! I hope you all had a very good week. I have to say, this time off from blogging every day has been very helpful in my every day life. While I am still working on this site, there has been other events in my life that having a bit of a junk food break has been really useful. If you still need your daily fix, I STRONGLY encourage you to check out my Nosh Show brethren’s blogs, The Impulsive Buy, GrubGrade, and On Second Scoop. And, of course, listen to the Nosh Show! We’ll have a new episode next week.

You’d think not working on this website every day would mean I’d have less computer time spent, and better eye health, but no – I still stare at various screens throughout the day. Like many of you, I wear contacts and glasses. I’ve worn them since…9th grade? These days, I wear contacts all day long, usually taking them out AFTER I shower (we’ve covered the whole daytime or nighttime shower thing before). But recently, because my eyes were tired, I decided to take them out before I showered. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS.

I completely underestimated the importance of clear vision when showering. Holy cow. I know it seems silly – I mean, your eyes are closed half the time when you’re showering anyways to avoid soap and so you can put your face right under the stream like you’re in a waterfall OH SO REFRESHING. And you certainly don’t need eyes to scrub – this ain’t a field sobriety test; most of you can find your face with your hands without needing your eyes open.

But it was the little things: pressing a bottle almost to my nose to determine if it was my shampoo or the JFGal’s conditioner (WHY ARE THEY BOTH WHITE BOTTLES). Jumping at any dark form on the tub floor (IS THAT A SPIDER no it’s just a clump of hair NO THAT’S A SPIDER GAAAAH DROWN IT). Or even just dropping the soap – I had to get on my knees to determine where the eff it slid to because my tub is white, the soap is white, and I keep kicking it all over the place. If this sounds ridiculous, IT WAS.

Now, I FULLY realize that people who are blind have less vision than me and no problems in the shower. I KNOW THIS. I’m just…well, clumsy I guess. Anyways, just a small look into my life this past week. None of you wear glasses in the shower, do you? Am I the only one who has these problems? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food(s): Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s, UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips, and Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms, Limited Edition UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Potato Chips, Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes: The Money Shot

Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s, UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips, Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes: The Money Shot

Three more reviews this week: Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s, UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips, and Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes! These aren’t all BRAND new, but they’re all new to me. Let’s get to it, verbose MINI-REVIEW style again…

First down: Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M's: The Money Shot

Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s: The Money Shot



I voted NO on these Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s Nosh Show last week, mainly because I had no confidence in the flavor after trying M&M’s attempt at general Pumpkin Spice last year. The prior Pumpkin Spice M&M’s didn’t taste bad, they just weren’t pumpkin-y enough. As we said on the Nosh Show, unless you’re adding some sort of creme center or something to the mix, just flavoring milk chocolate isn’t an easy task. So changing from Pumpkin Spice to Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor? I have to be honest; I had very low expectations for this flavor. Would there be a coffee tinge?

I sniffed the bag and it smelled like normal M&M’s. MAYBE there was a tiny pip of pumpkin-y aroma. MAYBE there was a tiny spark of coffee. But honestly, I think that was all in my head. So, aroma = negativo. Moving onto the taste… I popped a few of these in my head mouth and chewed. First impression – there was SOME pumpkin spice flavor; similar to last year’s flavor, the flavoring was in the shell.

These candies were a BIT different however – I COULD discern a TINY bit of coffee/latte flavor. I tried a few more to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, and I wasn’t – there was the faint taste of a watered down lattee in the mix. Not sure if it came from the candy shell or the chocolate, but it was there. Mixed with the pumpkin spices and the chocolate, I have to say these did faintly taste like a PSL.

BUT, what does that mean overall? Well, they weren’t great – like the Pumpkin Spice M&M’s from last year, these weren’t BAD but they weren’t special enough to warrant a re-buy. They ARE delicious M&M’s with a tiny faint flavor of PSL. So, if that’s what M&M’s was going for, I guess they succeeded. But to me? Not bold enough, ranking these only slightly higher than last year’s version. If you’re expecting something life changing, this is not it. But, if you just want some slightly PSL candies, sure, why not?

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD

COST: $3.39

Second down: UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips!!

UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips: The Money Shot

UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips: The Money Shot







When I saw these UTZ Yuengling Barbecue Sauce Potato Chips, I was SUPER excited, mainly because the other Yuengling UTZ chips I had, the hot sauce ones, are my FAVORITE Buffalo-style chips out there! Those Yuengling Hot Sauce chips not only nailed the tang and spice, but the quality of the chips was spot on. Now, UTZ has teamed up with Yuengling chips again to make barbecue sauce chips? Yes, yes, and yes.

Opening the bag, I sniffed and….huh. There wasn’t a really strong BBQ sauce smell. I expected some smokiness or whatnot, but…nothin’. Good potato chip smell but no aroma. Weird. The first thing I noticed visually was that THESE CHIPS WERE HUGE. Like, really big. Like Doritos JACKED big. One of the chips I pulled out was super thin but wide enough to be a drink coaster. WOW, UTZ. I like the cut of these. And, to UTZ’s credit, I am surprised that these huge chips weren’t all broken. But nope – lots of large thin sliced potato chips, completely intact. Pretty cool.

I placed a huge chip into my mouth and chewed. Hmmmm. These were good, but my immediate impression was NOT BOLD. The chips overall were not too salty (which is what I don’t love about Herr’s BBQ chips) and also weren’t too sweet (which is often my problem with Lay’s BBQ chips). They had a good barbecue sauce flavor with good Worcestershire notes and a bit of sweet/salty umami flavor. Good onion-y notes for sure.

But my surprise? These weren’t bold. I expected, based on my hot sauce chip experience, for these to be a balanced bold assault on my mouth – but they weren’t. I liked them in that these were probably the most balanced BBQ sauce chips I’d eaten, and maybe that will be a huge selling point for those, like me, who don’t love being clubbed over the head with barbecue flavor. But these lacked a bit of smokiness, and overall seemed somewhat muted.

I’d eat the whole bag, for sure, and I think most will like them. But they didn’t match the boldness of their hot sauce chips, at all.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Germantown, MD

COST: $1.50 on sale

Third down: Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes!!

Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes: The Money Shot

Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes: The Money Shot




FINALLY. These Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes came out last year. LAST YEAR. And I only FINALLY saw them at my local Wegmans this past weekend. Now, to be fair, maybe they were there all along and I never saw them. But this past weekend they were FRONT AND CENTER. And I wanted them.

A friend of mine and I debate food chemicals, GMO vs. non-GMO, and organic vs. non ALL THE TIME. So I was super curious about these – after all, Grapery claims that these are all-natural, sustainably grown, AND non-GMO. How do you make grapes taste like cotton candy? There’s gotta be some Hogwarts spell put on these, no? Apparently, they are just bred that way. MAD SCIENCE I TELL YOU!

I washed a nice bunch and popped some into my mouth and WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOLY EFF. Dude. Dude. THESE TASTED LIKE COTTON CANDY. Well, to be fair…they tasted like grapes that had cotton candy flavoring in them. SO. WEIRD. The more I ate…the more my brain brought the grape flavor to the forefront. But once in a while, that cotton candy flavor would pop back up again. I examined the grapes closely – there was no flavor packet in there. HOW WAS GRAPERY DOING THIS? I couldn’t stop eating them.

I liked them. A lot. Look, I know this may be mad science, but these were delicious. YOU may think they are just strange, but if these ARE truly all-natural, then Grapery, I salute you. These were ridic. Grapery also has a slew of other grape products – ones that taste like Flavor Pops (COOL), like gum drops (not sure I’d want that), and grapes that are shaped like fingers (GAAAAH ABOMINATIONS!)

These Cotton Candy Grapes do beg the question – of all the fruits out there, do grapes really need help tasting better? I love grapes. You love grapes. Little kids love grapes. I’ve never seen anyone NOT like grapes. They’re sweet and delicious and are sacks of flavor juice. Why make something that tastes good already taste like something else? I don’t need my fried chicken to taste like tacos (ALTHOUGH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING GET ON THAT GRAPERY.)

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD

COST: $5.99

And that’s it for this week! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below.

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I post all the time on Instagram, and I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 28 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    Granted, I have a bathroom to myself, but I never wear my glasses in the shower and I only wear my contacts when I need to (I hate them with a passion). And I have a super strong prescription (+5.25 left, +3.75 right plus astigmatism). Never had a problem.

