Review: Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes & Wrapping Up the NFL Season with the Backup QB, Looking Back at NFL Season Predictions

Hello there, Junk Food Nation! I hope everyone’s holiday was good. Look at this – I didn’t blog for two days and it feels like I’ve been away forever. I missed you, JFNation.


Well, JFNation, here are my final winners from last Wednesday’s comment contest:

Indigo ([email protected])

JohnnyP ([email protected])

Jamie ([email protected])

Cara James ([email protected])

Congrats, you four! – email me your contact info to [email protected] and I’ll get the free coupon in the mail to you! And thank you to everyone my Turkey Hill contests last week and for the days before that. Now I only have 25 or so free 1.5 qts of ice cream to consume this next year…..yeah, that’s a lot. Maybe I’ll have some more giveaways in 2015.


Due to the weird schedule with my blogging, the holidays, and general football ridiculousness, I’m behind on my tallies with regard to the season long bet between me and the BackUp QB. Here’s how Week 16 ended up:

Backup QB Picks JFG Picks
WEEK 16 7-7-1 (11 pts: HIT LOCK) 7-7-1 (11 pts: HIT LOCK)
SEASON 99-117-9 (119 pts) 112-104-9 (140 pts)


Going into Week 17, as pointed out by the BQB himself, even if he took the opposite of every single one of my choices and hit his lock, he’d still only score 20 points – not enough to overcome the 21 point lead I had on him. So that was a wrap. Still, Week 17 was there, so why not bet on it anyways? I took to Twitter to give my picks:

The BQB took the opposite side of every bet. Here’s how it ended up:

Backup QB Picks JFG Picks
WEEK 17 8-7-1 (8 pts: MISSED LOCK) 7-8-1 (7 pts: MISSED LOCK)
SEASON 107-124-10 (127 pts) 119-112-10 (147 pts)


And, so it’s over. The JFG takes the season with a 20 point victory. Which means the BQB now has to wear this at his Super Bowl viewing, wherever that is.

Some takeaways from the season? Out of a possible 241 games, the BQB picked correctly 44% of the time, while my total was only slightly higher with 49%. Out of 17 possible LOCKS, the BQB got 5 and I got 7 correct. Neither of us picked over 50% correct, which is pretty humbling for me, since I claim to know things about football. Then again, professional handicappers generally claim to be 55-56% accurate, which means they would’ve selected 134-135 picks correctly. That means if just ONE more pick each week had broken my way, I’d have a professional scorecard.

How did our season predictions work out, as well? In the NFC, the BQB got 1 divisional winner correct, and 2 NFC playoff teams correct overall. In the AFC, the BQB got 3 divisional winners correct, with 3 AFC playoff teams correct overall.  In the NFC, I got 2 divisional winners correct, with 2 NFC playoff teams correct overall. In the AFC, I got 3 divisional winners correct with a whopping 5 AFC playoff teams correct overall. HOOWAH. Early in the season, the BQB made the point that the median number of divisional repeat champions since 2003 was 3…with an aberration of 6 in 2012. This year, there were 6 repeat champions as well, with Carolina clumsily stumbling into the division champ slot. Panthers, WTF.


So, the NFL season is over, and 20 teams have been knocked out of the mix. So who will you root for now? Do you pull for your division, or root hard AGAINST a divisional rival?  I wrote a blog post about this last year…I root against against against. So, Patriots? BOOOOO.

But what about you, JFNation? Who will you be pulling for in the NFL playoffs? Who should *I* root for? Let me know in the comments below.

TODAY’S JUNK FOOD: Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes!!

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes were found at my nearest Walmart. So is this what we’re doing now, retail stores? Valentine’s Day stuff just HITS the shelves the DAY AFTER Christmas? I mean, I understand the desire to sell product…but THE DAY AFTER?

I REALLY don’t understand it. If I’m being honest, ramping up with Fall and Holiday flavors early SORT of makes sense, because you’re trying to put people in the mood/spirit. But VALENTINE’S DAY?? I do NOT need to be “in the mood” for Valentine’s Day on DECEMBER 26.  Ridiculous.

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes are different than regular Hostess cupcakes, which have chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and a white squiggle. Plus, since when has the tag line been “the Original Squiggle”? Has this been around for a while?

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes are 170 cal per cupcake, and loaded with an Encyclopedia of ingredients.  Just….ignore.

