Review: Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips & The Nosh Show, Ep. 26 & OPENING DAY!

Junk Food Nation, good morning! I had an exhausting weekend in Brooklyn (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow) during which I missed every single Sweet 16 and Elite 8 game.  And I call myself a sports fan; I KNOW.  But Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and UConn are left, huh?  Really? That’s what we’re doing here, Warren Buffet?  UConn?  Somewhere, Kemba Walker is smiling.

As I begin the unenviable task of collecting entry fees of all the brackets I’m in (BOOOOO THE WORST PASTIME EVER), today IS a huge sports day in that it is MLB OPENING DAY for most every single MLB team!  I can’t believe it’s here already.  I haven’t even written my season MLB Preview yet!

There are already so many storylines for the season: How will Instant Replay, for the first time ever, affect games? Can the Cards and Red Sox repeat? Will the Dodgers and Tigers live up to their high priced expectations?  What about the Jeter farewell tour and their new Guitar Masahiro? How will Bryce Harper and Mike Trout amaze people THIS season?  Over on ESPN, most “experts” picked the Dodgers or the Nationals to win it all, with one lone employee picking the Indians.  Hey why not? I certainly didn’t see the Red Sox going from worst to first last year.

Anyways, it’s going to be an amazing season; enjoy all the games today!  We’ll be talking baseball for the next 5-6 months…gear up for that 😉


It's the Nosh Show!

It’s the Nosh Show!

This week, “We discuss Kit Kats you bake before eating, a new Sprite flavor, a sandwich with ghost pepper sauce, and Ryan’s Breakfast Phone. We also rave about McDonald’s new sandwiches and it’s Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time again!”  Listen embedded here:

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Today’s junk food: Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips!

Limited Edition S'mores Jif Whips

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips: The Money Shot

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips! Because why NOT peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers?  I reviewed my first Jif Whips last year, and it was good – I mean, it was just what I’d expected whipped peanut butter to be.  I’ve opted not to buy/review any of the other varieties that came out, especially the peanut butter mint one (YUCK), but when S’mores came along, I had to try it.

Limited Edition S'mores Jif Whips

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips: Pizzelles!

Limited Edition S'mores Jif Whips

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips: Lots of oils

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips doesn’t contain marshmallows, as far as I can see.  Again – we’re dealing with a situation where the flavor is stuck in that vague “natural and artificial flavors” domain.

Limited Edition S'mores Jif Whips

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips: Just squirted in there

When I opened this tub Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips, and took a big sniff, I was SHOCKED to smell graham cracker smell!  No joke.I definitely smelled the chocolate peanut butter aroma, but hidden in there, unless I’m totally crazy, was a definite graham cracker smell.  Holy.  I’m excited now.

Limited Edition S'mores Jif Whips

Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips: Whipped to perfection.

I took a big fingerful of Limited Edition S’mores Jif Whips and stuck it in my mouth, and it was good.  REALLY good.  Mainly because I felt like this did indeed taste like S’mores and peanut butter.

The graham smell translated over to graham taste!  Or maybe it was a bit of honey taste – whatever it was, it complemented the already strong and familiar peanut butter / chocolate flavor of the peanut butter.  The underlying flavor was like a Reese’s – sweet and perfectly balanced between a slightly salty peanut butter and a darker chocolate flavor.

What about the marshmallows? Not sure if I ever tasted marshmallows, per se, but what I DID taste was the chocolate being cut with a frothy sweetness that I normally associate with marshmallows.  Plus, the whipped texture of the peanut butter reminded me a lot of marshmallow fluff or of just straight up melted marshmallows, so texturally, I felt like things lined up nicely.

Add to that the honey graham flavor I described, and you have a winner!  I think this Jif Whips flavor was as successful as I hoped it could be.  Good one, Jif!


COST: $2.99

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 17 Comments

  1. MP says:

    Happy Opening Day, JunkFoodGuy!
    I wish the first game of the season was still in Cincinnati at 2pm like it used to be for like 100 years. The Dodgers, Diamondbacks & Padres have already played. Replay? It’s going to slow down games & take away most manager & umpire fights! Booooooo! 😛

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: experienced my first replay / challenge on Friday – it was awful. AWFUL. Was only like 7 minutes, felt like forever. Thumbs down.

  2. Marc P says:

    Happy Opening Day to all.

    I sw this and saw the picture and thought…. garbage. The fact that it actually seems to deliver graham cracker flavor has my mind blown. If that is true, you my friend, may have very well discovered a gold mine of flavor. I am sold.
    S’mores is my all time favorite flavor anything – hell, I would think about a s’more veal parmesan if you put it in front of me.

    More than useful review….
    Go Yanks!

  3. Not sure I’ve seen this aspect explored so here goes…

    I don’t think the replays themselves will lead to slow downs, as they said, most will take maybe a minute and, let’s face it, some batters take that long between pitches to change their shoes, clean their hat, put on makeup, post a quick instagram, and perform interpretive dance. And for really important plays, it will likely speed things up, because a minute review will be less than the yapping of the base coach, the indignant charge of the manager to the field, the jawing through a comically large mouthful of gum or tobacco, the smarmy head shaking of the ump, the dust kicking, the fake walkaway by the manager followed by the return charge and near chest bump for more spitting and flailing…

    That said – in football you’ve usually got like 20 seconds for your booth crew to check replays if you happen to be on offense (unless it just happens to be a commercial break or whatever) and make a decision on challenging, less if you’re on defense and the offense goes for a quick snap. Here, unless they tell the umps to keep things moving, they’re going to get managers signalling pitchers or batters (as appropriate) to delay and waste time for them look at every close play all game long. That might add up, especially in big/close games.

    • MP says:

      During the Cubs/Pirates game, top of the 5th, after Samardzija hit into a 1-5-3 double play, Rick Renteria called for a replay at 1st base & the whole process took well over 2 (maybe 3?) minutes. I think managers are going to use them regardless if they think they will win because there’s no penalty in trying & guys like Joe Maddon will probably use it to warm up the bullpen or disrupt the rhythm of the game. Plus none of this is going to entertain the fans & will bore them.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Dana: Had my first replay experience on Friday and the fans HATED it – mainly because it took like 7-8 minutes of just sitting around in addition to all the manager and umpires talking. Then after the play was reversed the opposing manager had to come out and talk more. It’s a really deflating experience. On TV they’d just cut to commercial and I wouldn’t have noticed it but live it was horrible.

  4. alek says:

    JIF should go marshmallow and peanut butter whip.

    But the look of the whip reminds me (ahem) #2

  5. Mike N. says:

    Hey I’m ranked 1877896 in the billion dollar bracket. Woo hoo! Have you checked your rank JFG? When I was a kid my dad did a sabbatical at UCONN so I guess I’ll root for them. Funny thing is I thought he was going to the Yukon, being familiar with Yukon Cornelious of Rudolph fame…

  6. Sophia says:

    Maybe you can sprinkle in some of the dehydrated marshmallows you find in hot cocoa mix to make it more s’mores-like…

  7. Marc P says:

    I unfortunately have not had the chance yet JFG. I am waiting to get a bin to eat in the office with a 2 year old at home with darn peanut allergies that cramp my style.

  8. Mary says:

    There were about a dozen jars of this Jif in the clearance/closeout bin of my Kroger in MI, so I took one home for half price, and what a bargain! I’ve been eating it mostly on graham crackers, but I just had it on toast and that was really yummy too… I will definitely buy this if I see it again and will definitely look out for and try more Jifs, half-price or not!!

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