MICRO-REVIEW: TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive)

Today’s junk food: TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes (Spring Exclusive)!!

TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes: The Money Shot

TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes: The Money Shot


TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes

TastyKake Lemon Kandy Kakes were small, puck-like cakes that were topped with a lemon-y filling, and then coated all over in a THICK white sugar-y confection. When I opened these up, it reminded me of the lemon filling smell from a lemon-filled powdered sugar donut. AND I LOVE THOSE. Excitedly, I bit into it – SUGAR BOMB. In a good way, people. The thick white sugar coating was every bit the sugar-y heaven I expected and wanted it to be, melting all over my fingers and coating my mouth with so sugar sugar sugar. The coating dissolved nicely in my mouth, upping the sugar-y flavor of everything else it touched – the soft vanilla cake inside became SUGAR CAKE! The lemon-y layer? It was sort of masked by the sugar (I’m a huge Meyer Lemon fan, and this didn’t have that same citrus flavor).  Still, I got the lemon-y flavor enough as the coating made it SUGAR LEMON FLAVOR. Everything was sort of creamy because of the outside coating, and I was left with a mouthful that, like the smell, reminded me of a lemon-filled donut. But much softer. These may be overwhelmingly sweet for some, but I REALLY dug these. Super easy to eat like five in a row, and then go running down the street with your arms flailing above you.

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COST: Not sure – maybe $3-$4 for this box?

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  1. Jeni says:

    Wow, much better than I expected! Two things stand out – there are like, EIGHT (I stopped counting) different kinds of sweetener in these guys, and … there’s actual lemon juice/oil!

  2. Sophia says:

    Have to admit, the fact that the confectionery coating is the 1st ingredient, disturbs me. A lot.

  3. Mike N. says:

    Do you remember the cookies called Lemon Coolers? I think they were made by Sunshine and were covered in powdered sugar. Those were awesome, wish they’d bring them back!

  4. Sylvia says:

    They still sell lemon coolers, but made by niche. Not sure if they’re different, as I have tried either.

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