Review (x3): New Pringles Tortillas! (Original, Nacho Cheese, Southwestern Ranch) & Random Pre-Christmas Musings

Junk Food Nation, it’s the Monday before Christmas Eve, I’m at work, and I am SUPER UNMOTIVATED.  Well, that’s not completely true – I have one deadline today, WHICH I FINISHED LAST WEEK.  So, after gorging myself on holiday stuffs all weekend, and watching football ALL. DAY. LONG you know what? My brain is tired and fried with junk food.  Let’s just go around the interwebs and discuss what’s been going on.

1. Football thoughts: Never thought I’d see Seattle lose at home. Peyton is on pace to have the best season by a QB, yards and touchdowns, EVER. But I still think they won’t win the Super Bowl this year. Really, Chicago, you didn’t feel like putting Josh McNown in, at all? Only the Patriots would finish with two D/ST TDs in the last two minutes to cover the Over/Under. My Bills showed some grit, didn’t they? And San Diego – I’m telling you, if they make it into the playoffs, they will be scary.

2. Speaking of football, the NFL will be creating a faux steakhouse at the Super Bowl this year and selling seats for $50,000!!! You read that right.  50K.  The best part about it is apparently “[i]ncluded is food and non-alcoholic drinks, four tickets to the Super Bowl and the NFL Tailgate Party, a stadium parking pass and a concierge to manage reservations.” FIFTY THOUSAND, and my Rum/Coke isn’t part of the deal???

3. Speaking of money, this recent report said Warren Buffet made 37 million dollars A DAY this year.  Seriously, how is this even possible / allowed?    He made 1.5 million dollars an hour.  I mean, what does that even mean?  I have no funny commentary.  Just…my god.

4. Just when I thought the Warren Buffet story was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw, then came this:

A cat. Dressed as a shark. Riding a roomba.  You’re welcome, Junk Food Nation.

Today’s junk food: New Pringles Tortillas!

New Pringles Tortillas

New Pringles Tortillas: That’s one rickety display

New Pringles Tortillas were found at my local Giant supermarket in the display above.  Kind of roughshod, no?  The 2 for $3 sign just hanging off of the display, and one wrong bump would send all of these flying.  Way to put effort into presentation, Giant!  Sheesh.

New Pringles Tortillas

New Pringles Tortillas: The Money Shots

We discussed New Pringles Tortillas on the last episode of the Nosh Show, and I was a definite NOSH.  I mean, Pringles getting into the tortilla chip game?  How could I say no?  They come in three flavors: Original, Nacho Cheese, and Southwestern Ranch.

New Pringles Tortillas

New Pringles Tortillas: TRY EM

Apparently, you don’t just eat these New Pringles Tortillas.  Well, what the hell am I supposed to do with them? Anyways, some more info – apparently Walmart has a Zesty Salsa exclusive flavor too.  Haven’t spotted them yet.

Let’s get to tasting and reviewing.  First up: New Original Pringles Tortillas!

New Pringles Tortillas

New Original Pringles Tortillas: The Money Shot

New Pringles Tortillas

New Original Pringles Tortillas: 10 cal per tortilla

New Pringles Tortillas

New Original Pringles Tortillas: DRIED BLACK BEANS

New Pringles Tortillas

New Original Pringles Tortillas: VERY interesting look

New Pringles Tortillas

New Original Pringles Tortillas: Cool texture

First impression of these new Pringles Tortillas, generally: VERY interesting.  I liked them.  The tortilla chips had the same shape as normal Pringles – that oval curved stacked shape.  Weirdly, these seemed SMALLER than normal Pringles, circumference-wise.  When I picked one up individually, it did feel light – very light.  It reminded me sort of a pressed tortilla chip.

I bit into one of these New Original Pringles Tortillas – the crunch was decent!  I swear, the thinness of the chip did not take away from the crunch.  These were very satisfying, crunchwise.  NOT as crunchy as regular Tostitos, and NOT as flaky as regular Doritos – they reminded me a lot of thin Tostitos.

The texture was nice, and after the initial crunch, the rest of the chip sort of crumbled in my mouth – like a Pringle. The taste? VERY good – very corn-y, and a decent level of salt.  Not too salty, which was nice.  Just enough to really accentuate the corn flavor.  Honestly, it’s exactly what I imagined a corn Pringle to be like.  I liked these a lot.

Next up: New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas!

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas: The Money Shot

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas: a bit more than 10 cal a chip

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas: Cheddar, Parm, and lots of other powders.  Nice.

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas: orange hue

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas

New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas: Powder blasted

These New Nacho Cheese Pringles Tortillas had the same texture and mouth-feel as the Original Pringles Tortillas.  So let’s start from there.

