Review: S’MOREOS! Limited Edition S’mores Oreos, The Nosh Show Ep.55: McCouscous, & NBA Conference Championship Predictions

Junk Food Nation, I know why you’re here. Don’t be shy. I know why you’re looking at me like that. Yeah, I know some of you punched in “S’mores Oreos” into the Google machine and ended up here. It’s ok. Welcome. Pull up a chair. Let’s talk about some stuff.

Furious 7. Saw it. Review? Meh.

NBA Playoffs. Wiz are out. Basketball is dead to me. But, if you care, my Conference Championship Predictions come after the review below.

What else? How about a podcast? EPISODE 55 OF THE NOSH SHOW IS HERE!

For you new arrivals, The Nosh Show is a podcast started by Marvo from The Impulsive Buy, featuring Ryan from GrubGrade, Dubba from On Second Scoop, and, of course, me, your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy.  And today marks the release of The Nosh Show, Episode 55: McCouscous.

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This week, “we’re talking about McDonald’s Red Velvet McFlurry, Olive Garden’s Breadstick Sandwiches, McDonald’s Kale Salad Bowls, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s The Most American Thickburger, and much more.”  You can listen embedded here:

You can subscribe to The Nosh Show using various services: iTunesStitcherTuneInRSS, or, you can also download the episode.

Now what else is there….what else did I want to talk about…hmmmmm…..OH RIGHT.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition S’mores Oreos!!

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos

SMOREOS!  Or S’MOREOS! Or Limited Edition S’mores Oreos. Whatever you want to call them, THEY ARE HERE. The rope was a nice touch, right? Makes it feel all outdoors-y and stuff.

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos

OH HO HO. Let’s get to some of the press blurbs that came with this box of Limited Edition S’mores Oreos:

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, OREO is bringing a taste of summer to fans with its newest limited-edition item, Smores OREO flavored cookies.

Featuring a first-ever graham flavored cookie and layers of chocolate and marshmallow flavored creme, S’mores OREO flavored cookies let fans enjoy summer’s iconic treat no matter where they are – no campfire necessary.

Plus, apparently, OREO is sneaking these puppies into the seats of ZIPCARS around the country on May 21. COOL.

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos: The Money Shot

Limited Edition S’mores Oreos: The Money Shot

Still, let’s get back to the naming issue: Limited Edition S’mores Oreos? S’mOREOS? Or, do we use the hashtag suggested by OREO itself, #OREOSmores. “Oreo Smores”? Yeah, I’m not using that one.

Ok. Photos. And then let’s get to the sensory experience:

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos




When I opened up these Limited Edition S’mores Oreos and smelled, I have to admit, I DIDN’T smell graham cracker. I sniffed and sniffed, and all I could smell was Golden Oreo. And these weren’t golden.

I passed them to the Junk Food Gal, who sniffed, and exclaimed, “Oh, these definitely smell like graham cracker.” “No they don’t,” I said. She looked at me skeptically, “What do you think graham crackers smell like?”

“I dunno, like…more honey-ish?” I took another sniff. I still didn’t think they smelled like honey, but I could see what the JFGal was getting at – these didn’t smell as vanilla as Golden Oreos do. Closing my eyes, I guess they smelled like graham? It’s a tough call – I think I know what graham crackers taste like more than I know what they smell like.


I tasted the cremes inside these Limited Edition S’mores Oreos separately. The chocolate creme? Deep chocolate flavor, almost dark chocolate, brownie/fudge-like in flavor. Really tasty. A darker chocolate creme than in normal Chocolate Oreos.

The white creme? I tasted it, and I didn’t especially get marshmallow flavor. Like, I had the S’mores Frap from Starbucks recently, and that marshmallow whipped cream DEFINITELY tasted like marshmallow. This? This honestly tasted a little like vanilla, a little like marshmallow, and a little sharply sweet like…honey? Interesting.


But how were all the flavors together? You come to me for honest opinions, so here we go – Here is the honest live play-by-play of me eating three straight Limited Edition S’mores Oreos:

First cookie: After I bit one in half, I munched, and ….was underwhelmed. The cookie just tasted like Golden Oreo to me. What the. I could taste the inside creme, but wasn’t getting any marshmallow. My brain instantly registered “This tastes like a Golden Oreo with Chocolate filling” and for a while, that’s ALL I COULD TASTE. I was so sad. I crunched the rest of the cookie, confused.


