Review: Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles & Give Me a New Mascot Suggestion That Isn’t LAAAAAME

Junk Food Nation, here in DC there has been a debate over the name of the football team, “Redskins.” It’s been a big debate with lots of shouting from both sides.  This blog post is NOT about that debate (so let’s not fight about that in the comments). But all the mascot talk got me thinking…usually when there is a new team in a new city, whether by expansion or by a team moving, there’s always some sort of contest to name the team.  And usually the final candidates for the team name are ridiculous (at least to me).

Here in DC, when the Bullets were looking for a new name, the candidates were: Dragons, Express, Stallions,Sea Dogs, or Wizards. When the New Orleans basketball team was looking to rebrand recently, the options were: Brass, Krewe, and Pelicans. When the Charlotte team lost the Hornets name, their options were: Bobcats, Dragons (again), and Flight. The Baltimore Ravens were almost the Baltimore Americans, Marauders, Mustangs and Railers. The Arizona Diamondbacks? Coyotes, Diamondbacks, Phoenix, Rattlers, and Scorpions.

Some of these suggestions are based on the region, which makes sense – had the Diamondbacks been named the Arizona Rattlers, no one would’ve blinked an eye at that ridiculous name. But some of these other ones?  Dragons?  Stallions?  These are the best suggestions we can come up with?

I dunno – maybe naming a sports team is just tough. There’s always going to be a level of dissension no matter what name is chosen. I mean, you name a team the Tampa Bay Rays and you’ll have some people saying “Oh, that makes sense,” while others will be like PFFFFT OMG SO LAME.  So, my question to you: say there’s a new team coming to your area – football, baseball, whatever.  Is there a mascot that you think would be PERFECT but no one has thought of it?  Tell me in the comments below!

And be sure to use your city/town/state in the name too, so I can see the whole context.  The New York City Apples? The Washington Metrostars? The Colorado Ski Patrol? The Miami Tanlines?  Let’s see if you can come up with something better than the New Orleans Pelicans, the Washington Wizards, the Baltimore Ravens.

Today’s junk food: Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles!

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Pringles: A Dual Money Shot

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles are now out at Walmarts everywhere, as well as the returning Limited Time Only White Chocolate Pringles. And let me express people’s feelings everywhere by saying, “Pringles, have you LOST YOUR MIND?”  But, it’s the holiday season, and consumers will buy this ish without hesitation. I mean, I did.

The White Chocolate Pringles came out last year, and my review of them is HERE. But Milk Chocolate Pringles are new…so let’s dig in.

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: The Money Shot

Throw this review of these Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles on top of my other reviews of Pringles’ attempts at a salty/sweet combo: White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles, Cinnamon Sugar Pringles, Pumpkin Pie Pringles, and of course Pecan Pie Pringles. Of all of these, the ones that involved chocolate never sat well with me.  Will Milk Chocolate be different?

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: Limited Time Only!

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles have festive packaging, I’ll give it that.

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: 10 cal per chip

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: non fat milk

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles contain milk and coca, so where’s on the right track. All the other stuff? I’m, uh, ignoring that for now. I’m glad they used nonfat milk, since I’m sure people consuming these are watching their weight – I know *I* am.

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: Dusted heavily

I opened up these Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles and sniffed – faint smell of chocolate, but mostly I got that familiar potato starchy smell that Pringles typically have. These were not chocolate covered Pringles, obviously; these were chips that were dusted with dark brown powder – cocoa milk powder?

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles

Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles: Embedded cocoa

I licked one of these Limited Time Only Milk Chocolate Pringles, and I got a quick milk chocolate flavor – very quick.  It didn’t taste creamy, per se, but I could tell it was sweet like a milk chocolate over, say, a dark chocolate flavor. The powder itself still had some salt in it, so even the lick of the chip had a salty sweet vibe – the resultant flavor tasted almost nutty to me. Sort of like nuts that had been sprinkled with cocoa powder – not quite sweet, but nutty and coca-y.

Eaten with the chip altogether, the flavor I got was just a general salty/sweet combo.  If I THOUGHT about it, I could discern a slightly milk chocolate flavor, but honestly all I got was that nutty flavor I described previously, especially when the starchy potato chip flavor was enhanced.  I felt like these actually tasted a lot like the Pecan Pie Pringles, with less molasses flavor.  They tasted LESS like a mistake than the White Chocolate variety, but that isn’t saying much.

In general, these didn’t taste bad, but nothing wowed me and I won’t be buying them again. I wasn’t completely offended by the Cappuccino Lays that came out recently, but I know some people were.  If you’re one of those people, be warned – these had a very similar vibe.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $1.50

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 10 Comments

  1. MP says:

    I can’t think of any mascot names right now (maybe Onions with colors kelly green & white or Tacos/Tortas with brown, orange & Athletic Gold), but I am so sick & tired of the generic “Wildcats” or vicious felines & birds, stupid ones that end in Z or spelled like “X-treme” to pander to idiot teenagers. The old ABA had some great names like The Spirit of St. Louis & Kentucky Colonels. Speaking of the Rays, I don’t call them “Tampa Bay Rays” but Tampa Rays since there is no city called Tampa Bay and I think they should had been called the Tampa Pelicans in crimson & Athletic Gold.
    I would have picked New Orleans Krewe, Baltimore Railers (Mustangs is too close to the Broncos & Colts), Arizona Coyotes, Rattlers, or Scorpions.

    • Sascha says:

      Well, there also aren’t cities names Minnesota or California or Utah Arizona, etc. But, if you’re going to take the Bay out of the Tampa Bay Rays then you need to call them the St. Petersburg Rays, only the Lightning and Bucs play in Tampa.

      Before Seattle moved to OKC I was hoping for an NBA franchise in Tampa (was never going to happen, Magic are only an hour away) named the Thunder to pair with the Lightning.

      Flight? Seriously? I realize North Carolina likes to boast of being “First in Flight” but that’s a dumb name.

      The San Francisco Rock
      The Salt Lake City Polygamists
      The New Orleans Bam! (after Emeril Lagasse, of course)
      The Seattle Coffee
      The Detroit Motown

      Alright, that’s enough, giving myself a headache.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sascha: NEW ORLEANS BAM! LOL

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: Kentucky Colonels…LIKE IT

  2. Steve says:

    It is too bad that Utah wouldn’t give up Jazz for NO – that is a perfect fit. Not sure what you would pick for Utah then, since Lakers is taken. Maybe the Salts and their mascot could be a giant salt shaker. Morton could be their lead sponsor.

  3. Cindy says:

    I was given a sample of these bad guys per the Junk Food Guy himself. All I have to say YUM!!! Sweet and savory, what more else can you ask for? These chips encompassed my love of chips and chocolate.

  4. CH says:

    Eh. H’mm. I could see the point of cogitating a new name for a city which actually needed a new team name. Such as the Redskins situation. That mess would be great to see resolved.

    I myself –strictly an amateur–could probably solve it in five minutes if there was some prize money involved. I say the situation has dragged on this long only because we’re talking stoopid football industry doofuses who can’t string more than a few sentences together at any one given time. How are they gonna come up with a new name? The only animals they’ve ever seen in their lives are pitbulls and Rotties. [Ideally I think the thunderously ugly ‘REDSKINS’ name should stay…screw all this mamby-pamby PC nonsense! Not everything in life can be cleaned up and sanitized, sorry]

    I digress. Issue with the way the above JFG challenge is framed.. this exercise… conjuring a new name for some existing city which is already satisfied and content with all its names? I don’t get it.

    This is breaking the #1 rule of being a guy: never waste energy on something which doesn’t really need to be done.

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