Review: Limited Edition Limeade Oreos & Suarez, WTF. Stop Biting the Sh*t Out of People.

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Yesterday, Uruguay pulled off a stunner in the World Cup, finishing off Italy, but the BIG talk of the game was how Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez BIT THE SHOULDER of bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Yeah, you read that right. I mean, everyone on the field was confused.  After all, Suarez has been SUSPENDED TWICE FOR THIS BEFORE. Surely he wouldn’t try it again?  You wouldn’t try it again, would you, Luis?  YOU MANIAC.

This amazing Vine of all Suarez’s bites is presented for your pleasure:


The background music is well-played, sirs. Anyway, two great aftermath parts of this bite-heard-round-the-world: First, Suarez told reporters: “We were both in the area, and he thrust his shoulder into me.” YEAH, TO GET YOU OFF AFTER YOU CLEARLY DIPPED YOUR HEAD IN ORDER TO FEAST ON HIM, PSYCHO.

Second, this tweet by Evander Holyfield:

Priceless.  What do you think? Tell me in the comments below. 


Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: The Money Shot

Omg. OMG, OREO.  ARE YOU SERIOUS.  Limited Edition Limeade Oreos???? You know, after King Rhino tweeted me about these last week, I was sort of in disbelief. We discussed these on the Nosh Show recently, and many of us were on board.  Still, who knows WHAT to expect with Oreos.  Watermelon Oreos, Fruit Punch Oreos, Lemon Oreos…what’s next???  Apparently, Limeade. (Pssstttt….also, maybe Caramel Apple? Yeeeg.)

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: Artsy!

I actually tracked down these Limited Edition Limeade Oreos at my local grocery, which I was very surprised about.  Something like this I half expected to be hidden under a blanket in the stockroom in some Walmart in the middle of nowhere, but no – these were sitting on the shelf right next to the new Reese’s Oreos (LOVE THOSE).  I quickly grabbed two packages and ran home. (Why did I buy two? Because I have a problem, that’s why. Newsflash: I write a junk food blog.)

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: 70 cal per cookie

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: Uh, where’s the lime?

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos contain no lime, but plenty of natural and artificial flavor.  Thanks, Nabisco.

Ryan from Grub Grade and I agreed – despite the title “Limeade,” if the creme in these is basically lime flavor and that, combined with the golden Oreo, results in a Key Lime Pie taste?  We’ll both be pretty pleased.

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: SO GREEN

I opened up this package of Limited Edition Limeade Oreos and sniffed and…hmm, nothing.  Weird.  The Fruit Punch Oreos smelled like I was water boarding with Hawaiian Punch. The Watermelon Oreos at least sort of smelled like fake watermelon.  These honestly smelled no different than regular golden Oreos.

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: EVEN MORE GREEN

Twisting open one of these Limited Edition Limeade Oreos, I was struck by just how green the creme was. It was mesmerizing. The picture doesn’t do it justice; these things were friggin’ neon.

I took a upper-tooth scrape of the creme right into my mouth and BAM!  Strong lime flavor!  Yes, it sort of tasted artificial, but it was distinctly lime, not lemon. It reminded me of how Lime Skittles taste (before Skittles decided to make green Skittles “apple”-flavored YOU MONSTERS).

But yes – the creme basically tasted like lime taffy or lime Skittles.  It was a creme but had almost a candy-like sweetness, with just the right amount of tang and tart on the back end that really reminded me of how real limes taste.  This creme surprised me – despite moments when I remembered I was eating Oreo creme, the manufactured lime flavor was pretty spot on.

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos

Limited Edition Limeade Oreos: Paired well with the Golden Oreo

Eaten with the golden Oreo wafers, the neon green creme in these Limited Edition Limeade Oreos worked perfectly.  IMO, no, this wasn’t quite the key lime pie flavor I was looking for.  Maybe it needed a bit more tang, a bit more meringue flavor, and the golden Oreo flavor wasn’t quite a graham cracker crust replacement.  Still, the golden Oreo plus this fruit flavor wasn’t bad.  For all the grief that the Fruit Punch Oreos and Watermelon Oreos received, most people enjoyed the Lemon Oreos.  These fit more in the Lemon Oreo category.

The cookie, as a whole, was interesting because the golden Oreo wafers actually MUTED the creme flavor, despite the strength of the lime flavor when the creme was eaten by itself. I didn’t get the lime kick of the creme until the very end of the chew before swallowing.  When eaten with the cookie, the creme honestly tasted just like regular Oreo creme until right at the end when it scraped the sides and back of my tongue before I swallowed – then that lime flavor and tart tang would kick in, reminding me that these were Limeade flavored.  It was almost like these were Golden Oreos with a hint of lime.

I guess what I’m saying is these were pretty good in my book. The subtlety of the flavor actually makes me think these will be pretty popular, especially in the summer – just fruity enough to give eaters something different to talk about while not being so bold in flavor as to make people wince (looking at you, Fruit Punch Oreos).   I give these a thumbs up.


COST: $3.00 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.

PS: NO POST TOMORROW!  Just giving you a heads up.  I’m prepping to take a few days off, so I’ll be back on Friday with some more info.  Remember, two Turkey Hill winners on Friday! Good Luck!


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 26 Comments

  1. MP says:

    I want a cheesecake Oreo cookie – in both original & golden cookies. Also must have milk with Oreos – way too dry to eat on their own.

  2. Jeni says:

    Um, green apple Skittles > lime Skittles. Also, though I love lime, Oreos should only be chocolate. Unless they can be chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter, ’cause those are awesome.

    • Shorneys says:

      Green apple skittles can suck my nuts. They’re awful.
      And furthermore, lime went with most of the other flavors (strawberry + lime, lemon + lime, etc.) and green apple just straight-up DOESN’T.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Jeni: LOL, you’re one of THOSE (re Green Apple skittles)… jk

  3. Mike N. says:

    How about blueberry muffin Oreos?

  4. Kahnye says:

    So these are like the Bud Light Lime/Miller Chill of Oreo’s? No wonder you liked them. But how were they dipped in milk?

  5. Need to reset some expectations, I think. These are supposed to be Limeade. I’m a little afraid of these because I really like lime, as in I keep a bottle of lime juice in the fridge at work to add my water, more likely to whip up limeade than lemonade at home, etc. Big fear of let down here.

  6. Jason P says:

    Interesting! I saw that the Watermelon Oreos are back on the shelf at Target today. Those ones were awesome. The Fruit Punch ones were horrible. Not sure if I’ll give the Limeaid Oreos a try or skip ’em.

  7. Sascha says:

    Who cares about the bite?

    nanananananananananananananananananananana ……………… ITALY’S GONE!!!

    nanananananananananananananananananananana ……………… ITALY’S GONE!!!

  8. James says:

    I like these. However, I got more Key Lime Pie taste than I did Limeade. That being said I like these more than the Fruit Punch. Can we get a Grape flavored Oreo next?

  9. Mara says:

    Green tea Kit Kats are amazing!

  10. Sheila says:

    I didn’t find these to have a strong lime flavor at all. The cookie seemed to have a nice citrus flavor, but the cream was really bland.

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