Review: New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts & Recapping My Time As a Turkey Hill Fanbassador & WIN SOME ICE CREAM

Junk Food Nation, Happy Monday to you! Thanksgiving was last Thursday and my birthday was this past Saturday, which is always a good time to reflect on how the past year went. This was a pretty big year for me, highlighted by my time as a Turkey Hill Fanbassador.  As you might remember, I was, along with others, picked by Turkey Hill to help promote their All-Natural Line of ice cream. I did this by holding two local events where I gave away ice cream to random people, and by hosting a whole MONTH of contests where I gave away a coupon for a free container of Turkey Hill All-Natural ice cream every day. A lot of people got exposed to Turkey Hill’s all-natural product, including me – after repeated tastings, it’s now become my go-to ice cream.

What I DIDN’T tell you (at least, I don’t remember mentioning this) was that based on how well all the promotions went, Turkey Hill was going to give one lucky Fanbassador a prize. A BIG prize…among other things…A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF FREE ICE CREAM.  Holy moly.  Ice cream whenever you want, FOR FREE FOR A YEAR. Yeah, that was a prize worth shooting for.

And… *drumroll* …your friendly neighborhood Junk food Guy took home the prize!!  Yeah, that’s right; I now am the proud recipient of a YEAR’S SUPPLY OF FREE TURKEY HILL ICE CREAM.  MY LAWD.  SO MUCH DAIRY. GET ME MY LACTAID.

Now, Turkey Hill didn’t just back up a truck of dairy goodness up to my house – my freezer CLEARLY isn’t big enough.  No, instead they sent me a stack of free ice cream coupons that could fill a small swimming pool so whenever I want I can just hop on down to the grocery store and pick up a TH Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Whoopie Pie Ice Cream. SO MANY OPTIONS GAAAH.

But, like I said before, I had a chance to reflect over the weekend, and I concluded that I couldn’t have won this prize without your support, Junk Food Nation.  SO, since it’s December 1st and the holidays are HERE, it’s time to give back to YOU, Junk Food Nation. I AM SHARING THESE COUPONS WITH YOU. Like the month long contest I held in June, I will be giving away one free ice cream coupon every day starting today until December 25th. You’re gonna want these – these are not just for the All-Natural line, but for ANY Turkey Hill flavor.  OOOO NELLY.

Here’s how it’ll work: each weekday, like in June, I’ll tell you how you can win free ice cream on that day.  Could be a Twitter contest, could be a Facebook contest, or a comment contest. Then I’ll pick someone and mail you a coupon. That. Simple. Oh yeah, rules:

  1. If you’re gonna RT or comment, be sure to use a REAL email address so I can contact you. One Facebook winner back in June never responded to any of my attempts to reach her, so she never got her free ice cream. SNOOZE YOU LOSE.
  2. US only – Sorry, Canada. But you don’t have Turkey Hill anyways up there.
  3. YOU CAN WIN MORE THAN ONCE. So keep entering.

NOW, without any more delay, TODAY’S WAY TO WIN A FREE 1.5 QT OF TURKEY HILL ICE CREAM: 

To win today, it’s time to RT RT RT today’s post on Twitter. I’ll be Tweeting some other links to this post throughout the day – RT those too!  I’ll be picking the winner out of the 1, 2, 12, 46 entries, whatever it is. IT’S THAT EASY.  And I’ll announce it on this blog tomorrow. BOOM.

So, what do you think, Junk Food Nation? Excited to win some ice cream? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts!

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: The Money Shot

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES. New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts, people. Discussed on the Nosh Show waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, they are finally here. In my hand. And my mouth. Marvo from the Impulsive Buy has a photo of them when they were originally around back in 1986??? Holy cow.

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: WHO TARTED

But they are BACK. New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts, complete with dumb jokes on the back of the box!  It is sort of funny that these didn’t come back sooner.  I know that with lots of kids having nut allergies that these wouldn’t be at the top of everyone’s list…but still. PB&J. C’mon now, Kellogg’s. THIS IS A MONEY MAKER.

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: 190 per pastry

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: SO MANY WORDS

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts have lots of ingredients, but all I see are “peanut butter” and “strawberry juice concentrate.” Works for me.

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: LOVELY

I opened a package of these New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts, and they SMELLED AMAZING.  Good peanut butter smell, and dare I say, a bit of strawberry smell too!  Each pastry was frosted with a brown confection with red sprinkles.  I was slightly concerned – is just the frosting peanut butter, and the inside jelly? Is that it?  But, I opened one up, and…

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts

New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts: STRIPES OF PB & J

BOOOM.  Peanut butter AND jelly on the inside.  NICE. New Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry Pop-Tarts, you done me proud.

Basically, it looks like Kellogg’s inserted the PB&J in stripes on the inside of the pastry, alternating between the two. I popped this sucker into the toaster, heated it up, and bit, and was REALLY happy. Flavor = basically just an awesome toasty peanut butter and jelly flavor!  The peanut butter was nice and peanutty, both sweet and salty, and the jelly was perfectly balanced with plenty of strawberry flavor.  Was this better than an ACTUAL PB&J? Well, it depends – the actual ratio of PB&J present was low compared to what I’d slather on a sandwich, but it was the right amount for this Pop-Tart.

