Review: Anna’s Ginger Thins & How to Open Cans in a Zombie Apocalypse

Junk Food Nation, it’s Friday the 13th!!!  And if there is going to be some cataclysmic disaster on this day involving Christmas zombies running around, you’re gonna need to hunker down, and wait it out.  And that’s where this video comes in:

I just HAD to share this, Nation.  Blew my mind.  SOMEONE GET ME A CEMENT BLOCK!

Today’s junk food: Anna’s Ginger Thins!

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: The Money Shot

I’ve seen Anna’s Ginger Thins for years, and I feel like I’ve had them at parties, and only last night have I had a chance to buy a box and eat them.  I love love love ginger bread, so a ginger thin, cookie chip type product? Sign me up.

And how can you NOT love the image of the metal cookie ring on the top of the box, speckled with flour/sugar?  I loved everything about this packaging.  The warm red hues, the window to see the cookies, the bold lettering.  I don’t usually geek out over packaging, but I liked the way these looked.

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: History

Anna’s Ginger Thins have been around since 1929?  Well, they MUST be good, then, right?

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: WISH COOKIES!

So, I tried this wish technique with these Anna’s Ginger Thins. I don’t see Melanie Iglesias anywhere in my bedroom.  Hurrumph.  No lycka till.

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: 133 cal per serving, about 22 calories each?

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: Vegetable Margarine, huh?

Hmmmm, Anna’s Ginger Thins – vegetable margarine?  I have to be honest, that’s the first time I’d seen that ingredient in a while.  Invert sugar syrup?  This is a wacky ingredient list.

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: RED LINE

Anna’s Ginger Thins came cellophane wrapped, and in a nice lovely stack.  To the right of the red line is your share.  Mine is to the left of the red line.

Anna's Ginger Thins

Anna’s Ginger Thins: Simply delightful

I’ll be quick on this: These Anna’s Ginger Thins were very tasty.  They aren’t the STRONGEST GINGER-flavored cookies, but they were pretty good.

Like the cookie chips I reviewed earlier, these were thin, the were light, and they crunched delightfully.  The taste was sweet, sort of like a muted gingerbread.  I got more of the gingerbread flavor after swallowing the dough and rubbing my tongue around my mouth.  Then the ginger was much stronger.  The first taste was more generally a cinnamon and molasses flavor.

These weren’t spicy, and they had a SLIGHT clove taste, but I really had to close my eyes and think about it.  I mean, overall though, these are a basic thin cookie.  I blew through half the stack in like 4 minutes.  It was embarrassing.


PURCHASED AT: Giant Grocery

COST: $2.50 on sale

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Junk Food Guy


Discuss - 7 Comments

  1. Looks great until your hand slips on the leaking juices as you try to squeeze a metal can designed to not be squeezed and you take off half a thumb on the lid. Paging Dr. Zombie…Dr. Zombie to the grocery store please.

  2. Kate says:

    Ikea sells tins of similar ginger snaps for like 3.99 and they are the epitome of Christmas crack, and you get like 200 of them.

  3. Kat says:

    These are my favourite ginger cookies. My mom used to get them all the time. I love dipping them in spicy chai tea!

  4. Safety is Number One Priority says:

    Yeah! That guy! He’s a cool guy, that Crazy Russian Hacker! *Boom*
    Check out some of his other vids like making a candle out of an orange(for Zombie Apocalypse survival)!

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