Second cookie: I deconstructed this one first. I HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT. There’s no way OREO would’ve gotten this one wrong. Maybe I ate the first one too fast. Tasting the cremes again, alone, I closed my eyes and really tried to figure out the flavor. Hmmm, the white creme had that slight honey sharpness…I realized that by tasting that with the cookie, that would send the honey graham cracker flavor over the edge. Then I tasted the chocolate and white cremes together without the cookie. MMMMM, ok I see where you’re trying there, Oreo. The white creme helps thin out the darkness of the chocolate creme, which reminded me a LOT of how the chocolate and marshmallow flavors interact inside of a S’more. Now that I knew what I focusing on, I pressed the remnants together and chewed….pretty good! I had a much clearer picture of the flavor now. It was time to try a third cookie.

Third cookie: With the flavor profile firmly in my head, I pressed a whole cookie into my mouth, chewed, and….DELICIOUS. Now, I couldn’t get S’mores flavor out of my head! I was right – the white creme helped the outer cookie taste like a graham cracker. The cremes reflected the flavors of marshmallow and chocolate mixed together, the dark chocolate getting broken up by the white creme mimicking the experience of eating globs of melted marshmallow interspersed with chocolate pretty closely. Eaten altogether, I can assess that the entire cookie was 90-95% spot on with its flavor profile!

Two comments:

1. Junk Food Gal correctly noted that, like most Oreos, the double cookie does dull the inside flavor a bit. If these S’mOREOS were double-stuffed, I think they would’ve knocked the overall flavor experience out of the park.

2. The white creme still could’ve been more marshmallow-y. See Marshmallow Crispy Oreo.

It took a while, but I liked these. A lot. It did concern me that it took a CSI-like effort to get the profile sorted in my head, but that could just be because I’m a little OCD about flavors. These were VERY tasty, and when analyzed, were pretty successful in achieving S’mores flavor. Go get them. And tell me what you think in the comments below when you do.

PURCHASED AT: You’ll be able to get them nationwide starting May 22. That’s Friday!

COST: Varies, but I’m sure most places will have them for like $3.


Thanks for staying, junk food & sports fans! Let’s recap my Round 2 Predictions:

JFG: Wizards over Hawks in 6. Actual: Hawks over Wizards in 6. BOO. I don’t wanna talk about it.

JFG: Cavs over Bulls in 7. Actual: Cavs over Bulls in 6. I was actually worried about this pick early on – then Lebron woke up. Cleveland still doesn’t look as complete as a championship team should be, but the Bulls were sunk with Gasol injured.

JFG: Warriors over Grizzlies in a sweep. Actual: Warriors over the Grizzlies in 6. I was sweating this one too! The x-factor was Mike Conley coming back earlier than I thought he would…I still think Memphis could’ve hung with had Tony Allen been healthy.

JFG: Rockets over Clippers in 7. Actual: Rockets over Clippers in 7! WINNER! Still, I can’t believe this was the result. Ugh, and I don’t like Houston either. Not thrilled I nailed this one.

Still, all in all, not bad – 3 out of 4 winners (first round was 6 of 8 – I’m on a roll here). Onto NBA Conference Championship Predictions!

CAVS VS HAWKS: Hey, let’s look WAAAAAY back in the archives to when I predicted this season’s finals:

I guessed Cleveland last year. That was stupid.  But would it be stupid to pick them this year? Can LeBron put it together in one season?  I’m going to say YES, but that the West still wins. It’s a cop-out, but I’m just going to guess WEST CHAMPION over Cleveland.

See? So I gotta take Cleveland here, to keep with the plan all along. And I think they can do it – Atlanta, as annoying as they are to me, know how to stretch the floor and play small and quick. But Cleveland is also a smaller team outside of Mozgov. If Kyrie is healthy, this fits his game well – Schroder was able to hamper Bradley Beal and John Wall, but Kyrie has a quicker trigger. High scoring games all around, people; this will be a battle for Cleveland, for sure. I can see this going 7.

