Review: Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855 & The Nosh Show, Episode 28: One Year in the Books!

Junk Food Nation, hope you had a lovely weekend!  Hey, you guys know I do a podcast, right?  I’ve only mentioned it 1000 TIMES on this blog (and that’s not going to stop). Well, this past week, The Nosh Show had its one year anniversary!  I can’t believe I’ve been talking on fake radio for so long.  I also am not sure how, in a 52 week year where we record every other week, Episode 28 is the one year anniversary mark.  But it is. So deal with it.

Anyways, that anniversary episode, THE NOSH SHOW EPISODE 28, is out today!

The Nosh Show 1-Year Anniversary

The Nosh Show 1-Year Anniversary

This week, “we talk about a yet-to-be-released Oreo flavor, vegetable flavored Häagen-Dazs ice cream, a new Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco, the Doritos Jacked Test Flavors, something called a Poo Poo Smoothie, and wish each other happy anniversary.”  Listen embedded here:

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Today’s junk food: Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855!

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: The Money Shot

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855 is one among three new secret flavors of Doritos JACKED flavors that have been released nationwide.  It’s part of a new contest/promotion by Doritos called the Bold Flavor Experiment.  It launches tomorrow, and we discussed it a bit on the Nosh Show (above).  Doritos has had secret flavors before, and its trying it again this year.

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: SECRET SECRET!

I’ve reviewed all the previous Doritos JACKED on this site before, and I have to say – I wasn’t a HUGE fan of them. The Hot Wing one was ESPECIALLY polarizing on this site. So when these secret flavors came out, without any name labeling, I was wary.  At my grocery they only had one I could try: Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855. Here we go.

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: 140 per serving

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: KEY INGREDIENTS!

There’s been TONS of reviews of these new secret flavors online, and I’ve avoided all of them to not be tainted in terms of what I think the flavor is.  Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855 has paprika, salt, sour cream, cayenne pepper, skim milk, onion powder, darlic powder, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, and blue cheese.  Spicy and creamy?

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: Win win when you vote

Win $1000 in real gold?  How ’bout you give me 1000 bitcoins instead?

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: JACKED up look

When i opened up this bag of Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855, and took a big whiff – I smelled the cayenne, paprika, and what seemed to be a mix of chili powder and cumin.  In essense, this bag smelled like taco seasoning.  Time for a taste.

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855

Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855: heavily seasoned, very red

I munched on a few of these Doritos JACKED Test Flavor 855, and my eyes started to water.  Whoa.  Even before describing the flavor, these JACKED chips were REALLY HEAVILY SEASONED.  As much as I gripe about other chips not having enough flavor powder, there is no gripe here – the flavor powder was COATED on these chips.  Like the other JACKED flavors I’ve tried before, it was a little much.  More than a little much. It was a lot…much. Something like that. English.

The size of the chip was large, like typical JACKED Doritos, and the crunch was similar to the other JACKED line – not so much crispy/flaky, more crunchy.  The first flavor I got was the heavy paprika and cayenne flavors.  These were pretty spicy for a chip – not from actual Scoville Units (this wasn’t habanero), but spicy like when you accidentally have a mouthful of black pepper.  It was just overwhelming pepper flavor.  Jeez.

I did get the tastes that I smelled after that initial shock – the slight cumin, chili powder, taco seasoning flavor.  The first flavor that popped into my head, then, was spicy taco.  When I like the chip, I did get tang – a decent amount of tang and a slight bit of creaminess, which I suppose was provided by all the cheese.  Tasted like…a sour, sour cream.

So what flavor was this?  I’d label it spicy-way-over-the-top-taco flavor.  Did I like it?  So-so.  I’m not a huge fan of JACKED, and these didn’t change my mind.  Didn’t taste BAD, per se – but I’m not rushing out to re-buy.

Have you have flavor 855? What do YOU think it tastes like? Tell me in the comments below.


COST: $3.00 on sale

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Discuss - 51 Comments

  1. Mike N. says:

    I’m not a fan of the JACKED style chips. I think the only ones I’ve tried were the enchilada flavor, and found them too big and tough (crunchy) and thought they had too much flavoring powder. I like the packaging on these new ones, though, they really do look like something someone smuggled out of the Doritos R&D lab.

