Review (x2): Chex Mix Popped, Sweet/Salty & White Cheddar; NFL Championship Weekend Picks

Junk Food Nation, if you’re like me, this is the time of the NFL season where you start to feel desperate about the amount of football there is left to watch.  Only three games left total?  Really? Whereas I’m sure there are many reading this blog, thinking, “THANK GOD. Only three games left and the Junk Food Guy will stop talking about football and get back to the important issues, like how to make a nacho cheese hat.”

I know that as the season winds down, I start thinking that these last few games need to be epic, and need to be enjoyed FULLY .  “I need…SNACKS!  EXCESSIVE BOOZE!  WE ARE GOING TO WATCH THESE GAMES LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!  OMAHA!” And that’s often why these games end up feeling like a letdown.  To much buildup, ultimately from within.  Sigh. Let’s get to the picks.

1. NEW ENGLAND @ DENVER. The line on the game is Denver favored by -5.5.  The over/under is 55.5.  I’ll tell you what, I’m taking the PATRIOTS and the points ALL DAY.  I actually think the Pats might win outright. It’s tough to forget what the Pats rushing attack did last week, and I feel like that’s a trap, since they hadn’t done that at any previous point in the season.  Can they replicate that at Denver?  Maybe…that’s why I’m not picking this game to be a blowout.  Because the next thing you know, Denver is up by 27 and I’m thinking why did I pick the Pats? But I think the final score will be something like 30-27…which means I’m also taking the over.

2. SAN FRAN @ SEATTLE. The defensive matchup of the weekend.  Right now, Seattle is favored by -3.5, and the over/under is 38.5.  Seattle played amazingly at home last week, but Russell Wilson’s play really caught my eye.  Or rather, how he DIDN’T play that well.  Marshawn Lynch and that amazing Seattle D tore New Orleans up, but San Fran is NOT New Orleans.  Kaepernick has been playing with that Tom-Brady-like focus; the question for me really is how will San Fran’s weapons hold up?  And really, if everything is neutralized on both sides, then it really comes back to QB play, which I think Kaep has the edge.  Ok, I’ve convinced myself – I’m taking San Fran and the points.  Final score: San Fran to win, 24-20.

What’re YOUR picks? Let me know in the comments below. Today’s junk food: Chex Mix Popped!

Chex Mix Popped

Chex Mix Popped: The Money Shots

These Chex Mix Popped were actually discovered by the Junk Food Gal, who found them in our local grocery.  When asked if she should buy them, I pondered whether it was anything ground breaking, whether it was “worth reviewing,” whether I could guess what it tasted like without eating it.  The Junk Food Gal paused, let me wallow in my own junk food pretentiousness, and said, “SO? They look they taste good.”

And THAT’S why she’s the Junk Food Gal – because she is always there to call me out. She’s right – TASTING GOOD is ultimately the most important thing, so why was I avoiding these?

First up: Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped!

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped: The Money Shot

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped: 120 cal per serving

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped: 60% less fat than potato chips…if that’s what you’re comparing them to

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped: caramel corn!

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped

Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped: Salty chex pieces

This Sweet and Salty Chex Mix Popped was pretty tasty, but honestly unsurprising in that respect.  We’ve all had sweet and salty snacks these days, whether it be kettle corn or chocolate/caramel that has sea salt mixed into it.  This Chex Mix Popped flavor followed the same pattern – the popcorn was caramel corn with varying amounts of coating, so that some pieces were very sweet, and some were more basic. 

The Chex Mix pieces, actually, were VERY salty – they went completely savory with those bits.  The pretzels were standard salty pieces. Eaten together, it was a good balance of salt and sugar in a crunchy snack form.  Bottomline: executed correctly, tasted good, but nothing shocking.  Would I eat it again?  Sure.

Next up: White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped!

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped: The Money Shot

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped: 120 cal per serving

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped: 50% less fat than potato chips

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped: FAKE CHEEZ IT TRIANGLES!

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped

White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped: yumm yummy

The White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped was also very tasty, and again, was unsurprising.  I love Smart Food, or any white cheddar popcorn for that matter, so adding those cheesy puffs of corn to already salty Chex Mix Pieces was a win.  The overall mix tasted like white cheddar, and the extra texture of the Chex Mix pieces gave this mix a crunch that Smart Food does not have. 

Complaint: The triangular NOT-Cheez-It cracker pieces added nothing; they were bland and deceiving in their cheese-like color.  Other than that, this was tasty snack mix with a completely expected flavor profile.

All in all, did I like these Chex Mix Popped  flavors?  Sure – I mean, I like Chex Mix, so adding some good popcorn to the mix can’t hurt it. It’s NOT revolutionary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.  Quite frankly, it surprises me that these haven’t come along sooner.  I think anyone who tries these will enjoy them; it’s just a matter of whether you feel like the $3 is worth it.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food Grocery

COST: $3.00 on sale (2 for $6)

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy


Discuss - 6 Comments

  1. MP says:

    Denver & Seattle.

  2. “Only three games left total?”

    Don’t forget *pffff* the, uh, *grmmmfff* you know…other ga-hahahahaha-hame…the, uh, pro bowl – BWAHAAHAAHAA!

    Can’t wait to see how B&B attack Denver without their best defender and a backup CB. And can the Pats make Denver’s punter take off his jacket (other than holding for PATs)? Manning couldn’t really solve SD’s defense, what will Bill do to replicate and amp up that scheme? As for the other game, I guess I’ll be cheering for whichever teams bi*ches less to the refs and tries to headbutt anyone in sight. So, I guess nobody.

  3. Sarah says:

    First of all, Manning vs Brady will be EPIC, can’t wait. Second, I’m actually in total agreement with your picks, I think it’s the 49ers year and Brady/Belichik are going to wipe their a$$es with the Broncos.

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