Review: DIVINO Gelato & I Am On-Board With Weird Al Headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Junk Food Nation, I woke up this morning to find that an online petition had been started to get Weird Al Yankovic as the halftime performer for the Super Bowl this year.  And I, for one, AM ALL FOR IT.

I’m not going to bother going into an extensive history of who Weird Al is – that’s what Wikipedia is for. Simply described, he writes song parody covers of popular songs.  And EVERYONE I know grew up listening to him at one time or another.  You think “Amish Paradise” wasn’t popular back in the day?

Anyways, with the recent mega success of his recently released album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al is back in the spotlight, so WHY NOT have him do halftime at the Super Bowl?? IT would AT LEAST be interesting.  Let’s look at the past few shows: The Who in 2010: HORRIBLE. All of my friends who LIKE the Who were zzzz-ing. Black Eyed Peas in 2011: I mean, I guess. But TRON-themed?  Really? Madonna and LMFAO in 2012: I enjoyed it, but it didn’t bowl me over. Plus, all anyone wanted to talk about was the stupid slack-liner in the background. Beyonce/Destiny’s Child in 2013: Yeah…over it.  Bruno Mars in 2014: Probably the halftime show I enjoyed the most since Prince in 2007.  That dude can sing.

You know who else can sing? WEIRD AL. So if you’re with me, go here and sign the petition – I already have. I want to see “White & Nerdy” performed live. Let me know what you think in the comments, or tell me who YOU’D want to see halftime at the Super Bowl?

Today’s “junk food”: DIVINO Gelato!


DIVINO Gelato: The Money Shot

Let me tell you a story about Divino Gelato, which is an all-natural, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, preservative free frozen dessert. Divino is a company that is excelling in the recent trend of frozen fruit creations. Basically what they do is pick super fresh fruit, turn the insides into gelato or sorbet, and then pack it BACK into the original fruit, re-freezing it. SUCH a cool concept.

I first learned about Divino on friend blog And let me tell you, I WAS SUPER JEALOUS. Then I met the Divino peeps at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and immediately fell in love with their stuff after trying the gamut.  I knew that I wanted to work with Divino directly to tell the WORLD about their line of goods. And thankfully, Divino helped make this happen!

So, without further ado, my reviews of five of DIVINO’s flavors, starting with Ciaculli Tangerine!


DIVINO Gelato: The Tangerine Money Shot


DIVINO Gelato: This tangerine  is sorbet


DIVINO Gelato: This tangerine was frozen SOLID.


DIVINO Gelato: Tangerine split down the middle and sccoped out


DIVINO Gelato: Skin was intact!

DIVINO’s Ciaculli Tangerine was my first bite, and it was SUCH A GOOD ONE. These tangerines were apparently sourced directly from Sicily. The tangerine sorbet was icy yet smooth, and the flavor was just pure tangerine – sweet, orange-y, with plenty of citrus bite. Really flawless, and I loved how the skin of the tangerine held the sorbet perfectly in place, all the way to the edges.  So yummy.


DIVINO Gelato: The Kiwi Money Shot


DIVINO Gelato: This kiwi contained gelato


DIVINO Gelato: icy skin!




DIVINO Gelato: Like scraping out a fresh Kiwi!

DIVINO Roman Kiwi was different than the tangerine variety – with this fruit, Divino carved out the inside and made a distinct gelato out of the fruit puree rather than a sorbet.  Then they stuff it back into the kiwi.  What resulted was a SUPER luscious and smooth bite of creamy kiwi flavor!  The seeds were a nice touch too.  For anyone who normally scrapes out the inside of a kiwi with a spoon, this was an elevated experience. Flavor wise, it wasn’t as much of a fruit-punch-in-the-face that the tangerine was, but still very exquisite.


DIVINO Gelato: The Plum Money Shot


DIVINO Gelato: This plum was gelato, not sorbet


DIVINO Gelato: perfectly purple


DIVINO Gelato: WHOA – FILLED with gelato


DIVINO Gelato: Frozen plum shell!