WARRIORS VS ROCKETS: I have to be honest – I’m not sure. No one on Houston knows how to play defense, and I’m pretty sure Golden State is just so-so at it as well. So the question is, who will outscore who? Houston was impressive scoring-wise in the previous round; Golden State seemed to be slightly hampered by the Memphis D. Will the Rockets hammer Steph Curry’s ankles early to take him out of the game? Or will the Rockets’ lack of defense lead to triple digit Golden Scores the whole time? It’s a tough call, but I think Golden State is the overall more talented team. Still, Houston strikes me as more physical, which could give Golden State fits. I’ll say Golden State in 7, but all bets are off if Houston sends Josh Smith in the eat Curry’s ankles.

Enjoy this championship round, JFNation!  And share with me YOUR Conference Championship Predictions in the comments below!


Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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Discuss - 24 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    It kinda takes the fun of making a s’more with an Oreo and having the cream drip everywhere if you ask me.

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    mmm i can’t wait to try these! i don’t think they’ll be as good as a real s’more, because, obviously, the best part of s’mores are the melting chocolate and toasted marshmallow that you just cannot replicate in an oreo. BUT i don’t think oreo is set out to replace s’mores, just give their spin on it, like anything else.

  3. Marc P says:

    Are you kidding me? This product is like a dream creation.
    All things S’mores is all I asked for – now just make it into a cereal and I am good to go for life.

    Even better, my trusted JFG ended up giving it a thumbs up. I see this as an early birthday gift. Brightened my day, yes I’m a tool.

  4. ruckus says:

    Having to eat 3 cookies before you can actually tell it’s flavored like the packaging indicates seems like a dicey product. But I’ll try to hold off my speculation till I can try these.

    I watched game 7 of Clippers/Rockets yesterday, and I found myself kinda feeling sorry for the Clippers. After blowing a big lead in game 6, they just couldn’t find their mojo to get ahead. To Houston’s credit though, every time LA made a push, the Rockets shut it down, which shows some guts. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Golden State more than can handle.

  5. Alek says:

    Why not they could done a stretchy marshmallow crème? Instead of the standard crème with flavor. They could used whipped marshmallow fluff folded with the oreo crème. That way get the authentic marshmallow flavor, texture, and the stretch! I wonder what will be the next flavor? Apple cinnamon I could predict.

    • Alek says:


      why u not replying back my comment? Just asking. Am I doing something that bugged you?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Alek: No, you didn’t do anything wrong! Sorry for not replying 🙂 Sometimes I’m just dashing off responses and miss a couple here or there. I agree with you – marshmallow stretch creme would be great.

  6. Mike N. says:

    Go Spurs!

  7. MadSammyboy says:

    “No one on Houston knows how to play defense, and I’m pretty sure Golden State is just so-so at it as well.”

    Golden State had the #2 defense in the league this season.

  8. Shorneys says:

    Allow me to translate:

    Cookie 1: this doesn’t taste like s’mores. Disappointing.
    Cookie 2: it must taste like s’mores because that’s what it says on the box. I will convince myself it tastes like s’mores.
    Cookie 3: tastes like s’mores. Success!

  9. Rich says:

    Great, like I need another reason to scarf down a bag of Oreos. But I can’t resist, I mean they’re s’mores!

    Western Conference: Rockets are actually 6th in defensive efficiency, Warriors 1st. Both teams just play fast and create more possessions so they tend to score a lot. Warriors just do it a little better, Golden State in 5.

    Eastern Conference: Cavaliers are on a roll and the Hawks haven’t looked particularly good in the postseason. Cleveland in 5.

  10. Jes says:

    oh my god , those sound as amazing ! what stores are they available at ? also i think they would be great roasted like a regular s’more , but probably a bit messy 🙂

  11. Isaac Morgan says:

    I enjoyed them as a nice change of pace from the original Oreo. Took them to a BBQ yesterday and they were crushed within minutes. I would like to make s’mores and use them in place of the Graham.


  12. Nicole says:

    As a smore addict, I try every single thing that is flavored smores. Sometimes, I find a product that I enjoy and actually tastes like a real smores. The honey graham smore sticks were yummy, but the smores oreos are actually the best thing I’ve tried. Besides getting the meltiness of a smore, they are the truest taste and texture of a smore that I’ve found. I truly wish these were not limited edition! I am going to buy more and stock up! I also want to try a quick microwaving of these to make them perfect.

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