MICRO-REVIEW: TastyKake Cherry Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive)

Today’s junk food: TastyKake Cherry Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive)!!

TastyKake Cherry Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive): The Money Shot

TastyKake Cherry Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive): The Money Shot



Hey, remember when I reviewed the TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes on Tuesday? I do. Those were good times. Well, these TastyKake Cherry Kandy Kakes are another flavor in this Spring Exclusive series. From the box you could see these were chocolate cakes, which makes sense because the mixture of cherry and chocolate is pretty common these days, aka, Black Forest Cake. As soon as I opened up the plastic, I could smell that FUDGEY FUDGEY AROMA. They smelled great. I bit into one, and the combo cake was pretty good. BIG chocolate flavor – the outside coating reminded me of Hostess cupcake coating/frosting. It was a little waxy but imparted a lot of chocolate taste. That upped the flavor of the soft cake inside. The cherry flavor that came from that small ribbon of pink you see was nice and strong, but not overpowering. It lacked the obvious “fruit”-tang that cherry filling typically has, but the overall cherry flavor was unmistakable. I enjoyed these! They didn’t have the same SUPER SUGAR effect as the lemon ones; these were more along the lines of a normal lunchbox cake snack. Pretty well balanced overall; gave me the same familiar cozy feeling as when I eat a Hostess cupcake.

Ranking so far: Lemon ones, then these.  But we’re really talking 100% vs 98%.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me

COST: Not sure / ~$3-$4 

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  1. Josh Celli says:

    I went out and bought the lemon ones on your recommendation. I’m forever indebted to you. Think I gained about 10 lbs in the past 3 days after going through one or two (or 12) boxes of those

  2. C. says:

    Tastycake is a *fantastic* company with great products. A company with integrity. They get my vote over ‘Hostess’ every time.

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