Review: Fruit Punch Oreos (Limited Edition)

Junk Food Nation, today’s junk food are Limited Edition Fruit Punch Oreos!  You know, on the podcast that I’m part of, The Nosh Show, we discuss random Oreo flavors all the time.  Marvo from The Impulsive Buy, Ryan from GrubGrade, and Dubba from On Second Scoop … we aren’t strangers to flavor.  We threw out some of the craziest flavors we could think of in Episode 15:

…and continued that discussion in Episode 21:

…but in neither episode did I ever contemplate FRUIT PUNCH as a flavor filling.  People had commented to me before WHY OH WHY didn’t Nabisco make a cherry pie Oreo, or something similar?  Well, we may have our answer here: Fruit Punch Oreos!

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: The Money Shot

You’d think these Fruit Punch Oreos, Limited Edition, found at Walmart, would be an April Fools joke, right?  But they weren’t.  And while I cannot even imagine the unholy corporate board meeting / taste lab discussions that resulted in this flavor, the fact remains: THESE ARE REAL.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: 70 cal per cookie

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: No fruit…just like REAL fruit punch

Fruit Punch Oreos don’t contain any actual fruit, unless Nabisco crowbarred it into the “natural flavors” category, but they did include citric acid, presumably to make these more “fruity.”  Let’s open it up.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: Red..or pink

The first smell that came wafting out of this open package of Fruit Punch Oreos was… FRUIT PUNCH.  The aroma that tickled my nose was a combo of cherry and that overly strong stinging acid-y fruit punch syrup smell.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: …or is that salmon?

The closest thing I can compare the smell of these Fruit Punch Oreos to is the cherry syrup that gets poured on snow cones, or whatever liquid makes up cherry/fruit punch flavored popsicles.  Or a cherry/fruit punch flavored Starburst.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: Untwisted

The creme in these Fruit Punch Oreos was your standard Red 40 Lake, squeezed inside of a Golden Oreo.  Seriously, the aroma of these was a little overpowering.  It wavered between cherry popsicle and cherry cough syrup at times – when I put my nose right into them, the smell was so strong it made my nostrils react.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: Teeth marks, scraping the creme

I tasted the creme of these Fruit Punch Oreos by itself first.  By itself, the creme was very sweet, and REALLY reminded me of fruit punch flavor or, as previously described, like the flavor of a cherry popsicle or cherry slushee.  The texture of the creme was standard Oreo, and only smacked very lightly of vanilla.  No, this creme was all about the fruit punch – like a very very soft whipped/blended Starburst, spread onto the cookie.

Fruit Punch Oreos

Fruit Punch Oreos: Sandwiched and broken

Eaten with the Golden Oreo? I have to admit – it wasn’t bad.  I know some will read my description and not understand how such a solid fruit punch flavor would taste good on a Golden Oreo, but honestly, the concept is no different than having a jelly-filled donut – just “fruit” and “pastry” mixed together.  Here, the sweetness of the Golden Oreo helped mute some of the strong fruit punch flavor, and together they tasted good!  Sort of like a cherry turnover in cookie form.  Or cherry pie.  Bingo.

If I had small criticisms, it’s that the extra tang sometimes pushed the flavor to a borderline vitamin-y flavor.  Also, it was weird to be getting the cherry / fruit punch flavor from the texture of a creme or frosting.

It’s an interesting gambit Nabisco played with these Fruit Punch Oreos – draw in the attention with a flavor like “Fruit Punch,” knowing that the resultant pastry will remind people of the drink but also taste like a traditional fruit and pastry combo.  I thought these were decently successful, and the combo will not scare people off like the Watermelon Oreos did.

Nice work, Oreo.  Try these – if you can find them.


COST: $2.98

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Discuss - 39 Comments

  1. Mike N. says:

    Hey, you beat Marvo to the punch! (pun intended!) Doesn’t sound like a flavor that would encourage milk-dipping though. That would be a drawback for me.

  2. Jamie says:

    I didn’t quite believe it was real when Marvo posted the spotted post. HA – Because of all oreo combos.. FRUIT PUNCH? IS THIS PHOTOSHOPPED. (I know he wouldn’t do that) so I blinked and went *ehhh*?

    that being said…
    I get it, the fruit punch and cookie things reminds me of school parties.

  3. Eric Glover says:

    I think we found the one flavored Oreo I won’t try.

  4. Devin says:

    I’d be willing to try these, but I really don’t want to get an entire package of them just to do so. They should make smaller, sample size packages (like the ones you can get at convenience stores) of these weird flavors to encourage more people to try them.

  5. MarcP says:

    This is that product that begs Oreo to make a sampler or mixed pack.
    Kind of like the Sam Adams mixed pack that allows you to try the horrid cranberry lambic and the great holiday porter all in one box.

  6. Dr. Stanley Goodspeed says:

    These cookies make me sad because they apparently erased the daily JFG rant. I want my rant!

  7. MKC says:

    I’ll stick with a cherry pop-tart……..

  8. Ken Moore says:

    I want to try them, because I really liked the Rainbow Sherbet Oreos and I figure the flavor will be along those lines.

  9. J says:

    i love these cookies i am still mad at my wallmart for not having to watermelon oreos so i was never able to try them

  10. Katie says:

    I don’t know what Nabisco was thinking. These are almost inedible. The filling tastes like Kool-aid or possibly those Sweet Tart candies. Just not a good combo for a cookie.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Katie: Strangely, though you didn’t like them, you confirmed my own tasting of these cookies! Kool-aid, sweet tart – spot on descriptions 🙂

  11. Kevin says:

    Why did they come up with this it looks/sounds GROSS..leave the Oreo Cookie alone WE all LOVE it just the way it is…..It is a GREAT CLASSIC for young and old…….

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Kevin: I think they figure – the classic is still there – now we have to appeal to everyone who doesn’t JUST want the classic 🙂

  12. sami says:

    i want for my birthday party. when it is come in pakistan?

  13. sami says:

    [email protected] i want try this new flavour on my birthday party my cousins taste it.

  14. Mona says:

    I saw will not try them look gross thank no

  15. maggie says:

    This is so gross. I bet you are fat. Start taking care of yourself.

  16. SprayPaint says: Nope No Fruit Punch Flavor 😛 nice Joke though

  17. mimi brooks says:

    lol, funny there is a dental website under your post ( i was searching for dentist and they keep chasing me around the web), but um, nah, i’m good, hell i was mad when oreos went golden, NOTHING replaces my “Vienna Fingers” lol. I like the blow by blow, keep at. well, the testing and tasting not eating these particularly weird cookies, LOL

  18. emilia rose says:

    Is it bad that I think those look really good?

  19. kellie says:

    I dont get how they brainstormed THIS flavor but not COCONUT oreos. HI.

  20. simone says:

    Haven’t tried these but don’t understand why they didn’t go with the chocolate cookie. When someone said “Fruit Punch Flavored Oreos,” I was assuming they were the chocolate cookie variety…because who hasn’t eaten Oreos with Fruit Punch? It’s a logical combination, but they losjt me in execution!

  21. Sagar says:

    Fruit Punch Oreos, Fruit Punch Oreos. Still trying to convince myself this is a thing. The creme is BRIGHT RED. I’m scared . I wonder if the cream tasted like Hawaiian Punch.

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