Review: New Keebler S’mores & Fall Eleven Stories & Survive? = SUPERHERO

Junk Food Nation, last year I blogged about a pregnant woman who was struck by lightning on the Fourth of July, and she and her baby SURVIVED.  I anointed the baby a superhero, and predicted that she would be the star of her own Marvel Superhero movie.

But now, that film might star TWO superbabies!  Last week, a toddler fell ELEVEN STORIES from a Minnesota apartment building …. AND SURVIVED.  According to the story:

A 15-month-old toddler somehow survived an 11-story fall this weekend from a balcony in a Minneapolis housing project….he landed in a soft patch of mulch.”

Um, holy crapola.  The baby was in critical condition, but thankfully is expected to recover. Phew.  Here is a picture of the building:

What the

What the

GEEZ LOUISE that’s high.  So, this baby fell eleven stories and didn’t land on like a canopy or something, like you’d expect from a Looney Tunes cartoon or something?  He just landed on MULCH?

Again, someone please contact Mr. Glass, because I’m pretty sure we have another superhero on our hands.  If this baby starts responding to the named “Kal-El,” then we’ll know for sure.  Good Lord, eleven stories.  I get weak knee-d going up the escalator sometimes.  I definitely get vertigo looking over a balcony railing.  Falling eleven stories???  I’m dry mouthed just typing this.

What do you think, Nation? Comment below.

Today’s junk food: New Keebler S’mores!

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: The Money Shot

New Keebler S’mores!  You know, I’m amazed that something like this didn’t exist sooner.  Graham crackers with marshmallow creme sandwiched in between, covered in chocolate.  BAM. EASY.  Yet, no one tried this before?

A Google search revealed that Keebler’s E.L. Fudge line had a S’mores snack back in the day – but that was chocolate and marshmallow creme inside of a graham sandwich. The way these are represented on the package, they look a lot more like the Russell Stover S’mores Big Bite.

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: FUDGE YOU

New Keebler S’mores have FUDGE on the outside, not chocolate. It’s FUDGE. Get it right – Keebler seems very persnickety on this point.

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: 130 cal each

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: Peanut Butter??

New Keebler S’mores are 130 calories per cookie (WOW THAT’S A LOT OF CALORIES), and apparently contain traces amount of peanut butter.  I don’t know how I feel about this.

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: Little bricks

Upon opening these New Keebler S’mores, I could SMELL the fudge/chocolate aroma wafting out sweetly.  Very strong. Each cookie was small, which makes the 130 calorie per cookie count even more alarming.  They were maybe 1.5 inches on each side, and a half inch thick.  The chocolate fudge on the outside started to melt instantly when my fingers touched it.  Ah, oil.

New Keebler S'mores

New Keebler S’mores: LAYERS!

Upon munching these New Keebler S’mores, I have to say I’d give these a pretty big thumbs up!  I mean, it’s nothing truly surprising – the “graham” crackers are more like thicker, yet still flaky, graham wafers/cookies.  The marshmallow crème on the inside resembles an Oreo-like crème – it’s not a pull-apart, sticky marshmallow base like the Russell Stover Big Bite’s had.

Still, combined with the rich deep chocolate fudge taste on the outside, these cookies are S’mores through and through. The combo is pretty perfect, and each of the three ingredients is balanced nicely.  It’s REALLY sweet, maybe sweeter than I would’ve liked – but then again, S’mores are really sweet.  I guess the graham crackers usually helps mute some of the cloying sweetness.  Not here.  Everything is sugar sugar sugar, right in your face.

Still, I liked these.  A lot.  Eat them, if you can find them.


COST: $3.00 on sale

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Discuss - 21 Comments

  1. Brad says:

    Now Nabisco needs to bring back Suddenly S’mores. Those were awesome.

  2. alek says:

    Only 8 cookies per package?! Seems a waste of packaging. It like the smores I got at Duane reade 1/2 of the bag was just air

    • Sascha says:

      That’s 1040 calories in that 8 cookie package, damn!!!

      These two babies can be the leaders of a justice league that includes the kids that survived the flying bounce house.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sascha – lol yeah the kids who fell out of the bounce house. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Alek: Definite waste of packaging. I keep trying to figure out if there would be a better way to pack these without destroying them

  3. Sarah says:

    Well, I am back in Buffalo and no longer need to drool over your blog….I can just go to the store! The best thing I have tried since being back are the Snyders cinnamon sugar pretzels that you wrote about. GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN!….they taste like churros, just fried, crispy, sugary bits, amazing! I’ll add these to my grocery list! Also, my friends cat fell from her 20th floor apartment and was not as successful as that kid….yup, super hero!

  4. so…yeah…there’s only 8 in there? So killing the package nets you about 1,040 calories and 50 grams of fat? Seems awfully easy to do, too. Glad I didn’t give in to the peanut butter ones I was contemplating last night at the supermarket (of course I DID cave on several other things including the Celebration Candy Corn and Bolds Bacon Cheddar cracker sandwiches.)

  5. Joe says:

    Just ate 6 of them without reading the Nutritional Facts… thanks for clarifying about 4 cookies too late.

  6. Mike N. says:

    That apartment building looks like something out of Soviet Russia!

  7. steve says:

    My kids have been on a s’mores kick lately, this might appease them for a while.

  8. Elisa says:

    There’s a local chocolate shop in my town that makes dipped S’mores!

  9. Marci S says:

    Just bought a package of S’mores….very disappointing! They crumbled and fell apart as I bit into one, and the filling is NOT marshmallow – it is like the cream inside an Oreo! Yuck!!!

  10. Jean says:

    So the dad went into the other room to get something and the little boy’s sister opened the sliding door and he fell through the bars.

    I have so many questions about how that happened.

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