Review: Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo & What does Oreo have In Store For Us This Year?

Junk Food Nation, let’s get right to it.  Last Friday, I posted my review of Oreo’s new flavor, Limited Edition Marshmallow Crispy. I really enjoyed it.  That marks the 18th variety of Oreo I’ve reviewed on this blog, and I’m sure there have been more that I just forgot.

Just when we, as consumers, don’t think Oreo could come up with anything else, they hit us with Watermelon.  Or Candy Corn. Or Banana Split.  On and on and on.  Like I mentioned on Friday, we at the Nosh Show table talked it out with the dudes from Nerd Lunch about what flavors WE would like to see.  I insist that Pumpkin Pie Oreos HAVE to be in our future.  THEY HAVE TO BE.

At one point this past year I finally got my hands on, what was, at the time, a limited edition flavor: Lemon Twist.  SCORE! I thought.  It took my over a year to find them, and when I did, THEY WERE DELICIOUS.  I was sad to see them go, being limited edition and all…Then recently I walked in my local Giant Grocery Store and found this:

Lemon Oreo

Lemon Oreo: The Money Shot

BOOM!  Oreo dropped the mic.  Or they dropped a wiretap onto my phone and heard me lamenting the limited nature of the Lemon Twist Oreos, because now it appears Lemon Oreos are part of the staple line.  YES.  My prayers have been answered.  Next wish: that elusive Buffalo Bills Super Bowl win.

Anyways, I mention all of this to say that Nabisco and Oreo never fail to surprise me, and I want them to continue doing so.  What flavors will be next? Pistachio? Hollandaise? Maybe some cayenne chocolate combo?  I dunno – but I’m sure I’ll be eating them at some point.

What flavors would YOU like to see this coming year, Junk Food Nation? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo!

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo is the second new flavor that Oreo sent to me, part of their new Wonderfilled campaign.  Like the Marshmallow Crispy flavor before it, I jumped around and did a jig when I received these.  Hey, no one said I was mature.

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: They spell it like me!

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo contains “chocolatey chips,” which makes me ever so happy, since that’s how I spell things.  Chocolate-y. Cinnamon-y.  Duck-fat-y.  It just. Works.  <Cue the de-evolution of the English language and grammar>

How many of you out there eat cookie dough, or have eaten cookie dough?  Well, I know I have.  On one hand, the idea of eating raw eggs has always freaked me out, on the other hand, SUGARY CARB PASTE!

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: 70 cal per cookie

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: Why is chocolate last?

The thing about cookie dough is I only know it for general sweetness.  Cookie dough, to me, tasted like gritty sugar, mushy sweet dough, chocolate chips, and that’s about it.  I loved it (haven’t had it in years), but I only know it for being a flavor that is just basically sweet – besides the dough-y taste, there’s nothing else distinctively unique about cookie dough taste than, say, chocolate chip cookies themselves.

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: Beige creme

I opened this pack of Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo, and took a big whiff – and they smelled just like regular Oreos.  Hmm.  I mean, when I got REALLY close, I believed I could trick my mind into thinking I was smelling cookie dough….but I was really just smelling chocolate.  Whatever.

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: chocolatey chips?

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo contained beige creme that, from the side, looked like it had chocolate chips…I guess that’s what some of those smudges were…

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: Hmmm

Opened up, these Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos were a bit messy.  I didn’t get the distinct chocolate chip layout I saw on the package, or even the textured look that the Marshmallow Crispy Oreos had with the rice pieces.

I tasted the creme by itself – VERY tasty.  It tasted like brown sugar, or like The Impulsive Buy described, like caramel.  I did, however, think that when I rubbed the creme between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I SORT OF got a cookie dough flavor.  It tasted slightly like sweet dough, and I got that sort of brown sugar grittiness that I taste/feel when I eat real cookie dough.  

The chocolate-y chips added no texture.  They were super soft and only added chocolate flavor.  Boo.

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo: Not bad

When I ate these Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos all together, creme and wafer, I did get the sense that it sort of taste like cookie dough sandwiched inside of a traditional Oreo cookie.  The problem is the dark slight bitterness of the Oreo cookie itself overpowers the creme center.  Sure, I believed you get the brown sugary essence of cookie dough with this cookie, when eaten as a whole, but it never quite gets past that.  I was missing that STRONG sweet dough flavor that cookie dough has.  I got the brown sugar, I got the chocolate…but very little sweet dough flavor.  

Both GrubGrade and The Impulsive Buy felt like these cookies had an almost coffee taste, and I could see that, in the aftertaste.  I still LOVED these Oreos, despite the flavor not being quite spot on.  They were REALLY REALLY tasty (hell, I don’t see what’s wrong with Brown Sugar Oreos), and quite honestly reminded me of why I love Oreos.  Even though I didn’t immediately think “Cookie Dough,” I did think, “Delicious.”

Again, another GREAT addition to the Oreo line.  Wonderfilled!

Funny sidenote: After I had already drafted this review, I gave these to my mom to try, without showing her the package.  She nibbled on one, looked at it quizzically, and said in Chinese, “Hmmm…these don’t taste like Oreos. They taste more like those normal light brown cookies that have chocolate chips in them.”

