Micro-Review: Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes

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Today’s junk food: Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes!!

Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes: The Money Shot

Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes: The Money Shot

Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes

Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes

Ok, I’ll just cut to the chase: I am SHOCKED at how much I liked these Limited Time Only Sea Salt Caramel Hostess Cupcakes. Not my favorite new snack, but still – they exceeded my expectations. They were REALLY REALLY REALLY sweet, but in a weird sort of way, pretty good! When I opened the box, I think I could already smell each individually wrapped cake even before the plastic was cracked. And that wasn’t a bad thing – as soon as I unzipped the plastic wrap, the aroma of caramel/butterscotch filled the air. It was REALLY strong.  The cakes themselves were soft and spongy, ala your typical Hostess Cupcake, and the frosting on top was moist too. The whole thing seemed destined to fall apart and lent itself towards cramming the thing into your mouth as a whole. And as soon as I took a bite – FLAVOR EXPLOSION. The flavor of the icing, while very sweet and cloying, was SPOT ON CARAMEL. The bits of sea salt were perfect, adding bursts of saltiness all over the place. The cake was sweet, and when I tasted the inside creme, it ALSO was bursting with distinct caramel flavor. I was blown away – I expected to hate these, thinking the frosting would be flavorless and the cake underwhelming. Instead, sea salt caramel bomb. Yes, it’s overly sweet, and some will find this too strong flavor off-putting – but in my book, it delivered exactly what I wanted it to. I wanted to knocked to my knees with caramel flavor. Home run, Hostess! WOW.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.96

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    ahh i want to try these! but i never buy hostess snacks.. maybe i’ll make an exception.

  2. Alek says:

    I wonder how the kiddies going to react to the salt topping?

  3. Marc P says:

    THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention. I sprinkle salt on all kinds of sweet foods, cupcakes included.
    Just the picture looks phenomenal.

    Thanks JFG!

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