Review: Sweet Chili Tango Pringles (Walgreens Exclusive Flavor) & NBA Finals Predictions / I’ll Miss You Zimmer

Junk Food Nation, it’s Thursday. Home stretch to the weekend!  Let’s get right into it.


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Last night, while I was recording the Nosh Show, I got word that Don Zimmer had passed.  Ah, Zim. For those who are non-baseball fans, Don Zimmer was a player, coach, and manager in baseball for the past 60 years.  60!  He was, IMO, a baseball icon. My most memorable moment of his came in the 2003 ALCS:

Nothing like seeing a 72-year old man charge Pedro Martinez, a man over 40 years his junior.  We’ll miss you, Zimmer.


Well, after WEEKS of watching postseason basketball, catching Wizards fever, hating on the Pacers, the Sterling fiasco, the OKC meltdowns, and the dominance of the Heat and Spurs, the NBA FINALS ARE HERE.  And…it’s the same two teams as last year. Why do I even bother doing NBA Predictions on this blog?  I picked Cleveland to win it all???  Ugh.

Well, I did state at one point that Miami would NOT three-peat, so I guess I’m stuck.  I’ll say Spurs in 6? I see the Spurs as an aging team who would lose in seven games, but have enough in them to play at a 8/10 level for six games.  I see Lebron playing at a 10/10 level for seven games, but his surrounding cast playing at a 6-7/10 level for those same games.  So, yeah. I say the Spurs edge the Heat. And I’m GEEKED UP to start watching it tonight.  Who do you have? Let me know in the comments below…

TODAY’S JUNK FOOD: Sweet Chili Tango Pringles (Walgreens Exclusive Flavor)!

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: The Money Shot

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles!  Chalk up another review to my Pringles review collection.  The only other Sweet Chili chip I can remember reviewing were these Tyrell’s chips…so I commend Pringles for getting into this space.

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: It says it, so it must be, right?

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles….exclusively at…Walgreens?  I guess so – I found these at Walgreens, so I’m assuming they are exclusive to Walgreens.  Haven’t been able to find any news on them otherwise.

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: TANGO!

The use of Tango here is interesting.  I mean, the image is of a Pringle chips “tango-ing” with a chili pepper? Being judged by other Pringles?  Oooooook. I guess they were going for fun factor. (zzzzzzzzzzzz)

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: 150 cal per serving

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: paprika and vinegar

The only two ingredients that leap out at me in these Sweet Chili Tango Pringles is the paprika and vinegar. WHERE’S THE TANGO INGREDIENT?  Boo.

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: standard look

These Sweet Chili Tango Pringles smelled like…honestly, they sort of smelled like that sauce that you dip egg rolls into at a Thai restaurant.  What is that…duck sauce? Fish sauce? Chili sauce?  I’m talking about the slightly orange yet translucent sauce that has chili flecks in it.  This stuff.

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles

Sweet Chili Tango Pringles: small chili flecks

I popped these Sweet Chili Tango Pringles into my mouth and….well, holy cow. It tastes like Pringles DIPPED in that Thai sweet chili sauce that you typically get served when you have egg rolls.  Whoa. These were really good.

For the uninitiated, Thai sweet chili sauce is basically a mixture of sugar, rice vinegar, garlic, chili pepper or sriracha, and in some cases a little bit of ketchup.  What you end up getting is a tangy and sweet sauce with a bit of kick.  And that’s what these Pringles tasted like.

When I licked the chip I got a lot of tang, and a lot of sweet tomato-y notes. As I chewed, the savoriness came through and blended nicely. It instantly reminded me of Thai flavors.  The kick was SORT of there, but VERY minimal.  I would’ve liked this to be even spicier, but the truth is, thai sweet chili sauce isn’t super spicy – the kick is more of an afterthought.  So, in that sense, this flavor profile was SPOT ON.

If you like Thai food, I think you’ll really like these chips.  The flavor wasn’t overwhelming, just a perfect balance between Thai sweet chili flavor and potato chip.  Yummy.


COST: $1.33 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 12 Comments

  1. Linny says:

    The picture on that can is so bizarre to me. I’m okay with the anthropomorphism of some food items, i.e. M&Ms, but the dancing Pringle just feels wrong.

  2. Marc P says:

    I am rooting for the Heat to lose more than I am for the Spurs to win but go Spurs!.

    Is there any inkling to what the 10 – 10 – 10 on the canister represents?

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    damn.. i don’t have a walgreens and i really want to try these! i love sweet chili flavored everything (didn’t wendy’s used to have a sweet chili sauce for their short-lived boneless wings? i was obsessed with that one). btw, another good sweet chili chip is from “way better snacks” (link > they are a little spicier than i like, but very tasty (and supposedly “way better” for you (; )!

  4. Mike N. says:

    But who you got in the NHL Finals? I have no opinion anymore…

    Zim seemed like the guy you’d really want as your granddad. He’ll definately be missed.

    And, I might have to visit one of the ZILLIONS of Walgreens near me to pick these crisps up. Seriously, there’s a Walgreens on every corner around me.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Mike N: I’ll go with LA – while Lundqvist is a beast, I just think LA will keep the puck on offense way more of the time. You? I don’t have any particular allegiance to the Rangers since I grew up closer to the Sabres.

  5. Devin says:

    As a lifelong Spurs fan, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be rooting for the Spurs to win. But even trying to look at it from an unbiased perspective, I think the Spurs are looking slightly better at the moment (and the home court advantage puts it in their favor as well, of course).

    And as a bonus, everyone in San Antonio gets free breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana and free coffee from Valero after every win, so that would go great with the free donut that Krispy Kreme is giving away tomorrow.

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