The addition of the very nacho cheese powder made the overall taste of this chip reminiscent of original Nacho Cheese Doritos, waaay back in the day.  Like, when they weren’t SO flavor blasted.  The corn flavor came out more, and this reminded me of that taste.

So, while the cheese powder was clearly fake, and fake tasting, I REALLY LOVED THESE.  My only critiques – no real distinguishable cheese flavors, which I suppose was the goal, and these were a bit salty.  Saltier than the Original Pringles Tortillas.  Still….NACHO CHEESE.  I’m not complaining.

And finally: New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas!

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas: The Money Shot

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas: Again a bit more than 10 cal per tortilla

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas: All I need to see are is the sour cream powder

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas: Wait, but where is the sour cream powder?

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas

New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas: IS that white bit….is that IT???

Whereas when I popped the top of the other two Pringles Tortillas varieties, I didn’t smell much, these New Southwestern Ranch Pringles Tortillas definitely had a vegetable-y smell to them.  Sort of peppery.  Reminded me a lot of the Ruffles Ultimate Kickin’ Jalapeno Ranch (which I know people weren’t huge fans of, but I liked them).  I smelled green pepper and jalapeno.

As I bit into one of these chips, the flavor was salty, but not as much as the Nacho Cheese one.  Instead, I got a nice buttery ranch flavor, that had a definite green pepper/red pepper flavor to it.  Sort of a vegetable-y ranch – my tongue tasted the immediate buttermilk ranch tanginess, and then the flavor morphed to draw out more almost taco seasoning / cumin / black bean – like flavors.  I guess that’s where the Southwestern part comes in.

All in all, pretty good – I thought of these more like a creamy Southwestern flavored chip, rather than a full on RANCH chip.  I would’ve preferred MORE creaminess, but these were tasty nonetheless.


So that’s it!  All three flavors.  I REALLY liked them all – my critiques were nitpicky. I would chomp these ANYTIME.  If I had to rank them:

1. Nacho Cheese

2. Southwestern Ranch

2b. Original


COST: 2 cans for $3.00

EXTRA SIDENOTE: I probably won’t be blogging again until Christmas Day, so be safe out these Junk Food Nation!

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy


Discuss - 19 Comments

  1. Sarah says:

    Do you think these will stand up to chunky salsa?….I hate when a chip cracks in the bowl!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sarah: Honestly, I’m not sure. I fthink they’d be ok, but they are thinner than normal chips. If it was smooth salsa (gross) I think you’d have no problem.

  2. Elisa says:

    $50k for the steakhouse–wow! I’m sure there’ll be takers!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. MP says:

    Hi JunkFoodGuy.

    There is a lotttttttt of division amongst Bears fans on Jay Cutler/Josh McCown (and fans still spelling it “McNown” in reference to Cade McNown who last played in 2000 for Da Bearz). Some want to keep the best QB since Sid Luckman, others are sick of his inconsistent play, injuries, constant interceptions in the endzone & huge pending salary which stupid contracts of Matt Ryan,Joe Flacco,Romo,Stafford,etc helped raise the price. Other things like McCown playing lights out, Cutler’s age & Type 1 diabetes,money that needs to be spent on fixing an awful defense all are factored in.
    Personally I would start McCown, let Cutler walk, draft a QB & resign McCown. But I’m a baseball purist first so what the hell do I know? 😛

  4. MP says:

    @JunkFoodGuy Haha,no big deal – I did the same thing on the boards too! Yeah McCown will be 35 next year but he hasn’t really played much in his career but apparently he just doesn’t care about the money.
    I’ve been enjoying listening to the Nosh Show & reading yours, Ryan, Marvo & Dubba’s blogs. Keep up the great work!

  5. Origami_Kat says:

    I think I may try those one time 🙂 I liked the cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba.^_^

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Origami Kat: If you can find them, BUY THEM! Also, they had another vid of the same cat wearing the shark costume riding the Roomba chasing a little duckling. LOL – it’s cute.

  6. ACra says:

    Back in the day circa the mid 90’s, Pringles used to make a corn flavor that came in a black can. Sadly, they discontinued it and I even wrote them several years ago to bring them back but they said there was not enough demand. I almost cried tears of joy last night when I found these in my local Wallgreen’s. Hope they stick around for a long time.

  7. Sheri Delguidice says:

    The “zesty salsa” are excellent!

  8. Blue Rizzle says:

    I tried the Nacho Cheese & the Southwestern Ranch flavors. I think they are both good. I like the Ranch better.

  9. Blue Rizzle says:

    I had the original Pringles Tortillas earlier this month & it tasted like corn chips.

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