Review: New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes & MY MEMORY IS AWFUL, IS YOURS?

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Junk Food Nation, it’s clear that my memory is leaving me. I’ll have a great idea, and think it’s so distinct/powerful that there’s no way I could forget it…and then seconds later, I’m standing in the middle of a room, trying to figure out whether why I’m in that room in the first place.  Who knows how many million dollar ideas came and went in the blink of an eye. Stupid brain.

To compensate for this, this brain where I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I grab the nearest piece of paper and scrawl down shorthand notes so that these thoughts can at least be remembered when I look at the paper later. Well, I’ve started to notice even THAT doesn’t help.  Just yesterday, I had two thoughts, and QUICKLY wrote them down:

“3 Mon” and “Derm Ref.”

I was happy – got these two thoughts down before I forgot. Self high five. Then literally, LITERALLY TEN SECONDS LATER, I looked back down at the slip of paper, and had no idea what these notes meant. I’ve never been so frustrated. I stared at these two notes, cursing myself for making the notes TOO shorthand, and still wondering – WHAT THE HECK DID THESE MEAN?????

I’ll tell you that I eventually figured it out, but figured I’d let you guys guess what those thoughts I had been trying to record meant. Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll select the closest one. OR, if you’d prefer to enter by sharing a story about how YOU are forgetful, let me know that in the comments below too. This time, there will be NO random selection – this one will be purely subjective. So make those comments good!

TODAY’S JUNK FOOD: New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes!!

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes: The Money Shot

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes!  Now, the Entenmann’s line of Little Bites…I’m not a huge fan of. Crumb cakes or donuts? BRING EM OVER. But the individual Little Bites I usually avoid, only because (1) not enough food in one package, and (2) I have no need for mini muffins/cakes.  Still, hot chocolate marshmallow cakes? I had to at least give these a shot.

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes feature a cartoon of a pretty odd looking dog. What the heck??

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes have four cakes per pouch, which means each tiny mini cake is almost 50 calories. WOW.

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes come individually packaged, four cakes to a pouch, and…

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

…each of the New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes looks, basically, like a mini muffin. They were brown moist cakes with dots of white breaking the surface.  I sniffed one…slight cocoa smell, nothing really stood out.

New Entenmann's Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes

I popped one of these New Entenmann’s Little Bites Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cakes into my mouth and chewed. The texture wasn’t bad – it’s a small moist cake. Of course, I realized that the reason it was STILL so moist despite having been in the package for god-knows-how-long was because of all the preservatives/oils. So, that wasn’t great. Still, I’ve eaten mini muffins before and can get over that part.

The hot chocolate flavor I actually got, albeit it was muted.  When I saw “hot chocolate cakes,” I figured this would just be a chocolate cake, but it wasn’t – there was enough actual not-as-sweet cocoa flavor that took it out of the strictly chocolate realm.  That was ….fine, I guess.

The marshmallow dots did taste of marshmallow but honestly were so tiny that the flavor was negligible.  These needed to be BIG marshmallow globs to have any impact. Aside form the aesthetic, these marshmallow dots gave me NOTHING.

All in all, these were just below average mini cakes. Disappointed – still love you, Entenmann’s, but I won’t be buying these again.

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.50 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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Discuss - 23 Comments

  1. Shorneys says:

    I’m glad you’re seeing a dermatologist on Monday. That rash looks pretty terrible.
    Thinking of you,

  2. Jeni says:

    Perhaps in 3 months you are supposed to see a dermatologist, for whom you need a reference.

    Perhaps you channeled your inner Jamaican whilst watching a sporting event and cursing the referee: “3, mon?! It should have been 4, derm ref!”

    As for forgetfulness, I actually forgot one of my children once. I thought that only happened in sitcoms and a certain Christmas movie! I was buckling into my car when one of my children piped up and said, “Where’s the baby?” Yeah … she was still in her little carseat/carrier thingy by the front door (inside the house) where I had left her. Mom of the Year!

  3. Indigo says:

    I’m actually relieved to read your story, JFG. I thought I was the only one. I had something important to remember one day and wrote a single letter on my hand in ink so I wouldn’t forget. And yeah, almost immediately I had no idea what the letter on my hand stood for. I got to go for hours being tormented by my own idiocy on my hand. Eventually I remembered the important thing when something else reminded me, and I’d tell you now, but of course I’ve forgotten. Now I try to at least write one whole word, sometimes two. So on the day that I was due to take the cat to the vet, I went the whole day with “urine culture” written on my hand. I am not kidding. As for your codes, I assume something was due to go down at 3PM Monday, possibly a dermatology referral? Sounds personal.

