Review: Bacon Pringles (Walmart Exclusive) & Playboy Bunny Whacked in the Butt, Clout Wars Aftermath, POTUS Picks, Etc.

Junk Food Nation, I. Am. Exhausted. Last night, I drafted my second fantasy baseball team of the season, and the auction draft, which actually hummed along without problem, went for 4.5 hours.  FOUR AND A HALF HOURS.  I think I knew my brain turned off when I drafted David Wright for $26…only to see Ryan Zimmerman go for $16. Oh yeah, TO ME.  Because it makes sense to have two 3rd basemen #NOTATALL  …Anyways, let’s get to some news:

1) Today in legal news, a Playboy bunny is suing radio host Kevin Klein for $500,000 plus punitive damages.  Why?  Apparently, during a golf tournament, she had laid on the ground, pushed down the top of her skirt, and placed a golf tee between her cheeks.  Klein did, the only natural thing – he put a ball on there, took a huge cut, and WHACKED her in the butt.  Video, here:

Well, that’s comically awful.  First of all, this radio host is a horrible golfer.  PULL UP ON THE SWING, IDIOT.  Second, if you follow the link to the article, the bruise that resulted on the girl’s butt is the size of a Frisbee.  Seriously, it’s huge.  Third, I think we can all agree that they’re both idiots for thinking this was a good idea in theory, and then putting that theory to the test.

2) The President, like many, selected Louisville vs. Michigan State in the Finals of March Madness – you can see his whole bracket here.  But he also chose Iowa State to lose to UNC?  NOT A CHANCE.  All I have to say is YOU’RE NOT GOING TO WIN THAT BILLION, SIR.

3) A new Peanuts movie is coming!  Check out the teaser here:

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings on this. I grew up watching Snoopy cartoons, and I’ve overheard some teenagers say, “What’s Snoopy?” WHAT’S SNOOPY??? I will knock that iPad out of your hands, hoodlums!  So I’m happy this movie is coming out – yet at the same time, it is so odd for me to see Charlie Brown and his distinctive curl of hair in CGI-ed 3-D.  Sigh. I am old.

Today’s junk food: New Bacon Pringles, only available at Walmart!

New Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: The Money Shot

Bacon Pringles are the second of the recent Walmart Exclusive flavors, along with Sriracha Pringles. We discussed them on the recent Nosh Show, so if you listened to that – you already know what I think of these.  Still, let’s get through some photos and then onto the review…

Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: What kind of weird contraption is being used to cook bacon here?

Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: 10 cal per chip

Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: SMOKE

Bacon Pringles contain no bacon. HMMMM.

Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: Plenty of light powder

I opened the can of Bacon Pringles, and sniffed – BACON BITS.  There was no mistaking the smoky, porky smell of bacon.  Or rather, it smelled like bacon bits to me – you know, the things you sprinkle on salad.  Or directly into your mouth. Either or.

Bacon Pringles

Bacon Pringles: bacon mini bits?

I licked these Bacon Pringles, and I got the STRONG taste of bacon.  Or bacon flavoring. Is bacon bouillon a thing?  If it was, this tasted like that. Basically, the flavor of the powder was smoky, porky, and full of savory flavor – it tasted like bacon bits, or Bacon Salt, for those of you who have tried it before.  I know the flavoring is artificial, but I stand by the fact that this tasted very much like bacon.

On top of the chip, the flavor changed just slightly – on the potato chip, the onion and garlic powders came through more, so when I ate this chip, it tasted like a baked potato with chives and bacon bits on top.  In a lot of ways, this chip reminded me of the old school Tato Skins by Keebler I used to love and enjoy.  REALLY tasty.

Of course, these were thin and crispy, and Tato Skins were thicker and crunchier, but nevertheless, the similarity is clear to me. The flavor of a bacon sprinkled baked potato which chives came through brilliantly with each chip I ate.  If Pringles had called this some sort of loaded baked potato flavor, I wouldn’t have blinked.  I don’t mind them calling this just “Bacon” flavor either, since that smoky porky flavor was definitely the star.

All in all, I loved these. Go to Walmart and snag them while you can.


COST: $1.50

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Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 16 Comments

  1. alek says:

    One of the ingredients shows coffee in there. Interesting.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Alek: Hmmmmm didn’t see that. Coffee…weird. I certainly didn’t feel more awake after eating these. I was def more sluggish and sleepy

  2. So smoky…so good.

    Hold on! The UK got Sausage and Crispy Bacon Pringles in 2012??!!

  3. MP says:

    I really don’t care for 3-D animation (translation: the studio is too cheap to pay animators & just because you can make it in 3-D doesn’t mean you should) in general & it will never have the charm of hand drawings. This is solely a money grab but it bugged me that Peanuts had the slow pace & the dialog of a 2nd grader. Tho I was actually impressed with 2011’s “Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown”, tho it was full of different & new angles and points of view on the scenery & characters.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: Awh, I used to even love the slow pace. As a kid, I felt like Peanuts was slow enough for me to understand – when I wanted bright lights and fast images, I could always watch action cartoons. I like Peants like I liked old school looney tunes. Like OLD school ones – the WB cartoons that were satires on modern life, etc.

    • MP says:

      @JFG Or the old Tom & Jerry ones where they rolled their own cigarettes! They’ve even banned the ones with the Southern black maid, too. I just can’t stand how homogeneous today’s watered-down PC era is. Growing up today would suck.

  4. Mike N. says:

    I filled out my billion dollar bracket… I’ve got Iowa State losing to Villanova in the sweet 16, and the Shockers going all the way. It’ll be fascinating if anyone actually wins the big bucks. There are a bunch of other runner up prizes, and it don’t cost nothin’ to enter, so you might as well.

  5. Amy says:

    I want to try these!!

  6. Marc P says:

    Sounds really good, may actually have to try a Pringle for the first time in a long time. As a chip guy, I never thought they offered much and always went for other brands.
    Prove me wrong Pringles.

  7. MarcP says:

    Been quite a while but I would have to think BBQ and sour cream/onion were the two I had.

  8. samk says:

    These are embarrassingly bad. Maybe I got a bad can. I held one up to my nose and there was no porky scent. When I put a chip into my mouth, there was a very slight flavor that was reminiscent of bacon, but that’s it. The flavor quickly moved to Something Else. Something Else was not unpleasant but it was not bacon. Maybe it was the coffee? After Something Else rapidly dissipated, I was left with ordinary Pringle flavor.

    A minute after ingestion, my mouth felt like I had just eaten a hunk of fat.

    Compare to Sriracha Pringles. That flavor hit me immediately. It stayed with me a full three minutes after I ate 5 chips. Those are amazing. Bacon Pringles? Not so much.

  9. Ian Stange says:

    These are the worst chips i have ever eaten.. they tasted like when you throw your food on the grill before the charcoals get white and all that nasty chemical charcoal flavor is stuck in your food… so after eating only 2 chips at 10 o clock in the morning i was burping up a disgusting chemical flavor till 10 at night

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