Review: Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy! & HOLY S. READING RAINBOW IS BACK??

Junk Food Nation, today is a trial day for me, so I’ll make this quick. I grew up watching LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow, a show about, well, reading.  Despite my obsession with junk food, Twitter, and sports, I am also (behind the scenes) a BIG reader, and firmly believe in the importance of literacy.

Reading Rainbow was a big part of my childhood. I would follow along with the stories being read on the screen, mesmerized by the pictures shown. It sounds corny, but my imagination WOULD take over with some of the books read.  And I also remember being jealous of the kids who did the short reviews of books on that show.  Especially the inarticulate ones; I’d yell at the TV: “SUMMARIZE THE PLOT FASTER!!!!! ARGGGGH.”

Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2009, and I hadn’t watched it in…well, since I was a little kid. Twenty years ago? Something like that. I was shocked as hell when I learned it was still ON in 2009.  But it’s gone now.  Sad face.

But then on Twitter, I saw this:

HOLY S. Reading Rainbow….possibly back again????? YES.  YES PLEASE.  (Incidentally, the best part was at the 1:08 mark, when the guy starts singing “Butterflies in the sky….”)

I’ve already joined the Kickstarter, and I think its a great cause. This is not, in any way, a plug to get YOU to sign up, Junk Food Nation. No, instead, my question to you today for the comments is: Did anyone else out there have the same experience as I did and grow up watching this show?  I mean, between this and Square One TV, I was a nerdy elementary student and proud of it.  Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: New?

I purchased these Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy! at my local Walmart.  I’d never seen them before, the NON-chocolate version said “New,” and so I was convinced.  Into the cart, and purchased.  Then I came back and asked you all if these WERE new.  And of course, the answer was NO.  In fact, my friends over at The Impulsive Buy reviewed these over a year ago!

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: The Money Shot

Still, these Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy! are now on my kitchen table, so why not give them my Junk Food Guy appraisal?  New to me, right?  I’ve been doing a LOT of Chewy Chips Ahoy reviews lately…Nabisco, anytime you want to send a royalty my way, I’m down. We’ll do some quick photos and get right to the taste.

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: Everyone loves Reese’s

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: Reese’s PLUS peanut butter chips?? Score.

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: 70 cal per cookie

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: That’s…a long list of ingredients.

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: Smelled of cocoa, not PB.

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: Standard cookie look, and visible chips

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: There’s a Reese’s chunk…

Reese's Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy!: Both PB chips and chocolate chips.

I bit into one of these Reese’s Chocolate Chewy Chips Ahoy! cookies and…well, I have mixed feelings. The first chews I took were…well, not sweet.  The cookie base of these Chips Ahoy!, the chocolate dough, was rather bland.  As I chewed, more chocolate cookie flavor came out…I could see how on its best day the flavor COULD be brownie like.  But bland brownie-like.

But then the Reese’s chunks and the peanut butter and chocolate chips kicked in and the sweetness was THERE.  STRONG peanut butter chocolate flavors, all over the place. REALLY tasty when that mixed with the cookie. Perhaps Nabisco NEEDED to make the cookie bland so that the chips could shine?

In the end, the cookie tasted pretty good, but I still had a nagging feeling it could’ve been better.  Maybe if the base cookie was more buttery, or even just a LITTLE sweeter.  But I’m nitpicking. A solid effort by Nabisco – a decent cookie.


COST: $1.98

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 22 Comments

  1. Mike N. says:

    Reading Rainbow always made me wonder why Kunta Kinte was reading to me… (Roots was a very big deal when I was a little kid.)

    And I still prefer non-chewy Chips Ahoy.

  2. SpartanGirl says:

    I LOVED Reading Rainbow…especially the theme song. It brings back that childhood nostalgia. I, too, am shocked it was on until 2009…I thought more like 1999 if that. I also loved RR because it was hosted by “Geordi” from Star Trek 🙂

    Also, I would love to try a Reese’s Chips Ahoy…although I hope you can find the new Reese’s Oreos, too.

  3. Sarah says:

    I was hooked on Romper Room. If you are Canadian or live near the border you would know it. The best part was the end where the host would look into her magic mirror and say HI to viewers by calling out their name. Anyways, just saw these cookies and thought they were new too. I then realized I was in a store called Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and that they were probably not new and coming close to their expiration date!….didn’t try them, glad I didn’t….but they were only a dollar!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sarah: I REMEMBER ROMPER ROOM!!!!!! HOLY MOLY. You might be the first person I’ve met who even KNOWS what that show IS.

      Yeah, when they would say they saw Eric in the Magic Mirror, I would go EFFING NUTS.

    • I used to watch Romper Room too, many many moons ago. Honestly I don’t remember anything at all about that show except the mirror thing that always sort of creeped me out (I don’t remember why).

  4. I guess the partially defatted peanuts still have some work to do in the gym.

  5. MJ says:

    I was a big reading rainbow fan. I was an extreme nerd (still kind of am) and I’ve loved reading since I can remember learning to read. I think reading is crucial, especially in this day and age where kids as young as 9 have cellphones and ipads and play games all day. So I hope reading rainbow comes back!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MJ: I liek the idea of merging reading with today’s technology. Emphasizing yesterday’s pursuits with today’s context. I’m excited to see how this Reading Rainbow project goes!

  6. Brit says:

    All I gotta say is:

    “I can be anything
    Take a look
    It’s in a book
    A Reading Rainbow!” 🙂

  7. Elisa says:

    I remember that show! And the theme song! 🙂
    Someone mentioned “Star Trek” earlier. There was one show of Burton on set with the “Enterprise” crew shooting an episode so younger viewers could see what went on behind the cameras.

    Anyone else remember 3-2-1 Contact?

    • junkfoodguy says:


      And I TOTALLY remember 3-2-1 Contact. I basically grew up on PBS TV 🙂 Remember the Electric Company?

    • Very vaguely remember 3-2-1 Contact. Seems like a little bit of my brain sort of remembers the theme song, but I could be imagining it. False memory or something.

      I remember the Electric Company much more…spider man, etc. To this day I remember the “T-I-O-N, shun shun shun shun” song that totally taught me how to spell words ending with -tion. (of course if I looked it up on Youtube I’m probably misremembering that, too, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

  8. Kelly says:

    I loved RR, especially the kid reviews. I was also a huge fan of Schoolhouse Rock. ‘I’m Just a Bill’ is so classic. I rented a video compilation from our local library, a 30th anniversary edition, and watched it with my daughter. Oh the nostalgia….

  9. MKC says:

    Just finished a package of these cookies…..not my favorite. I prefer a crisp cookie over a chewy one. I agree – the taste was pretty bland.

  10. Alexandra says:

    Everyone here is doling out the love for RR…but you also mentioned Square One. Thanks for the blast from the past, EAH. I love me some Square One. I actually still think of Mathnet whenever I hear the Dragnet theme…

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