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes, both wrapped and unwrapped. When I opened these cupcakes, I wanted that great cocoa / cream cheese icing smell. I didn’t QUITE get it – there was a faint FAINT smell of cream cheese icing, but certainly not as strong as, for example, the recent Red Velvet Peeps or the Red Velvet Keebler cookies I recently reviewed. Not a great sign of things to come.

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes

As I suspected, these Limited Edition Hostess Red Velvet Cup Cakes were a disappointment. If you’re looking for general Hostess cupcake flavor/texture, this provides it. But, IMO, it does not improve over the traditional Hostess cupcake. The cake itself isn’t as chocolaty as the regular Hostess cupcake – the flavor seemed more muted – but it doesn’t quite go as “cocoa” as I want a red velvet cake to be.

The inner white creme is not cream cheese flavored – it’s the traditional Hostess filling. The icing on top is hardened, and doesn’t quite have a cream cheese flavor. So that was a let down. What I’m basically concluding is that all in all – these didn’t taste like red velvet cake.

I’ve had more than one reader tell me that they find the benefit of this blog to be knowing what NOT to buy – and so you’ll want to avoid these.  If you want a Hostess cupcake, go buy an original. These Limited Edition red velvet cakes will disappoint you.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.98

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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Discuss - 13 Comments

  1. alek says:


    Go root for the Giants. I’m not a big football fan but my former High School English teacher is a big fan of the Giants. She always go to every home game and if the Giants wins a game then she doesn’t give homework for the day. When the Giants won the super bowl back in 2008 she didn’t give homework to her students for a month!

    The cupcakes looks nasty. I think Hostess doesn’t want to change the cream flavoring because it might costs more $. They could had done on the top icing flavor with cream cheese tang. It is ironic that this product expires before the actual holiday! It is better if they left it alone and did the red squiggles.

  2. alek says:

    If you look closely on the ingredients list it shows dehydrated beef tallow. The “F”

  3. MP says:

    In 255 games (minus that tie game) I went 165-90, good for 64.7% & 4th place in my group. My other team “Cherry Picker” that always picks the favorite, went 171-84 (67%).
    In the playoffs, I always root against the division rivals. Then I root against teams I don’t like or guys who have wronged my team (Peyton Manning) or Dominic Raiola.
    Wow, Backup QB picked two 2-14, two 4-12 & one 5-11 teams to go to the playoffs! :O
    JFG, now do you see why the NFL needs to get rid of divisions? Sub-.500 teams in the playoffs is a mockery & disgrace. A 7-win team goes while a 10-win team stays home. I’d like to see the Panthers go all the way, just for the farce.

  4. Shorneys says:

    I think you should root for the Pats.

    I also think you should, come Spring, root for the Sox.

  5. Heather says:

    I know nothing about football so I don’t really root for a team. When it’s Super Bowl time, I usually pick one to root for, but my selection process is pretty random.

    As for these red velvet cupcakes, I know I should stay away, but I just can’t! Darn it, Hostess! Yes, I will buy them and yes, I will be disappointed. I’ve accepted that. 😉

  6. Sascha says:

    I went 114-138 against the spread this season, but my predictions were pretty accurate.

    As far as who to root for, my team is still in it, as is my Super Bowl prediction of Broncos over Lions. Lions also being my team, btw.

    I missed half of my NFC playoff bracket though, I had New York, Tampa Bay, Detroit and Seattle with Green Bay and Chicago as Wild Cards.

    But, much better in the AFC, were I had KC in instead of Baltimore, and I had Cincy winning the division with Pitt as the wild card.

    Speaking of Pitt, I’m starting a Le’Veon Bell for MVP chant. Come join.

  7. Way to end the year…that last picture is so utterly unnatural looking, perhaps the most unnatural looking product of 2014? If it weren’t for the background I’d say you monkeyed with the color settings. Yikes.

    Tried and true…root against Peyton Manning and then just root for close games…so you root for whomever is losing at the time. As long as it’s not Peyton Manning. Or the Seahawks.

  8. JohnnyP says:

    oh hey I won something!

    I’m rooting for the Packers. I predict a NE vs GB Superbowl.
    Who should you root for? Whoever plays NE since they’re in the AFC N with the Bills. By sports law you have to root against teams in the same division as your team

  9. nerak says:

    There are a few supermarkets around here that have had their EASTER candy selection out since mid-December. Just sayin!

  10. Elisa says:

    I’m still seeing Christmas candy for sale–stock will vary by store. Get ’em while they last…

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