I have to say, this DIVINO Gelato-filled Black Diamond Plum was my favorite at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and of this batch sent to me, it was my favorite once again. First, the gelato was superb – it contained all of that great super sweet plum flavor while also maintaining a noticeable tartness that made my mouth pucker a bit.  Loved loved loved it. Better yet, after the gelato was eaten and gone, the frozen shell of the plum, whose skin was edible, was like a SECOND treat – nice frozen bites of actual plum.  The plum skin was extra tart while the frozen flesh of the fruit were nice and sweet – JUST awesome. Favorite. Right here.


DIVINO Gelato: The Peach Money Shot


DIVINO Gelato: peach sorbet time!


DIVINO Gelato: So icy and yellow


DIVINO Gelato: Peachy smooth


DIVINO Gelato: Small bites of frozen peach

DIVINO’s Apulian Peach, I must admit, was my least favorite of the bunch.  Again, when I say this, it was damn tasty – just, among the five, I didn’t LOVE this one as much.  First, there wasn’t as MUCH sorbet inside this one – the space they hollowed out of the peach was rather small, so the smooth bites of peach sorbet were gone quickly. Second, the sorbet itself was tasty, but I didn’t get a super strong flavor from it – it almost tasted apricot-ish to me?  I definitely got more peach flavor eating the remaining frozen peach after the sorbet was gone. I know I’m being super critical here, but I want you guys to have the honest take.  Still good – just not my fav.


DIVINO Gelato: The Lemon Money Shot


DIVINO Gelato: OOO lemony sorbet


DIVINO Gelato: perfect yelow


DIVINO Gelato: Now THAT’s icy!


DIVINO Gelato: The lemon skin was perfectly thin

DIVINO Amalfi Lemon was awesome. Simply awesome. It was the only of the five fruits that, when I opened it up, I could SMELL the fresh lemon flavor emanating from the packaging.  Incredible – when I opened up the lemon skin, the sorbet inside was pure and icy and I could tell IMMEDIATELY that this was going to be good. Each bite of the sorbet was smooth and FULL of lemon flavor – not super sour at all, but not Meyer-lemon sweet – just pure sweet citrus. And, most importantly, did NOT taste artificial (which is often the problem with lemon-y things – you’re reminded of cleaning solutions, etc. This was the furthest from that).

So there you have it! My DIVINO review, top to bottom.  I’d probably rank them Plum, Tangerine, Lemon, Kiwi, Peach.  You’ll notice some of the pictures had some inconsistent backgrounds – that’s because I ended up eating these over the course of one week.

Seriously, though. If you’re looking for frozen fruit desserts – this should be stop #1.

PURCHASED AT: Online here.

COST: Prices vary, but a box of 12 is $99.00

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

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  1. Jim M says:

    We’ve been Weird Al fans for a long time too. I introduced my teenage daughter and her friend to Weird Al just the other day. We watched his newest videos, Handy (Fancy by Iggy Azalea) and Tacky (Happy by Pharrell). He still got it. I’d definitely vote for him.

  2. Noel Stephen Moes says:

    As per junk food, less than one gram of fat per serving isn’t really junk food – I enjoy.

  3. Noel Stephen Moes says:

    I do enjoy gelato!

  4. alek says:

    I could see the remaining fruit skin being diced up and used in jams. The lemon ones I could use the zest

  5. Kim says:

    Found your site by accident looking for information on the new Lay’s chip flavor competition. So glad I did as oddly enough, Des Moines is one of the few places you can purchase these delightful orbs of goodness! Hadn’t heard of them but doing a search they are sold in the health food section of my grocery stor – got the plum and the clementine. Have tried the plum and it was amazing! Referred a friend here and to your Facebook account asi am boycotting all things pumpkin spice and she is embracing the trend.

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