Review: Culinary Circle Pizza, LEAVE A COMMENT, WIN A PIZZA (Maybe), & The Google Throat Tattoo

Junk Food Nation, let’s talk about how Google is trying to take over the world.  Last week, Google filed for a patent for a electronic skin tattoo that applies to the throat region of the body.  It would, apparently, communicate with smart phones and gaming devices WITHOUT needing to wear Google Glass or have an earpiece.

The potential benefits: the skin sensors could measure blood sugar.  Could measure heart rate, and have incredible medical benefits.  It could reduce waste and mean less to carry.  The negatives: IT’S AN ELECTRONIC NECK TATTOO DESIGNED TO TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE.  DAMN YOU GOOGLE.  IT WAS THE STATUE OF LIBERTY THE WHOLE TIME!!!

How do you all feel about this?  Feels eerily like getting a barcode on your body, right?  You can imagine a dystopian future where we have been enslaved by the machines using these throat tattoos as our shackles. The article even says “The filing says that in addition to sticking via an adhesive to the throat, the tattoo could go on a collar or a band around the user’s neck.” Oh really, a collar around my neck!?  THAT DOESN’T SOUND SCARY AT ALL.

On the positive side, no earpiece.  AH THE FREEDOM.

Personally, I am accepting that there will come a day when our electronic superiors lord over us like the machines in the matrix.  I mean, I already use my smartphone for WAAAY too much and I’m never going back, so it is inevitability for me.  Gimme the neck tattoo, I’m ready – just do it already.  I want Siri in my brain.

Today’s junk food: Culinary Circle Pizza!

So Culinary Circle is a company that makes a bunch of products, like meatballs, sauces, pastas, and frozen pizzas. Culinary Circle wanted me to review one of their frozen pizzas for National Pizza Month, and I am not one to turn down free pizza.  Of course, National Pizza Month was October, and while I’m a little behind, better late than never!

When I went to the store, there were PLENTY of options:

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Stacks and stacks of flatbread pizzas, rising crust pizzas, ultra thin crust pizzas.  I settled on the one below:

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

I chose the Culinary Circle Italian Wood Fired Crust Pizza, the Italian Sausage and Caramelized Onion Pizza.  I chose this one because generally frozen pizzas tend to get onions ALL WRONG, so I wanted to test this brand.This Culinary Circle Pizza was a standard, maybe 10-11 inch pizza, perfect for one-two people.

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza features “imported Italian crust” although the product is not handmade.  The juxtaposition of these words and the photo is priceless.

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

When it comes to frozen pizza, I’ve eaten a lot of it.  My favorite, by far, is the DiGiorno Pizzeria! Pizzas, but my general go-to are Freschetta pizzas or Red Baron pizzas.  We;ll see where Culinary Circle Pizza stacks up…

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

1/3 pizza is a serving?  I like that – although I could probably eat this whole thing…

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Pre-caramelized onions on this Culinary Circle Pizza? Smart move – I don’t like when frozen pizzas just come with white crystalline onions in its frozen form.

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

When frozen, the Culinary Circle pizza looks standard – I did enjoy the look of the pre-caramelized onions, however.

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza – DIVIDED IN TO 1/3 PIECES!  Nice.  It smelled pretty good – cheesy and onion-y.  I did get the hint of sage, but I mostly smelled the onion.

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

Culinary Circle Pizza

I ate 2/3 of this Culinary Circle Pizza, and can give my assessment:

THE POSITIVES: GREAT crust.  Like, really good.  It crisped up in a way that wasn’t TOO crunchy, but provided a nice crispness that went all the way to the center of the pie.  There was no droop at the tips of the pieces.  The edges were crispy yet light, and I didn’t feel like I was stuffing myself with bread.  Italian Wood Fried Crust – thumbs up!

Also, wonderful caramelized onion taste.  Spot on. Unlike other frozen pizzas where the onions are usually a throw away, it was clear that this flavor profile was focused on delivering that sweet onion flavor and making sure it lasted throughout.

THE NEGATIVES: Not really negatives, but the rest of the frozen pizza was just pretty standard in my book.  Reminded me a lot of a Freschetta or Red Baron Pizza.  The cheese was ok, melted well.  The sauce was sweet, but wasn’t bursting with tomato flavor.  The sausage was flavorful, but not memorable.

All in all, I enjoyed this frozen pizza!   And now I’d like for YOU to enjoy one too.


Since you guys are so good at leaving comments, Culinary Circle is offering a $10 gift card so that you can go to your grocery and buy one or two of their Culinary Circle Pizzas.  All you have to do is leave a comment!  Well, more specifically:

1) Leave a comment about what you think of the Google Neck Tattoo, or of the Culinary Circle Pizza, or of frozen pizzas in general.

