Review: White Chocolate Pringles, The Nosh Show Episode 17, & Why Am I So Positive?

Junk Food Nation, one question / comment that I get a lot is: “You know, you never really bash any junk foods out there.  Are you afraid?  Do you just like a lot of stuff?  What are you, chicken?”  NO ONE CALLS ME CHICKEN.  Well, actually, that’s true – I made up the “What are you, chicken” question because who says that anymore?  “What are ya, yellow?” What is this, the Old West in the 1800’s?  C’mon now.

I thought about this a lot, and it’s sort of true – on this blog, my “Would Eat Agains” outnumber the “Would Not Eat Agains” 384-156 – more than double!  My initial reaction is “Meh, I’m just a nice guy,” but the truth is I’m really not.  I’d shove an old lady into the street if we were fighting over the last tater tot.  Oh don’t tempt me. I would.

I think the reason I end up being so positive on the things I review is…because I only really review things I WANT to eat.  I only BUY things I want to eat.  Sure, the “new” and “limited edition” factor takes over a lot, and I want to report the good stuff to you – but generally, that’s why you don’t see a TON of different chocolate bar reviews on this blog, or soda reviews.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate bars or soda.  During the Nosh Show, we ask “Nosh or Not” about a lot of upcoming items, and I generally choose to Nosh because 1) I’m a fat pig, and 2) because I’ve eaten such a breadth of crap over the years that I have a wide palette.  So not too many things seem bad to me, I guess.  You’d have to REALLY screw things up or be boring in order to turn me off.

So what credibility does that bring these reviews?  *Shrug* I dunno.  I mean, I’m not some sort of flavor scientist over here or anything.  I just know what I like…so when reading this blog, understand that I’ll likely try a lot of things you won’t, and you might disagree with me, and that’s TOTALLY FINE.  Because, in the end, do you REALLY care if I led you astray with a potato chip review?  I know, I know – it’s three dollars you’ll never get back.  You’ll live.

Speaking of the Nosh Show, btw, THE NOSH SHOW EPISODE 17 IS OUT TODAY:

The Nosh Show!

The Nosh Show!

This week, “we answer listener questions; talk about Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate, Skittles Desserts, and fresh baked buns from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s; and share our Nots of the Week. Plus, we’re having another giveaway. This time it’s for $10 Jack’s Cash Cards. Listen to the show for details.

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Today’s junk food: White Chocolate Pringles!

White Chocolate Pringles

White Chocolate Pringles: The Money Shot

I saw these White Chocolate Pringles over on The Impulsive Buy and tracked them down at my local Walmart.  There weren’t many cans of these left (in truth, I only saw this stand alone can), so I guess the store was only carrying a limited run or they had sold out.

White Chocolate Pringles

White Chocolate Pringles: White Chocolate Sticks?

White Chocolate Pringles have a graphic that makes the top of this can look like those Pirouette Cookies.  Pepperidge Farm must be pissed right now.

White Chocolate Pringles

White Chocolate Pringles: 150 per serving

White Chocolate Pringles

White Chocolate Pringles: SWEET CREAM POWDER?

White Chocolate Pringles contain SWEET CREAM POWDER!  I’m sort of intrigued now.

PS: The above picture of the can leaves a lot of real estate that should be filled with some stupid advertisement, no?  Shocks me that they’d leave so much space without using it…bad marketing, Pringles.

White Chocolate Pringles

White Chocolate Pringles: No visible powder

I opened the can, and these sure SMELLED like white chocolate / creamy vanilla.  But then I popped a chip, and…

Ok, you know what the problem with these White Chocolate Pringles are?  Boring.  Just boring.  I mean, at this point, with potato chips dipped in milk chocolate, Pringles that taste like Pecan Pie, and caramel that tastes like peppers, these White Chocolate Pringles fall flat.

The quick description: Yes they have that same Pringles crisp/crunch.  That’s a given.  When I popped one into my mouth, I did taste a semi sweet white chocolate creaminess.  But did they taste EXACTLY like white chocolate?  No, they did not.

In a lot of ways, the balance of sweet to salty in these was about right – it had the same amount of sweetness as the Pecan Pie Pringles.  But while the Pecan Pie Pringles had spice and cinnamon, etc., to help make the overall flavor a little maple-y and a little nutty, these just had a vanilla tinge that pushed more for general sweetness.  And I found that sweetness to be unappealing and BLEH.  Because it’s not like the sweetness went so far as to battle the taste of the chip, like the Milk Chocolate Wavy Lays.

No, these just felt sort of like – well, white chocolate powder on a Pringle.  Like…a mistake.  Like an unfinished canvas where other flavors should have been added on top – but weren’t.

Like the White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles from last year, I will not be eating these again.  I don’t know if it’s because there wasn’t enough sweet/salty in there for me, or if the flavor contrast wasn’t distinct enough, or maybe I just don’t like white chocolate?  Whatever the case, I didn’t like this, and will not be buying it again.


COST: $1.20 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 8 Comments

  1. Dubba says:

    funny, just tried these yesterday and had similar reaction of “wow, this is boring”. I thought the flavoring seemed to throw the crunch off a bit too, kind of like these were thicker (or maybe stale). these were so boring in fact that I put them down and opened a can of cinnamon & sugar pringles which were definitely better.

  2. Drum Doc says:

    No wonder they were a buck two-o!! I sent you a note last week about the Gingerbread Oreo’s which I have since finally tried. All I can say is… WOWEE!!! Sooo good!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Drum Doc: I think I got your email – you sent me a picture of the package you had? I’m SO BITTER I can’t find them near my area 🙁 Stupid Walmart! STOCK YOUR SHELVES!!!

  3. WTF? You STILL haven’t gotten gingerbread Oreos??

    For me the key, even if a reviewer likes just about everything for the exact reason you state – that they simply pick up stuff they are likely to enjoy, is that they provide enough details about the flavor/experience to let me know whether I will like it. For example, if you like the ginger in the gingerbread twix – but if someone doesn’t like ginger but was curious about whether the other flavors like cinnamon dominate, they would then know to avoid them. In the end I don’t think I care so much about whether you or any other reviewer likes something, only if they give me enough information to know whether I will like it. You do that. A half dozen others do that so I read them – Marvo and his crew, Cybele, the Fat Guys, the Second Scoopers, Ryan…even if you hate something, maybe what you hate is what would make me want to try it. Of course we all read Food Junk just because it’s hilarious…

  4. Elaine says:

    Junk Food Guy, your reviews really make my day! Never stop reviewing!

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