Review: Birthday Cake M&Ms, The Nosh Show Ep. 23 (Mystery Package), & POWER LACES and Other News

Junk Food Nation, Happy Presidents’ Day, or George Washington’s Birthday, or to most people in the world, Monday.  Let’s look at some things in the news, shall we?

1. Nike recently announced that POWER LACES (you know, the ones you saw from Back to Future 2) would FINALLY ARRIVE in 2015.

UM, YES.  In the movie, Marty McFly dons these sneakers in, you guessed it, 2015.  So Nike is right on track, time wise. LET’S DO THIS, NIKE.  FORGET THE 23s.

2. Hey, how was YOUR Valentine’s Day? Well, if you follow my Instagram, you’d know that my Valentine’s weekend was filled with eating eating eating. How romantic.  Anyways, if you didn’t have a special someone to celebrate V-Day with, you could’ve gone out and purchased a Make-Out Practice Pillow!  It’s a pillow with a plastic/rubber human mouth that you can tongue kiss, and I promise you it is the creepiest thing you will see all year.  Go here for details.

3. This woman changed her name from “Sheila” to “Sexy” because she thought the name “Sheila” was an ugly name.  Her last name is Crabtree. So her name is Sexy Crabtree?? <UGH> Way to go there, humanity.


The Nosh Show!

The Nosh Show!

This week, “we talk about apples in burgers, bone marrow in ice cream, and root beer chips in cookies. We also introduce a new segment…” …called: Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time!  Yeah, it was Marvo’s idea.

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Today’s junk food: Birthday Cake M&Ms!

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: The Money Shot

Birthday Cake M&Ms were discussed on The Nosh Show back in Episode 14.  They weren’t supposed to come out until May, but there they were in CVS.  They had a big bad for sale…

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: another Money Shot

…and a little bag of Birthday Cake M&Ms. Of course, I couldn’t reconcile which to buy, so I bought both.  Because I HAVE NO CONTROL.  Sorry, waistline.

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: Dual Money Shot

Now you’d think these Birthday Cake M&Ms were being released to celebrate some birthday of the M&Ms, like Oreo did with its Birthday Cake Oreos.  But no….I couldn’t find any info on this.  They’re just makin’ ’em, just because.

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: Differing calorie count??

Of course, it is boggling that the different size package would have different calories per serving.  What gives, Birthday Cake M&Ms? Maybe the pieces are different sizes in each package?  We’ll come back to this…

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: The Specs

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: Same exact size

I opened both packages of Birthday Cake M&Ms and NOPE – same size.  So the differing calorie count is either true, or a horrible inconsistency.  If true…I’ll eat more from the smaller package 😉

Birthday Cake M&Ms

Birthday Cake M&Ms: Red Blue and Yellow

When i opened up the bag of Birthday Cake M&Ms and sniffed, I had to admit – I thought it smelled just like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  It had that right blend of cake and frosting smell it me.  Is this what regular M&Ms smell like?  I mean, sort of – but if I’m being truthful, the first thing my mind clicked on WAS chocolate cake/frosting smell.

And that’s exactly the taste I got when eating them too!  Well, let me qualify that.  The flavor I got did immediately remind me of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, and I think it’s because the candy shell did a good job of breaking down into a gritty vanilla-y mixture, that when mixed with the inner chocolate, reminded me of the counterplay between vanilla frosting and a chocolate cupcake.  I actually did buy, for the first few munches, that these were “birthday cake flavor.”

The problem, of course, is that the more I ate, the less like birthday cake these tasted.  They just tasted like regular M&Ms.  Plus, I got more of the birthday cake sensation when eating a big mouthful of these – didn’t really get the flavor from 1-2 pieces alone.  Like a lot of previous M&M flavors, the special flavor was hard to find after a while. I will give this one credit though – even if just for a few moments, I thought the flavor profile was more spot on than, say, the Gingerbread M&Ms.

So, in sum, I *DID* like these, and thought they did capture that cake/frosting taste better than previous M&M concoctions.

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COST: lost my receipt…BOOOOOO

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Discuss - 10 Comments

  1. Mike N. says:

    You’re not going to tell us what was in the box?! No fair! What if I’m hearing impaired and can’t listen to the podcast? I’m not, but, what if?

  2. Sophia says:

    I found some of these at CVS today and bought a bigger bag to share with my office. Most of us got the cake flavor in them, a few people thought they tasted like regular M&M’s.

  3. alek says:

    I have commented on other sites that M&M’s should had gone with a better birthday cake route:

    A white chocolate filling cake flavoring with funfetti sprinkles in it then a milk chocolate shell. That way they could had hit the birthday cake flavor right on the nail.

  4. dom says:

    The serving sizes are different, that is why there are different calorie counts. 39.7 g vs 42g

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    i think the small bags are in the same category as candy bars in that they are required to show the nutritional info for the entire package – so that’s why the serving sizes differ 🙂

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