Review: Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuit & Happy Veterans Day & A Junk Food Gal Story! Rudeness on the Metro

Junk Food Nation – Happy Veterans Day, everyone! Thank you to all who have served, are serving, and will serve.  It is because of veterans’ brave sacrifice that we can all do what we want to do, whether it be Instagramming your dinner, designing new malaria vaccines, or writing a not-at-all-famous junk food blog. So thank you to the brave men and women around the world in the military serving this great nation of ours.

Today I’d like to share a quick Junk Food Gal story: As I’ve mentioned numerous times, here in DC we have a subway system known as the Metro. At moments it’s one of the most convenient public transit systems in the world, at other moments it’s a worthless piece of junk.  During rush hour, it gets super crowded, and there are times when trains may arrive at a station already jammed packed with people pressed against the closing/closed doors.  In those moments, I typically just let the train go by, waiting for the next one. I, like many DC residents, often have to let five-six trains go by before I can actually fit onto a train.

The other day was one of these busy days. On the way to work, the Junk Food Gal managed to squeeze onto a Metro car, stuck as one of those people semi-pressed against the closed doors. The train is full. Bodies are pressed against each other in awkward positions. But it is what it is. A couple of stops go by without issue. Eventually the train pulls up to Dupont Circle, and the doors open behind the JFGal. She here’s a man and a woman:

Woman: “Oh, this one is full too.”

Man: “No it’s not, watch this.”

At which point the JFGal proceeds to feel two hands on her back PUSHING HER INTO THE MASS OF PEOPLE ALREADY ON THE METRO CAR. She tries not to fall over while also trying not to smell the arm pit of the tall dude who she is getting shoved into. The doors close and she hears, “See? I told you we would fit.”

She turns to give her best WTF face, when she sees that this man and woman who used her as a battering ram are now FULL ON MAKING OUT behind her. AUDIBLY. Smack mmm kiss smack mmm yes  oooh. What in the world? So yeah, that happened.

Tell me in the comments, JFNation – how would you have reacted, or what would you have done? I mean, I have been in the situation where at a full car politely asked if people could move in a little so I could fit on – but just taking it upon myself to tackle people INTO a car?  No. Not OK. But maybe I’m over-protective.  Let me know what you would’ve done.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits!

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: The Money Shot

I love Triscuit crackers, especially the Rye and Caraway Seed ones. But Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits? Yeeeeg – I’m nervous. We discussed these on Episode 40 of the Nosh Show, and I said I was curious and would nosh it, but now that it’s actually in my hands…I’m scared.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Sweater top

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits look like they are dressed in an ugly sweater, no? I kinda dig the design actually – really smart holiday take by Nabisco.  Plus the ultra-red box is sure to draw eyes to it.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Dollop of cran

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits are seen on the front of the box topped in what looks to be cranberry, bits of sage, and a creamy white cheese.  Looks like a tasty combo, although it seems sort of weird to suggest that your cranberry based crackers need more cranberry.  Hmmm.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Candied Sweet Potato!

The recipe on the back of these Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits is for a cranberry and sage sweet potato, seemingly flavored entirely with only these crackers.  I’m guessing these flavors are bold then. Nervous even more.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Top it off!

Ah, the post-Thanksgiving-leftover-combo we all know and love – turkey, stuffing, cran, gravy, the kitchen sink, Oreos, potato chips, green beans and, of course, Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits. That cracker stack looks to be about 1.5 inches high.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: GB CASSEROLE

Huh – they felt the need to explain the cover. I have to used “herbed” goat cheese, Nabisco? I can’t use brie?

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: 20 cal per cracker

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits are 20 cal per cracker…

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Cranberry juice concentrate

and, amazingly, only contain a short list of ingredients. Cranberry juice concentrate? Whoa. Is this Ocean Spray in a cracker?

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Classic look

I opened this box of Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits and sniffed, and thought, “Oh no. OH NO.  Weird fruit and herb mixed aroma!” After my horrible experience with the Mango Salsa Wavy Lays, I’ve been skittish about fruit/herb combos.  Would these fall into that same disgusting category?

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: flecks of sage

Nervously, I placed one of these Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits in my mouth and chewed…first bite came BIG TIME tanginess which threw me off for a second.  The cranberry flavor was tart and fruity and I wasn’t sure what I was eating at first.  Especially when chewing that flavor with the wheat cracker, my mind was swirling, trying to decide if I loved or hated these…as I chewed, the sage flavor came to the forefront…and, oddly, it paired well with the cran flavor.  Huh. Wait a minute.

I popped another one into my mouth, and chewed…again, sweet fruity flavor, but this time, not so foreign.  The sage flavor, which I normally associated with meat, hit the edges of the cran flavor sort of perfectly.  This wasn’t a SWEET cracker, per se, but it definitely had VERY bold cran tart notes and the sage actually helped bring it into a more understandable territory. It reminded me of the flavors that sometimes occur in my mouth when getting that bite of turkey at Thanksgiving with cranberry sauce.  That pairing makes sense and this…this wasn’t bad.  The main difference with these over the Mango Salsa Lays – the fruit flavor didn’t taste artificial. While the citrus-y flavor of mango felt totally fake and gross to me on the Lay’s, the tart cran flavor wasn’t hard to replicate, since most of us are used to having cran in sauce or juice, and not the actual fruit, anyways.

I think…I think I actually liked these.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Time to top it off

The flavor of the Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits was so bold, it was clear it begged to be topped off with something, as the box suggested.  In my fridge, I only had some deli turkey and some brie.  It’s Brie time, baby!  So here we go.

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: It’s Brie time baby!

Slathered some brie on one of the Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits, then topped it with a piece of deli turkey…

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits

Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits: Turkey topper

…and voilà! Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage Triscuits, topped with meat and cheese!

