MICRO-REVIEW: Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds

Today’s junk food: Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds!!

Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds: The Money Shot

Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds: The Money Shot



When I opened this can of Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Almonds and smelled, I definitely got the aroma of sriracha – good garlicky notes and some vinegar tang. Each almond was splashed with a heavy dose of visible orange-y powder. Popping a few into my mouth, I chewed – like other Blue Diamond Almond products, the almonds were fresh and popped easily under my teeth. Each almond had GREAT flavor – the sriracha garlicky note was nice and strong, and the base flavor had the sweetness, the saltiness, the sour vinegar and chili pepper flavor that we all associate with sriracha. These nuts, however, were NOT spicy – at all. At least, not to me. After eating several, I did get a TINY bit of tingle, but otherwise, nope. In essence, these almonds captured a really good sriracha flavor – with absolutely no burn. Super flavorful without any real spice. I’d eat these again, only because they WERE tasty, but if you’re looking for SPICE, pass on these.

PURCHASED AT: Walgreens, Cleveland Park, DC

COST: $3.99

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  1. KN says:

    I love their salt and vinegar ones!

  2. marianne says:

    I wish food companies would realize that the people who are buying sriracha flavored products WANT AND EXPECT some nice heat. People who don’t care for spicy stuff probably would not buy a sriracha product to begin with! I’ll still try these once, based on the flavor being good. But its disappointing that they are very tame.

  3. C. says:

    Someday far in the future, food reviewers like JFG will go completely ‘beyond instrumentation’. Just like the vanished Krell race in ‘Forbidden Planet’. JFG’s experiences and reactions, his opinions and attitudes will be conveyed to us empathetically, instantaneously, via some as-yet-undiscovered-medium allowing us to join in his varying responses to sensory stimuli and without the clumsy use of any intermediary technology like solid-state circuitry, pixels, keyboards, polycarbonates, ASCII font, or even language itself. That prototype JFG will encourage us to share in not just every junk food he samples but every sip of water, every time he lathers up a bar of soap. every note of music he listens to, every haircut, every time he puts on a shoe or scratches his butt. We will be there. We will absorb his reviews immediately and directly.

    Ummm…? Naaaah. Just forget I said anything.

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