Review: New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches & Gimme Your Worst COLD Stories

Junk Food Nation, Happy Friday. And may I just say: IT IS COLD OUT. HOLY S IS IT COLD OUT. I mean, seriously. I know those of you in the Northeast are like, “Eff off, JFG, we’re buried under 8 feet of snow!” And those in the Midwest are like, “You don’t KNOW what cold is, JFG, unless you’ve had your saliva freeze to your lips on the way to class.” I’m pretty sure there is an indigenous person from Greenland cursing me, surfing while he sits on his ice cube bed.

WHATEVER. I grew up in Upstate New York, and while I live here in DC now, I KNOW WHAT COLD FEELS LIKE. Teeth chattering. That knife through my thighs as I walk to the subway. The blood in my freakish ears turning to slush. I may not be able to cry ice cubes but COLD IS COLD. Once my privates jump back inside my body, set up camp, launch Netflix and orders from Seamless, I’m pretty sure that it’s cold out. And today, DC broke a 120-year old record. 5 degrees? So -15 Celsius?  AWESOME.

Despite this morning’s frigid commute, I think the coldest I’d ever been, however, was during the week between Christmas and New Year’s during my senior year of college. I had come back to campus in New Jersey after Christmas, with plans to spend NYE in NYC with my girlfriend at the time. I needed to make a one night pit stop on campus before heading to NYC that next day. It was, like, December 29th in the Northeast, so it was definitely snowy and cold. A quick Google search reveals it was probably close to 16 degree Fahrenheit that evening. (Thanks Google!)

Here’s the thing: APPARENTLY, the campus shut down all heat over the holidays. WHY they would do that when some students couldn’t go home for the holidays, WHO KNOWS. Anyways, I was able to see my breath while I sat at my computer indoors. The dorm I lived in was old and Gothic – everything was made of stone! So the walls were cold, the floor was cold, and I WAS AN ICE CUBE. I remember turning on ALL the lights, hoping that the ambient heat from the lightbulbs would help warm the room. I went to bed that night, all lights on, wearing four layers, covered in blankets, shivering, thinking I might seriously freeze. It. Was. Ridiculous.

When things are that cold, or as cold as they are today, it really makes me worry about people who don’t have homes. The DC Metro area does an OK job providing places where people can get out of the cold, but obviously it’s not all encompassing, and more could always be done.

Anywho, I want to hear YOUR coldest-moments-ever stories. I’m not necessarily talking SNOW stories, but COLD – it could be in Miami when it was usually 34 degrees out and you were wearing a bikini, it could be as you were leaving a Green Bay Packer game and your car broke down. It could be funny, it could be serious – I’m just curious. What was your coldest memory? Let me know in the comments below. And stay warm out there, JFNation.

Today’s junk food: New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches!!

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches: The Money Shot

New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches were sent to me recently by my good friends at Snyder’s of Hanover. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed one of their products.  Well, I guess not that long – I reviewed one of their new Poppers back in December. Still, feels like I haven’t had a Snyder’s product in a while. Let’s change that. These Raspberry Creme Pretzel Sandwiches, in theme, were clearly designed to capitalize on some of the Valentine’s Day buzz.

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

Of course, I missed the Valentine’s Day release of these New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches. I am no stranger to Snyder’s sandwich pretzel concoctions, however – their York sandwich pretzel is BAZILLY.

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches have raspberry creme in between two pretzels. Simple construction, so the key will obviously be execution. What does the creme taste like, and what will the texture be?

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches contain natural raspberry flavor, so I guess that’s good. When I opened the bag, an artificial smell of raspberry came wafting out. Even though I could tell it was fake, I didn’t hate it – I’m smelled plenty of artificial things.

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

Each of these New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches was small but still a decent size, maybe the width of a quarter.  I tried twisting open the pretzels like an Oreo? No dice. The creme has the pretzels WELDED SHUT.

I noted immediately that while there was some tiny bits of salt here and there, these were in no ways a salted pretzel, which was interesting to me – Snyder’s wasn’t going salty/sweet here? Ok….

New Snyder's of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches

I popped a bunch of these New Snyder’s of Hanover Raspberry Creme Sweet Pretzel Sandwiches into my mouth and crunched, and….hmmmmmm. Interesting, in a good way. I liked them, for sure, but they require deeper analysis.  My friends over at Chip Review did not like these, so I want to fully explain why I enjoyed these.

The taste of the pretzels is standard – light and crunchy, and like I said before, not salty. They did have a buttery feel to them, which I liked. The crème itself was very sweet, and did have that fake-raspberry flavoring – reminded me of the flavor of a raspberry ice cream. It was creamy and sweet with the raspberry flavor mixed in. This wasn’t a fruit-only raspberry flavor, this was definitely a raspberry-milky confection.

Together with the pretzel, the flavor IMMEDIATELY reminded me of a snack I grew up eating – STRAWBERRY POCKY. Those Asian cookie sticks dipped in light pink fake strawberry frosting? NAILED IT – the flavor of these was right on the money. Yeah I know one was raspberry and the other was strawberry. Didn’t matter – the flavor profile triggered the same reaction in my head.

