Review: New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles & RAMEN TACOS?? Other News

Junk Food Nation, it’s Hump Day!  And away we go…

1) HOLY CRAP JUNK FOOD NATION.  First there was instant ramen. Then there were ramen snacks. THEN there was the ramen burger.  Well, so industrious fool/genius has just come up with the RAMEN TACO – a taco shell made entirely of ramen inside which are all of your normal taco fillings – cheese, meat, etc.  Whoa.  It looks like it’d hurt the roof of your mouth to eat it, and that it’d shatter into a hundred pieces upon first bite, BUT WHO CARES??? LET’S MAKE RAMEN INTO EVERYTHING!  The next ventures:

– Ramen Pizza.  A big circular disc of ramen covered in marinara and mozz.  MMMMM NOW THAT’S A CRISPY CRUST.

– Ramen Nachos. Sort of the same concept as the Ramen Taco, just smashed slightly and topped with queso and sour cream.  Er….you’d probably need a spoon to eat this one.

– Ramen Croutons!  C’mon admit it…these sound awesome.  Although I guess you could accomplish the same thing right now by just crushing up an uncooked ramen package over your salad.  Crunchy.

2) TJ Oshie was barely on anyone’s radar until he won the hockey shootout vs. Russia in Olympic Hockey Saturday morning.  His Twitter followers DOUBLED in thirty minutes. Plus GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY this is his girlfriend.  I’ll leave that link right there.

3) And in the world of juvenile, immature pranks

Today’s junk food: New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles!

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: The Money Shot

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles!  I’ve reviewed a LOT of Pringles on this blog, and I have to admit – this flavor made me raise an eyebrow.  Hasn’t this flavor been done before?

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: See saw

I mean, it seems like these New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles might taste like any of these Latin-based flavors, or might taste like the previous Chipotle Hot Sauce flavor. I don’t like the idea of recycling flavors unless it was really memorable one (like the Cheeseburger flavor).

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: 150 cal per serving

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: ingredients

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: smelled peppery

When I opened this can of New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles, they surprisingly smelled rather peppery – like, jalapeño vegetable-y pepper-y. Since a chipotle is supposed to be a smoke dried jalapeño, this makes sense.  Time to munch…

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles

New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles: Plenty of powder

When I first ate these New Chipotle Cheddar Pringles, the first flavor, more than anything, that I got was SALT.  These were some of the saltiest Pringles I’ve ever had.  Wowza.  I don’t know what you’re playing at here, Pringles, but my mouth/tongue/tastebuds are curling in fear.  Wooo.

Once I got past the mega-saltiness of these chips, the flavors I tasted were: smoke from the chipotle peppers.  A bit of spicy heat and lingering burn from the peppers.  And a small cheese taste that had a bit of sharpness, like a cheddar.  While eating the chip as a whole, however, I really couldn’t distinguish the taste from, say, a nacho cheese.  In a lot of ways, this tasted like a smoked queso flavor, basically.  I felt like it was very similar to the Chile Con Queso flavor, but with less tomato powder AND TONS MORE SALT.

Did I like them? Not really.  So with the Chile Con Queso flavor if you can find it, and avoid these.


COST: $1.50

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