  2. alek says:

    Im assuming it is a type of a taco flavor. Could be the flavor of the doritos loco tacos

  3. Steve says:

    I tried that flavor and DID NOT LIKE. They tasted like bad taco seasoning. Too hot to really enjoy, at least for me. Granted, I am a wuss when it comes to spicy stuff, but these were too much.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Steve: OK, I’m glad someone else had the same taco seasoning read. Yeah, and very hot, right? Not like a ghost pepper but just SOOOO much pepper in mouth at once.

  4. MP says:

    I’m trying 855 right now. 855 has a taco / cheese / pepper flavor. LOVE it! Lots of flavor! This is how all Doritos should be! Oh yes! *eyes watering* YES!
    I’m also eating 2653 (blue) but I’ll withhold comment but I know exactly what it tastes like. I got both of these 10oz. bags at Walmart today for $2.65 a piece.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: LOL, that’s hilarious. Well, I know you’ve often complained that other chips have been relatively weak when it comes to flavoring, so I’m glad you liked these! Yeah I’m on the lookout for the blue and yellow – they must sell fast.

  5. Jeremy says:

    That bag’s flavor is Enchilada….without a doubt! The other two I have eaten and Im pretty confident I have those dialed in. I don’t want to give you ideas because I enjoy comparing your reviews to mine. I don’t blog, but their is not genersally a new item I dont try! For me….I really think yellow bag is unique and so is blue. Red is the only flsavor that will appeal to most tastes. Yellow no FOR SURE! Blue…it is a novelty taste. Not something I imagine people will get bag after bag!

  6. Hmmm….I didn’t get anywhere near that level of pepperyness. Still, I only had a few before sealing the bag until I finish the 404. I’ll definitely revisit when that bag gets reopened. Caved and bought a bag of blue tonight, but haven’t cracked it yet. Chocolate? Bacon? I had to try them.

    Love the Nosh Show. I like to listen to them while cooking or baking. Hope you guys keep it up.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Dana – thanks re Nosh Show. As for these chips, I just tried them again – I still think they’re pretty peppery, but i see now that the peppery sort of emerges as I chew, not so much as an initial blast. Where did you track down your bags of chips?

    • Price Chopper has them, but Hannfords and Target didn’t – so random supermarkets seems to be the best bet along with Walmart.

  7. Jeremy says:


    I found a slew at a gas station in North Scottsdale, AZ… I plan on stopping by this Afternoon and I will send you the blue and yellow. Hopefully they are still there. If they are I will need your address and will ship out on Wednesday.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      Jeremy: Thanks for the offer! Nah, don’t worry about sending them – you’re too kind. I’ve done that before, and then while the package was in route, I ended up finding the product myself! So no worries, and thank you again.

  8. jeff says:

    Tastes like poop taco.

  9. NF says:

    Im a big fan of spice and chips. My favorite Doritos chip flavor was the 2nd degree burn. I want some of that. Test flavor 855 WAS NOT bad at all, but its no second degree burn. That was perfect. Now, how the fuck can I find some?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @NF: No, you’re absolutely right – compared to the 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree burn chips Doritos had, these were not as spicy. I guess my point was it was an overwhelming PEPPERY taste, like having a mouthful of paprika. To me, at least.

  10. John Wiseman says:

    The flavor is robust, and over bearing…

    My guess is it’s Five-Alarm Chili or something southwestern, texmex but it’s not hot wings, spicy taco or any of the other guesses

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @John Wiseman: HMMMMM 5-alarm chili. Interesting take – I could see that….especially with the sour cream…hmmmmm. Agree, its something tex mex.

  11. Alice Sterling says:

    I did not like Doritos Jacked 855 at all. I do like spicy but this one is ugly. Anyone want the rest of my bag?

  12. KarynH says:

    After having and enjoying some of these chips, I get the flavors of both a cool ranc and sriracha.

    My guess is they are spicy cool ranch!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Karyn: Hmmm…spicy cool ranch? Cool Sriracha ranch? Could be!

    • Abby says:

      I actually first tried this flavor the same day as I tried the “chicken cool ranch” Loco Taco thing from Taco Bell. I am almost completely sure that they tie in somehow. This flavor is very similar to their spicy ranch sort of sauce on that taco.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Abby: That’s a good read – I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right

  13. Cami Anderson says:

    This also reminded me of spicy taco seasoning. I could definitely taste the cheese, cayenne, and onion. Dipped in sour cream they were absolutely delightful!

  14. Tara Jones says:

    I thought they tasted a lot like a volcano taco from taco bell. Really spicy and good. I normally don’t like really spicy foods, but these are awesome! I would describe them as pure and delicious EVIL.