2) Be sure to include your email address in the applicable field below so I can email the winner.

3) US ONLY.  Sorry, I don’t think Culinary Circle Pizzas exist outside of the US.

So that’s it!  Leave a comment below, and I’ll chose one …I dunno, by Friday or something.

SO, ENTER THE COMMENT CONTEST!  WIN A $10 GIFT CARD!  BUY PIZZA AND NOM NOM! And thanks again to Culinary Circle.  See you guys tomorrow!


COST: $4.00

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 52 Comments

  1. Rebecca says:

    The Loaded Potato sounds delicious! I am a fan of frozen pizza since you can try new toppings like this without spending a ton of dough (sorry can’t help it) at a restaurant.

  2. john says:

    I have been a big fan of the American Flatbread pizzas however I have only had 2 because they are more money than getting takeout. I had a coupon the times I bought em

  3. Lindemann says:

    Not a huge fan of frozen pizza – I prefer to roll (out) my own (dough). But they can be good in a pinch. I used to enjoy DiGiorno, and have been tempted to try the Pizzeria! line ever since you reviewed it. This sound decent too.

  4. EowynofRohan says:

    I LOVE pizza! My favorite is supreme.
    Neck tattoo? Dude, no. I’m not putting that thing on my neck. EVER. Unless, of course, I get a lifetime supply of pizza.
    PLEEEEASE give me that gift card! Remember, I told you about the chips! OR if this is judged by the pizza people, I will give you free publicity. JUST GIVE ME THAT PIZZAAAAAAA.

  5. Liz S. says:

    OOH I’m partial to that Spinach & Artichoke Flatbread variety of the Culinary Circle Pizza. Never heard of the brand before, so I especially appreciate your review of this company’s products! The pizza you tried with the caramelized onions sounds amazing as well.

  6. Kaylin says:

    We usually make our own pizza dough at home as we don’t enjoy store bought pizzas, but I’d be willing to give these a shot.

  7. Kris K says:

    Culinary Circle is definately my favorite frozen pizza brand. I have had that wood fired crust one you tried and I like it but usually go for the Ultra Thin Crust Supreme.

  8. Brent says:

    Frozen pizza make me think about eating one almost every Friday night growing up. I don’t eat many of them anymore since I make my own, but these Culinary Circle Pizza’s sound good.

  9. John says:

    I’ve had the loaded potato one. Pretty good, cheesy with potatoes and a cram sauce that reminds you of sour cream. Not something I would get often but it was worth a try

  10. Anon says:

    Not looking for the giftcard, but I will say Culinary Circle’s Rising Crust Ultimate 5-Meat Pizza is probably my favorite frozen pizza out there. Always looking for others to dethrone it, so dare I ask for everyone else’s favorite frozen pizza? Preferably not on the expensive side.

  11. Claire says:

    I’d love to try it!

  12. Devin says:

    I would eat the crap out of that Pepperoni and Roasted Garlic Flatbread Pizza. It looks so delicious. I’ve never seen these in any of my regular stores, but I may go out of my way to look for them if I have to.

    And not that this should have any bearing on the contest, but today is my birthday. This would make an awesome gift.

  13. Dr. Stanley Goodspeed says:

    Is this contest to see whether it would be acceptable to the members of Junk Food Nation to have a frozen pizza tattoo on our throats that would order frozen pizzas when we salivate? If so, that doesn’t sound like a dystopia to me!

  14. BigBelly says:

    I want a pizza throat tattoo, that tastes like pizza when I scratch it… suck it google

  15. Trout Poutt says:

    Not sure about a neck tattoo, but a) I really want Google Glass, b) would not mind this neck-robot tattoo in a less weird place (forearm/wrist maybe?) and c) am also ready for technology to take over. COME AT ME BRO.

    Also, I appreciate that your “test” for a pizza company is onions. I am enjoying the thought that you have a whole list of these tests based on food category.

  16. Shorneys says:

    I had a classmate at Oxford (!) who loved buying frozen pizzas because they came with their own little plastic cooking tray. The idiot was putting the little plastic tray on the FLOOR OF THE OVEN and baking the pizza on that, and eating all of those chemicals. Clearly a gentleman who had never cooked before in his life, and had never figured out that sometimes you have to read the instructions. Stupid sheltered Oxford student.

  17. Brandon says:

    The Google Neck Tattoo is clearly a splendid invention. Hopefully it will be out before Christmas so I can impress all the in-laws. The teetotalling in-laws. Who don’t drink. But I do. Yay for Christmas with her family!

