MICRO-REVIEW: New Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo

Today’s junk food: New Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo!!

New Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo: The Money Shot

New Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo: The Money Shot




I’ve reviewed a few Doritos Dinamita on this blog before, but it’s been a while. When I was finally able to track down theseNew Doritos Dinamita Mojo Criollo (I’d seen them on the web since March), I did a little jig. Mojo Criollo! Garlic! Citrus! Sounds good….on meat. Slow cooking a big pork shoulder with a generous helping of mojo marinade is a favorite pastime of mine. But how would this flavor combo taste on a rolled up Dorito?

Answer: PRETTY DAMN GOOD. The bag, when opened smelled slightly tangy so I was worried that these would have fake-lime flavor, which is what I HATED about these Doritos Dinamita. But this Mojo Criollo version might be my favorite Dinamita yet! Good salt on the rolled up chip, with a good amount of savory tang from the lemon. The lime flavor was not extreme and was PERFECTLY balanced with the garlic and onion powders. Right when I think the citrus would get out of hand, it didn’t – this chip, to me, was ALL about balance, which I appreciated. Completely NOT spicy, which I realize is the trend these days. Just a nice slightly citrus-y savory chips. After taste of slight garlic – which I of course enjoyed.

REALLY REALLY good. Hard not to eat the whole bag. BUY THESE.  You’ll like them, I promise!

Check out Chip Review’s review here!

PURCHASED AT: Megamart, Rockville, MD

COST: $2.99

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  1. Alek says:

    It would be mind blowing if these were filled with some kind of cheese filling that flows like a river

  2. Steph says:

    I wish we had this flavor in Ecuador! We do have honey mustard dinamitas, which are pretty good!

  3. Heather H. says:

    I’m not a big fan of funky-flavored chips, but I love the name of these. You gotta say it with gusto: DorrrrrriTOS DinaMITA MoJO CrioLLO!!! 😉

  4. C. says:

    I agree with JFG. While I don’t have a strong appreciation for these rolled-up ‘barrio’-style Doritos chips in general, I will concur that this variety is the best flavor so far. Decent snackin’…

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