Review: New Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal & Junk Food Guy’s New Year’s Resolutions

Junk Food Nation, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  New Year’s Day means trying to figure out whether you can put off your New Year’s diet for one more day, watching the Rose Parade and Stanford vs. Michigan State in the Rose Bowl (despite Stanford being favored by -6.5 on some sites, and -3 on other sites, I’m taking the Spartans to cover both), and a day to engage those NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

In past year’s, my resolutions have been pretty good, I think:

2011: I vowed NEVER AGAIN to write an email with the subject line “Hi” or “Hey.”

2012: UNSUBSCRIBE was my best friend – I vowed to reduce the amount of email junk I received.  This one was successful at first, but Livingsocial is keeping the battle going every day.

2013: No. Receipts. EVER.  I finally took bill pay online, and weaned myself off the hoarding mentality of keeping stacks and stacks of paper receipts.

I think those have been pretty good, so 2014 deserves something equally life-improving while similarly accomplish-able.  Hmmm…..resolutions, resolutions.  Lemme think on this…

I GOT IT!  I am a notorious email hoarder, junk mail emails aside.  I leave emails in my inbox FOREVER.  I have emails in my inbox which still need “replying to” from…2008?  Ugh.  My friend Kristi is an AMAZING email taker-care-of-er.  That’s not a word. You know what I mean.  I think once I saw her inbox had two emails. TWO.  I have like 600 in my inbox.

SO.  My project for 2014…I’m going to get that inbox DOWN to single digits.  If I haven’t addressed an email in SIX YEARS, it’s getting deleted or archived.  Most likely deleted.  Or archived. (E-HOARDING IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE).

So that’s mine.  What is YOURS? Tell me in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: New Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal!

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: The Money Shot

The New Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal was discussed on the most recent Nosh Show! Essentially this is Fruity Pebbles cereal….WITH POP ROCKS IN IT!!!! NO. JOKE.  Hey why not start the New Year off right with CEREAL THAT FIZZES IN YOUR MOUTH??

Pebbles and Bam Bam look like they have glowing alien rocks in their mouths.  Or, like, green candies that have been dropped on the ground and are covered in fuzz and lint.  Gross.

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: FIZZYFIZZ!

So….I guess that the Pop Rocks in this Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal are inside those weird fuzzy little green balls.  I said I’d NOSH this on the show because, why not?  Adding an extra element to essentially fruity sugary rice cereal?  How can that be bad?

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: 120 cal per serving


Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: POPPIN PIECES

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal has CARBONATED CRYSTALS. BRING IT ON!!!

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: soooooo…

So….there it is!   This is…exactly what the box shows.  It’s normal Fruity Pebbles cereal, with additional Green Corn Balls which have poppin’ rocks inside. Hmph. It’s certainly colorful. Let’s eat!

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal

Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal: CARBONATED!

I ate some of this Post Poppin’ Pebbles Cereal, with and then without milk.  The taste was Fruity Pebbles, through and through – a sweet, generally fruity rice cereal.  Even the green corn balls were flavored to be exactly the same, so there was no extra sugary, tangy, of whatever flavor that jumped out.  This was just sweet rice cereal.

In terms of SENSATION, though, the poppin’ pebbles were DEFINITELY noticeable.  Now, because the little pop rocks were inside the corn cereal, I had to chew the green balls to GET to them, inherently crushing the candy within as I noshed.  So, the pieces of pop rock that were eventually exposed to my saliva or to milk ended up being TINY – so the whole thing FIZZED, rather than snap-crackled-popped.  However, (as the Junk Food Gal can attest), when I opened my mouth, exposing my half-chewed cud of cereal, the sound of the pop rocks fizzling and popping in my mouth was audible!

Did I FEEL the fizz in my mouth?  Yes, but it was small.  I personally wanted MORE.  I wanted my mouth to be exploding with gunpowder as I chewed.  I’m waiting for Post to release the cereal which is comprised of ONLY these green balls.  Like that cereal which is all Crunchberries, I want a cereal which is all GREEN POPPIN’ ROCKS!  Get on that, Post.

Would I eat them again? I mean, sure why not – it’s just sweet cereal. Would I buy these again? Probably not.  Still – if you normally buy sweet cereal, not a bad thing to try once.

Again, Happy 2014, Junk Food Nation!


COST: $3.00 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 9 Comments

  1. Ashley says:

    “Mouth exploding with gunpowder as I chewed” lol that does not sound like an enjoyable experience with food! Lol

  2. Sarah says:

    Your resolutions are great! Making yourself do something always seems a bit easier than giving up something! As for me, I’ll continue with Shuan T’s insanity and T25…. But this time I told myself I would eat a bit cleaner. Good F$&@!$&@ LUCK! I am addicted to eating sugary cereal, dry, at night, the whole box, on the couch….I have until Monday to try this new pop rock sugary bliss!

  3. Kahnfucius says:

    My resolution is to watch more Junk Food Guy videos, which is the best kind of resolution because I really have no power over my ability to do that as I depend on someone else to make the videos. So c’mon Junk Food Guy, help me achieve my resolution!

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes! Sharing results sounds great! It has taken four months but I have almost mastered insanity….almost! Damn push ups! ….t25, week one, kicking my ass, actually a little harder than insanity! Email me anytime, let me know if I am the only one passed out on the floor after a workout! Is junk food gal your partner? I don’t have partner motivation….prince charming is not interested!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sarah: Yeah I just did the Beta Upper Focus for the first time yesterday and realized I really need to be using lighter weights. Lol.

      And yes, JFGal sometimes works out with me 🙂

  5. Jarrod Adams says:

    Actually, I did come off with something very special to this cereal. It wasn’t the fizzes at all, in fact, I’m not sure I even experienced that. But the special that was in the cereal that I experienced, was the fact that it tastes like “Smurf Berry Crunch”!! Am I wrong? Is my mouth deceiving me? I mean, it was made by Post, and many cereal companies recycle their cereal. Hmmmm…

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