    • Kelly says:

      I can’t see anything without my glasses/contacts so the only time I am without either is when I am asleep. My prescription is -11.7 and -12.5. Yea, my eyes are really bad and everything is a colored blob without the ocular aids.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Jessica: My eyes are even worse (yikes). Maybe I just gotta get used to it

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh so funny! I have experienced the exact same shower moments…including the spider/ hair thing. I wear a negative 8.0 contact so yeah, I can’t see sh*t! Have you ever debated having the laser surgery? Turns out I am a really old hag and already have cataracts. Looks like I need the surgery but holy eff…..I am terrified!

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    well.. i don’t really like grapes.. lol. yea, i’ll eat them in a fruit salad, but i never just eat a bag of grapes by themselves. i do love cotton candy flavored stuff, though.. but i’ve never seen this brand of grapes near me! hmph.

  4. Buffalo wing grapes. Make it so.

  5. Heather H. says:

    I haven’t tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s yet, but I got my hands on a bag of Pecan Pie M&M’s. They’re not like mind-blowingly good or anything, but I get what they’re going for. A little nuttiness, a hint of spice, something…maple brown sugary, maybe? Not bad. I might try the PSL ones eventually.

    Those Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes though! Wow. They taste exactly like cotton candy. I just got them in my area, too. They were worth trying just because it was such a bizarre experience, but I really did enjoy the taste. A definite re-buy for me.

  6. Marc P says:

    Dude, didn’t realize how much of a daily fix this place is until it isn’t there. You are surely missed brother!

    Regarding the shower, I can’t blame my eyesight but just that I am a moron: on several occassions, I forget that I didn’t wash out the shampoo or conditioner until I am pretty much dried off. D’OH!

  7. Elisa says:

    When I get home from work, I take my contacts out and wear glasses. Relaxes the eyes! My contacts are for daytime wear only; I change them every two weeks. Although I’m near sighted, I can see fairly well walking around the house without either in the mornings and in the bathtub/shower.

    My shampoo and body wash bottles are different colors and designs–the shampoo bottle is gray with a pump dispenser and the body wash one is white with a pop up cap. I keep them in separate spots in the bathtub.

  8. ruckus says:

    When I find insects in my house I try to embrace my inner Zen and lead them outside where they will be happier. That said – if I’m getting out of the shower and a spider is looking at me, it’s clobbering time!

  9. ibagoalie says:

    As a male you probably don’t shave in the shower, but it’s a huge disadvantage for us females. I can think I’m covering all the hairy areas with my razor, but when I get out and put on my glasses, it looks like I just barely touched them, especially down around the ankles.

  10. ibagoalie says:

    oh, BTW, have you ever had Grapples? It’s grape flavored apples. I mistakenly though they had developed a cross between a grape and an apple, but found out, after forking out $8, that the apples were just infused with grape juice…yuk!

  11. Christina says:

    The cotton candy grapes… SO GOOD. Apparently they were only available at the hoighty-toighty Wegmans in our area last year, but they’ve been popping up at more (not sure if all of them) this year. I had to go out and buy them after I heard three people mention them within three days last week. At first I was hesitant, but I’m already on my second bag…

    And speaking of the shower, I always used to put my contacts in before showering, but I actually read an article last week about things you shouldn’t do while wearing contacts. Showering was one of them, because you can get an amoeba in your eye from the water, which can cause serious infections. I have terrible eyesight, but the article scared me enough to start waiting until after showering to put contacts in, even if it means accidentally showering with conditioner and washing my hair with body wash.

  12. Pimousse says:

    I just found those grapes at my local Kroger. They didn’t look quite “fresh” – some being brown and others kinda shrively, or general squishy-ness and unfirm looking. So while I desperately wanted these.. I’ll find another store with a higher standard on quality control.

  13. I ordered some of these PSL M&Ms from eBay and look forward to trying them and reviewing them myself, I love PSL so interested to see what the flavour is like. Hope I’m not massively disappointed :(.
    Love cotton candy grapes!! We’ve had them out quite a while in the UK, there’s also Tutti Frutti, Bubblegum, Mango & Strawberry flavour grapes!

  14. For some reason it’s linked to the wrong blog on my comment up there :/ it should be

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