Review: Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos & FINALLY OREO WTF

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos!

Wait, what’s that, Junk Food Nation?  I normally don’t start my posts off with the junk food name/title, right away?  And where the hell is The Nosh Show Episode I’ve come to expect every other week???  Well, to answer your first question, the Nosh Show fellas and I took a break….look for our new episode NEXT Monday.  And as for these Gingerbread Oreos and the immediate lead off, well…they deserve it…because I have been looking for them SINCE LAST YEAR.

Seriously, Oreo, where the HELL have these been in the DC Metro area???  I’ve looked EVERYWHERE. I’ve driven to random stores, I’ve pulled off of the highway to go to Walmarts in random locations, and I’ve considered ordering them online before stopping myself and wondering what has become of my existence.  I just want a damn Oreo that tastes like gingerbread, and you made it shockingly hard, Nabisco.  Sucks to your assmar.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: The Money Shot

I tracked these down FINALLY at a Walmart out by Dulles airport.  I was there, doing my usual routine of pacing the grocery aisles looking for new foods (I clearly have a problem), when I saw an entire display of regular Oreos.  Then, tucked in among the row, not in plain view, were some yellow packages…exactly six yellow packages.  As I walked closer, I saw that they were these Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos, and I nearly leaped for joy in the middle of the store.

Who was hiding these cookies behind rows of regular Oreos??  Well, whoever they were just lost a couple of packages, BECAUSE THEY’RE MINE NOW.  MINE. ALL MINE.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: 75 cal per cookie

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos have lots of calories and no discernible ginger, BUT WHO CARES!  GET IN MY MOUTH.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: Smells of holidays wafting out

As soon as I opened up this package of Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos, the smell that wafted out was PURE GINGERBREAD.  Wonderful, wonderful aroma. Spicy and perfectly molasses-y.  If you can smell molasses.  Which I have convinced myself you can.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: That’s some beige looking creme

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos have a sort of tan/brown creme inside that isn’t too far off from the color of the Golden Oreo itself.  I scraped a bit off with my teeth and rubbed the creme over my tongue – very cinnamon-y.  Hints of gingerbread, yes; more cinnamon-y than anything else, though.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: Super crisp

Eaten together with the Golden Oreo, these Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos tasted like gingerbread.  NOT PERFECTLY like gingerbread…I didn’t get that amazing actual-ginger-snap taste, but the spice profile, the cinnamon, the sugar tones – very very close to gingerbread, and almost everything I wanted a Gingerbread Oreo to be.  I also didn’t want it to be DOUBLE gingerbread in both cookie and creme – I wanted the creme to make the cookie taste like gingerbread.  And that’s what happened here.

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos

Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos: Like a gingerbread cookie, but opposite

Part of the reason these cookies were tasty was also because the texture of the Oreo (cookie plus creme) made these seem like I was eating an iced gingerbread cookie, despite the fact that the creme was gingerbread and the cookie was vanilla.  It’s a flavor switcheroo that worked, while keeping the textures familiar.

The nice taste of these Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreos aside, I do wonder if Oreo tried it the other way during test phase – manufacturing some sort of gingerbread cookie and just using regular vanilla creme inside – i.e., making a basic iced gingerbread cookie.  Maybe that was too boring?

Anyways, these are very, very good.  Small critique – needs more ginger.  Otherwise, awesome.  Very eatable….in the dozens.  Buy them if you can find them.  Or continue searching for ANOTHER YEAR, like me.

Sorry work peeps…I won’t be bringing these in to share.


COST: $2.98

Check out The Impulsive Buy’s review from last year!

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  1. Icedus says:

    I’m just glad the Nosh Show didn’t disband after that hilarious cookie debacle in the last episode. I’m curious what your pick would be if you were forced to choose between these and Gingerbread Twix.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @icedus: Oh man. Tough call – I mean I like these because these taste like a Gingerbread cookie, while the GB Twix is still a Twix, albeit Gingerbread flavored.

      Hmmmm. If I could only eat one, I’d prob go the Twix, which I love. I mean, if these Gingerbread Oreos disappeared tomorrow, I’d be ok – I can always run out and get a normal GB cookie. But if the GB Twix disappeared, I’d have no comparable candy! Twix, in a slight edge

  2. 1. It’s about time you found these.

    2. You didn’t get all 6? 😉

  3. Britt says:

    Seriously?!? I need these. You can’t not bring these into work. I will hunt you down if I have to. I won’t tell anyone else. 🙂

  4. Jem says:

    I just bought some at Target. They’re delicious! The cream taste a bit like Trader Joes cookie butter.
    I will need to stock up.

  5. Kaitlyn says:

    i’ve NEVER seen these and i’m highly disappointed. they look so delicious!

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