  15. Mr Robert l Barclay says:

    wasn’t impressed to hot

  16. Redisgood says:

    They look like the surface of a lava lake and are appropriately hot. They taste like a normal Doritos with the heat turned up. I usually make a dip of melted cheese spread, mild salsa with a little ghost pepper salsa added to adjust the heat. These Doritos go fine with just melted cheese spread.

  17. snackamaniac says:

    The first thing that jumped out at me was the tang of the sour cream, like sour cream and cheddar potato chips (which I detest). However, I must say the flavor works better with the corn chip of Doritos. Then the heat kicks in. Usually I complain that snacks labeled as hot are not. But these definitely have a spicy bite to them. The cayenne was spicy hot, so if you are sesitive to hot pepper taste you may wish to avoid these. To me however, I enjoyed them. I found the heat level to be just right. Lively enough to wake you up but wont drop you to your knees weeping. About on par with eating a slice of jalapeño on your nachos. So, iliked the heat but wished the would tone down the sour cream tang. In short if they were available at a party I would eat them but may not buy them on a weekly basis. Prefer original doritos ( hate cool ranch).

  18. Neil Forker says:

    I think this flavor may be Creamy Sriracha.

  19. Damion says:

    Honestly this one tasted like the original cool ranch Dorito with ALOT of its seasoning then they threw on some Asian sriracha hot sauce seasoning ALOT… and went with it…. Not getting more… BLAH

  20. Hil says:

    I’d be really interested to know where each commenter is from, to get a clear regional view of taste preferences. I’m from New Orleans, where it’s all about big flavor, and spice. So far my favorite of this line has been the Extreme Enchilada, which apparently has been discontinued. I’m a definite fan of the heavy coating of seasoning, and the thick chip in general, and am really digging 885. Not too spicy, with a nice cayane burn. I’d buy me again.

  21. JackholeDiary says:

    Someone said my guess of a Sriracha Tacoish kinda thing that even if you like hot can be too hot to slam a whole bag. Just popped the yellow/orange bag and taco cheesy is first but then the vinegary citrus flavor comes in that interestingly enough I knew because I had just spent the night making a crock pot full of Mojo pulled pork slow cooking two large beef briskets in a bottle of Mojo which was like the chip a little too much vinegar kick. The cheesiness with the Mojo makes me think it will be called pulled pork burrito/taco or some other Mexican item that you would put cheese on pulled pork. Have the blue but need to give my taste buds a wee bit o break and I have Lemon cake calling me.

  22. Amber says:

    I just bought all three and I think these are maybe some kind of Tamale flavor? As for dipping in sour cream, you’ve not lived until you’ve dipped the Salsa Verde Doritos in sour cream. So. Yum.

  23. Clara says:

    I have now tried all three bags of the mystery chips and…855 is the only one I liked!!
    I didn’t just like it though, I love it! My guess is that it’s some sort of “Spicy Siracha Ranch” flavor.
    I just ate a few a bit ago, and my face is still warm! HAhah I am a BIG fan of spicy though, and often complain that things labeled as spicy actually never are. These were/are quite a delightful change!

    I bought the blue bag first…holy crap, I HATED these! I’m not sure I was even able to eat one full chip it was so disgusting.
    However, since I am a fan of mystery (and every marketers ideal consumer) I saw the yellow ones for sale and had to try them too! After trying the yellow I was like, “That’s it, I’m not buying anymore of these nasty crap chips!”

    Again, my curiosity won over when I saw the final bag, the red bag, and I am soooo glad I wasn’t too scared away from the other flavors to try these!

    I hope the red ones win because I would actually buy them (I am not a Dorito fan these days as I feel they lack in flavor. Perhaps all the extra spices they put on the Jacked chips…are being stolen from the regular ones! ;o) hahah)

  24. Min says:

    I liked this test flavor. It was like a mix between Buffalo Sauce and Sriracha (Buffalo Sriracha, new name? XD ha ha ha ha). I agree with in that they were RED and heavily coated and that should have deterred me from eating it, but they were strangely addicting. Probably because I like spicy and it reminded me of sriracha. I was tempted to get the blue one but I looked at the ingredients and I was like… nope. And when you confirmed it was like a smokey bbq, I was glad I didn’t get it.

  25. giarcx says:

    Red bag is awesome. They should name it Cajun Heat.

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