The sweet flaky exterior blended nicely with the hot insides.  I know it’s not the BEST descriptor – but it’s basically everything you hoped a PB&J Pop-Tart would be. Hot, toasty, peanut butter-y, nice jelly flavor, extra sweetness from the frosting, and overall sugar high to get your day started. CHECK CHECK AND CHECK.

Thank you, Kellogg’s, for bringing this back. Next step: MAKING ICE CREAM SANDWICHES OUT OF THESE OMG

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.00

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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Discuss - 25 Comments

  1. Sascha says:

    “Thank you, Kellogg’s, for bringing this back. Next step: MAKING ICE CREAM SANDWICHES OUT OF THESE OMG ”

    If only I could find these, and had some ice cream. Woe is me.

  2. CH says:

    Hum. Can’t join the serendipity here. Never really been a big fan of pop-tarts; and never ever been a fan of peanut butter & jelly. PB& J on anything fails with me.

    I will divulge a little-known PB sandwich variation here though–which is actually my favorite. I order it *instead of* PB&J every time.

    And that is: peanut butter and MAYONNAISE. Yep. You heard right. Hard to believe, nonetheless true– a thick, chunky PB combined with a good mayo like Hellman’s –for some reason which must remain unfathomable–play off each other really well as a taste combo.

    The best way to have it is on a lightly toasted sesame bagel. When the bagel’s ready, slather both these ingredients on, and then–stay with me here–add some shredded LETTUCE. For crunch & moisture.

    No joke. This sandwich goes back to the Great Depression, it’s an authentic “poor man’s lunch”. (Remember that prior to the construction of the interstate highway system…fresh fruits, jams and preserves were not as easily had as we enjoy today).

    I dare you all to try it. Bonus fun: order it from any cafe where you typically get your morning breakfast sandwich. Watch the counter guy blink in amazement. Repeat the order with visible frustration–sighing loudly, checking your watch-as if you can’t grasp why he’s bewildered! bwaha aha a aha aha

    • ibagoalie says:

      Ewww, my Dad liked peanut butter and mayo. What was even more disgusting is that he would butter the bread first, then slather on the PB and mayo. I’m surprised his arteries didn’t clog up right then. BTW, wouldn’t mayo have been non refrigerated back then, at least from the morning til lunch time. Must have had stomachs of iron.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @CH: You know what, that doesn’t totally gross me out. Mayo is just fat, so I can dig how it’d add to the flavor of the PB. I might…MIGHT…have to try your lettuce combo.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    these sound pretty good, although i’m more of a pb & honey fan.. they need to make a poptart with that flavor!

  4. Devin says:

    I definitely plan on getting these the next time I pick up some Pop-Tarts. My only complaint is that there isn’t a grape jelly variety, as that’s what I grew up with (and still eat on occasion). I was actually kinda surprised when I first found out that people made PB&J sandwiches with other types of jelly (I was a kid, sue me), and to this day I still haven’t tried anything other than grape jelly. I guess these Pop-Tarts will be my first experience.

  5. BigBelly says:

    sounds good, that first batch of chocolate peanut butter gone nutty’s were the best batch of pop tarts I’ve ever had, so fresh you couldn’t even hold them by the end, they just broke in half. I wish they go real crazy and do a peanut butter and bacon flavor

  6. alek says:

    I lol’ed hard on “Who Tarted”? Sounds like who farted. I was thinking maybe Kellogs could branch out to the frozen ice cream novelties. I think they might have to reformulate the poptart not to make it teeth shattering

  7. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it….your posts about being out in the community for Turkey Hill were great! Myou always looked truly enthused….even in that rain! Want to know what is crazy? They import Turkey Hill to CHILE!! I say that is crazy because chile barely has any imports from the states. When I first saw it I seriously could believe my eyes….it is about 12 dollars though so I still haven’t not purchased turkey hill in chile….just here in the good ‘ol USA, nice and cheap!

  8. Jes says:

    Those pop tarts sound pretty awesome . But I’ll probably stick with my favorite flavor of poptart- smores . Oh and I really wanna win some free ice cream .If I do I might make poptart ice cream sandwiches like you said .:)

  9. Zdog says:

    OMG! I need that ice cream gimme. Gimme right now.????????????NOM????????????

  10. Sara says:

    I can’t find these ANYWHERE!! I’m not even big into Poptarts but I want to try these so bad! Thinking I might have to split a strawberry and a peanut butter one and create my own lol

  11. Sparky says:

    I finally, FINALLY found these in Sacramento today. I have been looking for them since you wrote this. Ridiculous. Get on the junkfood ball, CALIFORNIA. :[

  12. mystery name says:

    What happened to the mini pop tarts!!! I can’t find them anywhere. Wal Mart doesn’t even have them. Do they have a shortage? Ha, ha, Lol They were my favorites in the breakfast junk food. So what’s up with that??

  13. mystery name says:

    KELLOGGS: Ple e e e a s e bring back the frosted mini pop tarts (strawberry ) I love them so much and I can’t find em no where………. Thanks

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