Review (x2): Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! & Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy! & Would YOU Deliver for Amazon?

JFNation, good morning. Your friendly neighborhood JFG here. I definitely have a case of the Mondays. is recently rumored to be testing out, or maybe just contemplating, crowdsourcing its delivery service. In other words, instead of using drones or regular mail services to deliver packages, they would set up a program where you, as a normal person, could go to some product center and, for an incentive, deliver the package to another person. YOU are the delivery person.

To me, this seems totally shady, because I’d fully expect my sh*t to get jacked on a regular basis. Though, thinking it through, this process could come with certain safeguards – if a package went missing, they’d check to see who picked it up for delivery, and would probably somehow penalize for the missing package. But then, how could Amazon be sure? Let’s say someone DID deliver a package legitimately, and it went missing (packages get stolen off porches all the time across the USA). Would it be fair to penalize the delivery person? I dunno.

This whole thing reeks of litigation, which is maybe why Amazon hasn’t tried it yet. People looking at it compare it to Uber, another crowdsourcing platform where randos can become contractors of a company (except in California). But it’s not quite the same, is it? I mean, if a rando picks me up like a taxi, sure there’s a bit of risk involved, but *I’M THERE*. Aside from the inherent risk, I’m going to be aware if I don’t reach my destination. With this Amazon crowd delivery system, there are too many other variables.

But maybe I’m totally off base. What do you think of this prospect, JFNation? Maybe some of you out there drive for Uber and Lyft…you could also do this package delivery thing on the way to earn even more cash! Good? Bad? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! & Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! & Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! & Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy!

I’ll admit – these Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! & Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy! confused me a little bit. Well, not the banana ones – I happen to be a person who loves chocolate and banana, so I was STOKED for these cookies. But Brownie Chips Ahoy? How is this limited edition? Don’t these exist already?

A quick Google search revealed that they did NOT, which is baffling to me. Really? Brownie FILLED Chips Ahoy exist, and I did a review of them here…but plain old Brownie Chips Ahoy is new? Weird. Well, whatever…let’s get to eatin’.

First junk food: Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy!

Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! : The Money Shot

Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy! : The Money Shot




I had high hopes for these Limited Edition Chocolate Banana Crunchy Chips Ahoy!, because I love the combo of banana and chocolate. I know a lot of people DON’T like this combo, but I tend to enjoy any combo of fruit and chocolate.

Opening this package up, the smell of banana came tumbling out – unmistakable. I bit into one of these cookies and chewed – the cookie itself was nice and sweet, and the chocolate chips and banana chips mixed well together. Basically these tasted exactly how I’d expected – a good mix of chocolate and semi-artificial banana flavor, pumped up with sweetness. As I chewed, I thought the balance was good – I wasn’t looking for more banana or more chocolate flavor. Nor did the cookie drown it out – the chips to cookie ratio was balanced as well.

The only thing that threw me off was the crunchy cookie – I prefer Chewy Chips Ahoy! as a general matter, and I thought these would be even better if there were softer. Still, for a general crunchy cookie with chocolate and banana flavor, I couldn’t ask for more. Not my favorite cookie in the world, but nothing wrong with them at all. Expectations were met – a solid thumbs up for these.

Next junk food: Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy!


Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy! : The Money Shot




Limited Edition Brownie Chewy Chips Ahoy! smelled sort of like brownies when I opened the package. They didn’t have that deep chocolate-y smell I wanted, but there was plenty of cocoa aroma to go around. I bit into one of these chewy cookies, and…these were just ok for me. While the texture of the cookie matched a brownie – these were nice and chewy – there wasn’t quite enough underlying chocolate flavor for me. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but I like brownies that have that almost stick-to-my-teeth consistency – where the chocolate that is baked in has a vaccuum-like softness that my teeth sink into but have a hard time getting out of.

These had some of that softness, but it was clear whatever other additives that were inside this cookie kept it from reaching that level of chew I wanted. The chocolate flavor was sort of muted too – while these cookies did a good job of not being TOO sweet, matching the semi-sweet flavor of a brownie that I enjoy, it didn’t go far enough in terms of the deep chocolate flavor, generally.

Basically, these Chips Ahoy! were close but no cigar. If Pepperidge Farm can achieve that cookie-brownie goodness, then I know it can be done. While I might buy the chocolate banana cookies again, I probably wouldn’t revisit these.

Overall, not bad as far as additions to the Chips Ahoy! line generally. I like where your head is at, Nabisco/Mondelez. Keep chugging along.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.50 each

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Discuss - 15 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    I was an animal ambulance driver for a month. I have spent enough time in my life already looking for addresses on the back roads. So I will not be an Amazon delivery driver. The drivers can’t be any worse than Lasership’s track record of delivering my Amazon orders to me.

    Am I the only one though, who’s sick of all these banana flavored products suddenly flooding the market? At least these aren’t Minions-branded.

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    ok, no. that package delivery system sounds terrible. like you said, so many things could go wrong.

    i didn’t realize the banana cookies were crunchy. wah.. i don’t like crunchy cookies that much 🙁 like i said before, they need to add peanut butter to them and make them chewy – now THAT i would buy!

  3. Marc P says:

    My vote is on the negative for the Amazon idea, it seems they are trying to get TOO creative. You have a great business model, use it!

    I have to comment on the USOpen. That was captivating and wow… what a finish. I love the fact that it was right in prime time too which almost outweighs the HORRID fox broadcast led by the tool of tools, Buck.

  4. Radium says:

    The Amazon crowdsourcing delivery thing sounds like a *terrible* idea. There’s no possible way that can end well.

    I wasn’t interested in the banana ones because I assumed they were soft, but now that I know they’re crispy, I want some!

  5. marianne says:

    I would have much more inclined to try a banana chocolate cookie if it had been made by Pepperidge Farms. I like pretty much all their cookies. Not so much the Chips Ahoy line from Nabisco.

    As a 17 year employee of FedEx, I felt a little queasy just wondering how they thought regular people could successfully deliver packages. There are professional delivery drivers who sometimes can’t locate places even with mapping software! They aren’t incompetent, its just that lots of addresses don’t show up and are poorly marked.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Marianne: Ah, nice – glad to see even people in the industry think this is a bad idea! Like you, I’m about 50/50 with Chips Ahoy

  6. Elisa says:

    Ghirardelli has a new milk chocolate brownie chocolate bar out.

  7. Sascha says:

    You guys are off your rockers. Obviously, the crunchy Chips Ahoy is the superior Chips Ahoy, everyone know that. These cookies are great. A couple of them were a little low on chocolate chips, but they were still good, but when the ratio of chocolate to banana was even-ish, these are near-perfect.

  8. Michael says:

    If the amazon users mark their house on a map, they could find even the rare unmapped houses. I imagine 90% of houses would be easy to find anyways.
    It makes more sense for Amazon to mail bulk packages to drivers though instead of pickup from a warehouse. But then the driver may be responsible for packagaes in a radius he doesn’t want to do.

    I hated Chips Ahoy as a child. Not hate, just one of my least favorite. It isn’t a crispy cookie texture, it was more like weird cardboard stale sort of.
    Chewy is too artificially chewy.

    But as always glad for the review.

  9. Sheila says:

    I really like the chocolate banana cookies. Would’ve been very easy to ruin with obnoxious fake banana flavor, but it’s just a nice taste.

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