I placed this combo into my mouth, chewed…and YES, it was good. These Triscuits made even MORE sense when adding the creamy cheese and meat.  Now, I’m not sure if I love that these crackers needed ME to add something to them to take the flavor to the next level, but in a lot of ways, I understand it. Nabisco is just providing the base for me to take a food adventure – sort of like flavored croutons.  Yeah, they taste good on their own, but it’s when you shake them over an awesome salad that the entire flavor profile takes off. These crackers were the same way.

The creamy cheese helped tame some of the bold flavor of the cracker, but had the amazing effect of unmuddling the flavors themselves – I could now, even more, taste the individual flavors of sage and cranberry.  The turkey added a meaty flavor that, when paired with the sage flavor, fit perfectly.  This bite tasted like the holidays; it tasted like a turkey sandwich I might make with leftovers, topped with cranberry sauce.

Final verdict: this was a complex cracker, but when used properly, it’s sort of a genius creation. Nabisco managed to create Thanksgiving in a cracker, providing me with all the tools to replicate the holiday in my mouth.  The base cracker alone was bold, but not off putting, and I could see a person really enjoying these even without toppings. It was a different taste than I’m used to, but the complexity of it became clearer as I ate.

BIG RISK, but I think BIG REWARD for Nabisco on this one. If you try it, let me know – and tell me your opinion with and without, toppings.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food, Cathedral Commons, NW DC

COST: $2.50

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 24 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    The guy wouldn’t have even made it on before he got a hard elbow or a foot in the groin…but that’s me. We don’t have much in the way of mass transit in this area.

    My mom just bought these crackers for the relish tray…glad to hear that they’re decent! Maybe I’ll get some this time around.

  2. Indigo says:

    Wow, those Triscuits were quite an emotional roller coaster! I need a nap now!

    Re JFGal, the two people in question had already demonstrated that they don’t consider themselves bound by any sort of concept of civility or even technically the law. Especially since it was two against one, I don’t think I would have spoken up out of fear of having the situation escalate. I am a woman who rides public transportation in a big city, too, and it can be a tough call sometimes whether to just get through a situation in survival mode or make an issue of it. If you had been there, or any authority figure like a cop, it would have been a whole different story, of course. But just JFGal by herself? Just get through it and pray you never see their antisocial asses again.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Indigo -let me tell you, it was an emotional rollercoaster EATING them too!

      yeah I fully support public trans…but I agree, it comes with its own warts

  3. MP says:

    The worst thing about public transportation is that it’s used by the public. I probably would have started screaming “Hey! What the hell are you doing?? F’ing tards!” Then I would have pushed into them. And let me guess: they were young people. I won’t use the term “adults” because clearly they weren’t.

    • MP says:

      As for the crackers, I don’t think I want fruit or sweet/tartness in them. As for leftover turkey sandwiches, I don’t put cranberry sauce, I put heated up gravy 😛

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: Unfortunately, some adults act like children too

  4. Jamie says:

    poor JFgal! add insult to injury.. they did everything possible to be incredibly rude and thoughtless to everyone around them!

    and doesn’t brie make everything better? I mean seriously… 🙂 I could see using gravy like a dip for these.
    lol I picture you eating a hundred of these to equal leftover turkey sandwiches.

  5. beeb says:

    The sheer rudness of people never ceases to amaze me; but I probably would have just sighed loudly and said, something like, ‘so nasty and so rude’. But that probably wouldn’t be wise and could’ve escalated things, so JFG probably did the right thing

  6. Elisa says:

    I’ve heard of people who’ll ride in the Metro in the opposite direction during rush hour, get off towards the end of the line, switch, and head towards their destination.

  7. Sarah says:

    This occurrence on the metro….so typical in Chile, considered the norm….even the PDA part. They push you, you push the next person, no one holds a grudge….not my first choice of behavior as far as taking public transit….but when in Rome….you put a lot of effort and thought into this review, think I’ll try them just because of that!

  8. Elkabong says:

    I would fart in their general direction. Either that or a threesome.

  9. Lindsay says:

    Three words: fresh goat cheese. These crackers are tasty, and a thin layer of mild fresh goat cheese just throws ithem over the top.

  10. CH says:

    The only aberrant factor to the JFGal story in relation to the context (“crowded DC trains”) was that the couple behind her started making out. Cold fish myrmidon DC residents, making out? In public. Truly odd.

    Otherwise I will point out the deeper incongruity to the first half of the story: oh boo hoo, DC trains are brutal? Uh what? Try a real subway system. I’m talking old school. New York City. The New York City subway system. AKA the only subway system where you can talk horror stories and gain street-cred.

    Fact is, commuters-compressed-into-subway-cars-as-tightly-as -sardines–goes back to the 1930s and is something New Yorkers *regularly* confront. The difference is that New Yorkers don’t hesitate, whine, or whimper. We know we have to be at work at a certain hour and it doesn’t matter what gets in our way, you make us late–godamn you– you’d best be ready for a beatdown. We will run and throw ourselves into a pack of commuter bodies like a Ranger player checking a Bruin against the glass.

    Anyway. What should JunkFoodGal have done to this obnoxious pair of lovebirds? She needed gear. It was beyond the point of glaring looks or even cutting comments. You, JunkFoodGuy, need to make sure your woman has urban-survival gear. A mini stun-gun might’ve been ideal in this situation. Or perhaps just a hairpin. Something to make WAR with.

  11. Cindy says:

    I discovered the Cranberry/Sage Triscuits this year and I am a fan, to say the least, brought them to work and topped with Palmetto Cheese pimento cheese – the combination is nothing short of addictive – everyone at work agreed! It’s a good thing they are limited or else I would be buying and eating these in excess all year long….

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