The second flavor I was reminded of was the intersection of eating a fruit sorbet or sherbert and getting a bite of waffle cone. That mix of carb and fruity milky confection was also represented here with this flavor. I had plenty of rainbow sherbert growing up – loved the colors as a kid – so that flavor of ice cream cone and rainbow sherbert flavor in my mouth was unforgettable.

The final flavor I was reminded of, and this is a distant third, were of strawberry wafer cookies, either made by Voortman or another company. While not a perfect match, that fruity milky crème flavor of these sandwiches pushed my thoughts in the direction of these wafer cookies.

I say all this to say that, to a certain extent, I sort of agree with Chip Review – these are a super sweet pretzel sandwich with raspberry crème that, at first seemed an odd combo. BUT, if you like ANY of the three things I described above (which I do), then I think you will REALLY enjoy these. As it stands, I can’t stop popping them into my mouth.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me

COST: $3.69 retail

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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  1. Jessica says:

    The yearly cold snap almost always happens the 1st weekend of January here in FL, which is the weekend I inevitably have to work the circus (and my job is exclusively outside or just inside an always open door). About 4 years ago, the HIGH on Saturday was 30 degrees. As a native Floridian, we’re not used to it. I had on 2 sweatshirts and 2 jackets, and was still shivering. The worst part came when the boss’ boss’ boss comes over, looks me over head to toe and says “Got enough layers on?” Um, if you can’t tell by my shivering, NO.

    But when I was 5 years old I remember Christmas was the massive cold snap and we actually got snow, and we had a 2 day old litter of dalmation puppies. We had rolling blackouts and were taking turns spending time in the box to keep the puppies warm. THAT was fun!

    On that note…what is weird about a sweet combo with a pretzel? I have about 4 bags of Honey Nut Chex mix and regularly find myself with fudge covered pretzels. I LOVE salty and sweet myself. Easy to justify this one.

  2. CannedWalrus says:

    Coldest day ever was on a visit to Alabama to see my aunt when I was 16. Her heat went out because of a terrible storm and it got down to -35 degrees in the middle of the night. The high was -1. I forgot gloves. I cried out of painful agony and joy when I finally got into a car and cranked the heat.

  3. I saw these at Target last week and was sooo tempted to grab them. I still might! It’s freezing in our neck of the woods, too. Thank goodness both my husband and I work at home, because mad respect for those having to deal with a commute in this ridiculousness! Winter should be banned.

  4. Michelle says:

    I used to work on the North Slope of Alaska (at various oil facilities), and currently live in Anchorage, Alaska, so am familiar with cold. The coldest I remember on the slope was -56F, with a -105F windchill. No one was allowed to work outside, but those of us working in remote facilities did have to go out to the facilities. The vans were warm, since they run 24/7 when it’s that cold, but running from the warm van, up the outside stairs into the facility was like being punched in the face with cold.

    At home in Anchorage, the coldest I can remember was over 20 years ago, a cold snap of several days at -40F (very unusual for Anchorage). My car wouldn’t start, and I needed groceries (plus had a bit of cabin fever) so walked about 5 blocks to the store. I had to remove my glasses, since they iced over, and had a very blurry walk home.

    This year, we’ve had above normal temps, and hardly any snow. I’m not at all unhappy.

  5. Sarah says:

    So you already know…buffalo. I didn’t have any specific memories of being cold, just always being cold. Funny you should pose this question today. Today will always be my memory of being the coldest. I recently moved out of chile to Akron Ohio for a small stay. I got in my new car today ( jeep wrangler….woooo hoooo!!!)…and my dash temp said -17….wtf??….it hurt, every part of my body hurt!! I didn’t want to try these pretzels. You mentioned sherbet….I’ll be searching immediately!

  6. Mike P says:

    So this isn’t a story of the coldest day I’ve seen in MN, but the coldest I’ve been because of the weather. Last year, I had to drive a buddy’s car to the airport to pick him up to get back to our college in NE Iowa. About midway through the drive to the airport, I realize that the heat isn’t working in his car. It’s about 10 degrees in the mid-afternoon, so I’m really not too worried (we’re used to it). On the way back to campus though, we hit problems. Not only does the temperature plummet as the sun went down, but it began snowing. Hard. What should have been a 2.5 hour drive in single-digit temps turned into over 4 hours of white-knuckle driving in below zero temps. No heat, no blankets, and only one opportunity to stop and try to warm up a little in a gas station. I don’t believe I really warmed up for a full day in my room onve we finally got back.

  7. ruckus says:

    coldest day ever and true story – I was homeless in Missoula, MT about 10 years ago during February. A friend of mine told me where I could find a tent and between the tent and the army surplus sleeping bag I managed to survive a night of about -20F.

    However in the morning – preDawn – my bowels demanded release. So I released it in the ice as far away from my tent as I could. That crap in the -20F snow scarred me in many ways.

    I never went to my campsite again without making sure my honey barrel was empty. Wisdom learnt hardest is remembered best.

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    now i want to try these.. if only i could find them.

  9. Indigo says:

    Um, ruckus wins.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I want to try these but I was never able to find them. Will they still be available in March?

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