HUH…I guess, Mission Accomplished, Oreo!  Maybe these taste more like chocolate chip cookie dough than I thought!  #JadedTongue

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but you’ll be able to buy them in a lot of places come February

COST: $ ???

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 29 Comments

  1. Linny says:

    I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on these.

    As far as potential Oreo flavors, there has to be a red velvet flavor at some point, right? And have they ever done a cherry filling? Cherry filling on a Golden Oreo could be sold as cherry pie Oreos during the spring/summer.

  2. Eric Glover says:

    Can’t wait to try the Lemon Oreos!!!

  3. MP says:

    Have they made an Oreo cheesecake version yet? You ate these without milk, JunkFoodGuy? I’ve always found Oreos to be too dry to eat by themselves.
    I’ve made cookie dough as an ice cream topping, but without eggs & I just add some water instead.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @MP: I try to have them without milk to get the pure flavor down, but you raise an interesting point – perhaps with milk these would be more cookie dough-ish

  4. Sarah says:

    So many things to say. First, lemon Oreos are on my care package list, I love all lemon desserts….the best being those lemon pies in the wax crinkly packaging. What I want from Oreos, Charlie Chaplan! Being from upstate you might know it. Chocolate, marshmellow, coconut and cashew… gooood! As far as wishing for a Bills Super Bowl win……bahahahaha, good luck!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sarah: I love those pies too – they also have, like, 1000 calories 😛 Doesn’t matter to me though – I’ll gobble those up and lick any remnants off the wax paper, to boot!

  5. Kahnfucius says:

    Cookies filled with the unbaked dough of other cookies? How perverse.

  6. MKC says:

    I’m thinking Boston Creme Pie Oreos would go down pretty good.

  7. Odd…I have no desire to eat these. The other reviews talking about caramel and coffee really have me saying ‘no’. Don’t like coffee flavor and caramel is ‘meh’. Disappointed that they couldn’t get any real chocolate pieces in there and went for ‘chocolately’ smears. The rice krispie ones just don’t seem interesting enough to justify ingesting that ingredient list. Besides, I’ve still got 3 packages of gingerbread oreos to keep me company.

    It’s totally time for Nabisco to do a contest and let people come up with flavors like Lays. Beyond time. Chili has to be an option for future Oreos with the history of spicy and chocolate (chocolate wafers of course – probably even a spicy chocolate cream…sorry – “chocolatey chili flavor creme”).

    Black cherry would be awesome, I think, with chocolate wafers.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Dana: Yeah I still hold the Gingerbread Oreos pretty high up there, so I know what you mean.

      Cherry is definitely a flavor they need to explore. Black cherry with the chocolate wafers, and a brighter cherry pie flavor with the golden oreos.

  8. Al Y. Mccoy says:

    Believe it or not, there was a time when the Double Stuf Oreo was considered the pinnacle of modern mass-produced cookie engineering. Long before the Manning brothers failed to translate their quarterbacking prowess in a misguided career move to make history with the Double Stuf Racing League, and way before Double Stuf Oreos morphed into the template for every flavor filling this side of red velvet cake*, the concept of an Oreo cookie with twice the normal crème filling was something to marvel at.

  9. pebbles says:

    turtle pie

  10. kiki says:

    wow i guess im the only one that thinks these are absolutley disgusting

  11. Collin says:

    I give congrats to Oreo for trillions of new creations, but I feel its not Oreo. The Oreo I grow up with was a simple vanilla creme packed between two choco cookies. I feel like if your going to do other varieties call em different name, GIVE OREO JUSTICE NABISCO, don’t taint the Oreo name. Agree or agree to disagree JFG?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Collin: To them, it’s all about using that OREO name for marketing purposes. It’s tough -there are some beyond the original that I DO enjoy, like the candy cane ones. But then when others come along that people don’t like, I can understand the frustration.

  12. JaNet says:

    i looooove these! i think i got 3 packs before they left our local wal-mart 🙁 i hope they bring them back one day. i’m surprised you couldn’t smell anything distinct when you opened it. it smelled like caramel and coffee to me.

  13. david says:

    been enjoying oreo golden cookies for years. tried birthday cake oreo cookies. the cookies were over baked and burned. tasted very bad. need better quality control.

  14. Mandy says:

    I found these cookies at Target yesterday. In fact, I’m eating as I read your review. It was not our usual Target but a local Target indeed. They had Pumpkin Spice and Cookie Dough ones near the cashier. My mom wanted Pumpkin Spice but being a cookie dough lover I snatched these. They do taste gritty but it tastes cookie-ish with milk. Oh, I live in Dallas, Texas.

  15. Kristen says:

    I bought these a few months ago. I was so excited to get my hands on these I made a post on Facebook, and everyone told me to tell them if they ended up being good or not. I had to tell everyone I didn’t like them but try them anyways. They smelled odd to me and the Oreo middle was gritty like cookie dough but all I could get was a brown sugar taste. I’m actually mad that I don’t like these. 🙂

  16. Peter says:

    When does the chocolate chip Oreo come out

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