  4. Kate says:

    Clearly, “3 Mon” is a JFG colloquialism for “Free Monday,” a reminder to visit the ATM after work today and collect up the free cash that is so magically dispensed there.

    On the other hand, “Derm Ref” is a truncation of “Pachiderm Referee,” another reminder to yourself to tune in to the Jags vs. the Titans tonight and watch that elephant stampede of a game.

    Fortunately, Siri keeps my consciousness on a linear track… if only i could find the Note in which she stores all my agendas…

  5. alek says:

    Could be a doctor referral. Putting down appointments. Sometimes the abbreviations can confusing. It happens to me when I’m shopping I put down NBF on the list and I’m like WTF! Until I came home and realized it was supposed to be Nathan’s Beef Franks

  6. Neil says:

    I can think of no reason to ever want to eat these things. What occasion would warrant it?

  7. Ryan says:

    Just a shot in the dark. Maybe on Monday you gave out 3 dermatologist references or on Monday the 3rd (of whatever month that applies to) you got a dermatologist reference. I also googled those words(?) and got this lotion
    Maybe its that? You offer 3 Months worth of lotion as a new prize because Cetaphil is a new sponsor.

  8. Pablo says:

    Cakes don’t look so go.

  9. Anne Sutton says:

    Two comments:
    1. You’re male…don’t want to hear you complain AT ALL. My memory was fabulous…until I had kids. I think pregnancy and children suck all remaining brain cells out of your head.
    2. Those mini muffins (and actually a lot of the soft, processed baked treats) taste so much better when you microwave them for a scant ten seconds. Makes them warm and brings out some of the flavor.

  10. Anne Sutton says:

    P.S. – I was an early winner, but I haven’t received my ice cream coupon. Did those go out?

  11. Jess says:

    My memory selectively sucks. Work stuff – sticks like glue; any details from when my husband and I were dating, like where we went on our first date, gone in a flash.

  12. Marc P says:

    Working in pharma my guess is 3 months Dermatologist referral.

    This reminds me when Seinfeld wrote down in bed the reference to a bad tv show “flying globes of Zigmund”

  13. Cara James says:

    My memories pretty bad yes.

  14. Vinny says:

    I can honestly say I’m blessed with a good memory, especially long term. I tend to remember certain stretches of days from a year or two ago by associating them with what shirt I wore, what I had for dinner, the weather, whether I took my daily run on the treadmill or outside, and other random things like that. As for little Entenmann´s pouches, I’m convinced my brother loves them and eats them so fast he can’t possibly remember eating them.

  15. Sarah says:

    Ah memories… I have a pretty good memory really. But the recent stress of taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s makes me question now and then if I’m going to get dementia too. Stress is a big factor. Stress sucks. (What doesn’t? Ice cream!)

  16. Sophia says:

    You had a brilliant concept idea for a new Digimon but needed to cross reference to see if the name “digitally enhanced rhinoceros monstrosity” was already taken in the otaku lexicon.

  17. Sophie says:

    Let’s see, you have to get a reference for a dermotologist and you have something going on Monday at 3, or you just channeled your inner Jamaican with the mon.

  18. Kn says:

    I was having similar memory issues- turns out my vitamin d levels were super low. That is one of the results of that. I take a huge dose every day, which has helped some.

    The above guesses are WAY better than mine about the note. I agree with the dermatologist referral.

    • jwoolman says:

      I will have to try vit D myself especially since I’m pale Irish and tend to work a night schedule. Also extra B vitamins definitely help, I even type faster and more accurately if I take at least 20 mg of a good B complex per day (50 mg of a cheaper one that probably isn’t absorbed as well), I even remember my dreams. Those effects vanish if I don’t take it. The herbs Bacopa (200mg extract) and Vinpocetine (10mg) make a noticeable difference for me also, I discovered them in a memory booster supplement but get them separately now for difficult jobs. Enough sleep is good, too…

      I’ve always been the type to walk into a room and forget why. Definitely doesn’t improve with age. When in my teens, I once got out of the bathtub with no memory at all of taking a bath. The proof was just that I was wet.

  19. Joe says:

    Obviously, you have a dermatologist reference on Monday the 3rd at 3 o clock in 3 months time.

    • Joe says:

      on the topic of junk food, Little Bites always taste weird to me.. like some kinda chemical taste underneath the sugar.

  20. Caitlin says:

    Er, I was going to comment on this with an answer to your question…. but…. uh… I can’t remember what it is you asked ;B

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