  18. TehBuLL says:

    Why would it have to be a neck tattoo? The ONE thing that everyone should NEVER get unless you want a job at a tattoo parlor? Or if ingesting meth was a job. I’m not against tattoo’s, even those of the digital overlord variety, just don’t get neck tattoos. I will judge you even if it hooks into your iphone.

  19. Generally I don’t like frozen pizza, but I love Newmans Own! Have you tried them?

  20. EowynofRohan says:

    I really want to try the Pizza Hut’s 3 cheese stuffed crust, but I haven’t got around to it. Can someone tell me if it’s as good as it looks?

  21. John C. says:

    Kinda ironic that a brand named Culinary Circle features pictures of oblong flatbread pizzas on one of their major product lines….. then again I suppose it’s much better than the cannibalistic tendencies promoted by M&Ms. I still have a hard time eating the red ones…..he just seems so witty and fun in all the commercials.

    As for frozen pizza, I’ll never forget the time my brother was so hungry he ate one while it was still mostly frozen.

    (Sidenote: is that my first non-sports comment? haha).

    -John C.

  22. Brian says:

    Oddly enough, I like frozen pizzas just as much as the kind I can get at pizza parlors…maybe I just go to bad ones

  23. Ibagoalie says:

    Always on the lookout for a good frozen pizza. Personal favorites are Amy’s and TJs. Will your Google tattoo connect to wifi?

  24. L. Morrish says:

    Google neck tattoos= No. just NO. I have nothing against tattoos, don’t get me wrong, but burning your neck sounds a little feckin freaky, if ya get my drift? and thats not counting the fact that it’s implanting a little person in your mind. No, Siri, I would not like you to search the web for ‘Please get out of my head creepy demon’.

    On a happier note, I’m always up for pizza! especially with more onions than usual. then extra smiley faces.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll pass on the throat tattoo, but frozen pizzas are pretty decent (once you exclude the $1 ones). I’d love to try the pepperoni and roasted garlic one. Yum.

  26. Ashley S says:

    I’d love to enter if you haven’t chosen a winner yet! I love frozen pizza, especially totino’s. :)

  27. Morgan Medeiros says:

    The pizza looks great- would love to try! I’ve always wished there was a line of frozen pizzas a la Ben and Jerry’s- funky names and combos- Pizza Kitchen has tried and honestly done a pretty good job, but I’d still love to see some innovation on the pizza aisle- am I the only one who thinks a hawaiian pig pizza would be awesome?

  28. MP says:

    Damn, I missed the contest! I’ve had Culinary Circle a few times. It’s alright but definitely a step up from other cheap frozen pizzas.

    For frozen pizza, I like Freschetta too (Red Baron is too plain) but my favorite is Home Run Inn but they also have restaurants. I think it’s only available in the Midwest. It has a very dense buttery crust, a true tomato tasting sauce & decent cheese, and it’s made locally. My biggest problem with frozen pizzas is the crust edges tend to burn while the very center is still frozen or cold. After I slice I have to microwave it for a little bit, which isn’t a big deal.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not into Facebook & not into the whole gadget technology thing. I still use a landline meaning no cell phone, nothing to charge up & still use a PC. No tattoos, barcodes or microchips for this 30-something guy. Life is still like the 1990s but with much faster internet. I’m also very, very cheap.

  29. charles walker says:

    we love the spinach and mushroom,and also the chicken alfredo.!my local store has just started to have the pizza,but not all the time.

  30. Lana says:

    Tried Clinary Circle pizza for the first time a couple weeks ago and like it
    Got the garlic chicken alfredo pizza this time and LOVED it. White pizza is my fvorite. The pizza delervy man will mss me I have a new favorite…

  31. Felicia says:

    What a pleasant SURPRISE these pizzas were! I bought 3 on my way home from work as they were on sale, and I was going to have the grandkids over. I had serious reservations about their quality/flavor given how affordable they were. I got them for $4.50 each. They were deeeeeeeeeeelish! I got the pepperoni and chicken bacon ones. Amazingly good! These Culinary Circle pizzas will be STOCK items in my home freezer AND my camper freezer this summer. My grandsons (who can be picky eaters) inhaled them! My hub is not a fan of thin crust pizzas and he also commented on how good they were! Thank you for such a great product at a family friendly price! Talk about a win win!

  32. Christine Baker says:

    This pizza is awesome :). I purchased one at my local Shop ‘ n Save, because it was on sale. This was the best frozen pizza I have ever tasted. I went back to the store to purchase more…

  33. Janet Coy says:

    I bought two of these pizzas because they were on sale, and was feeling a bit too lazy to make dinner. I bought the 3 meat one and the 3 cheese one. I followed the directions for cooking, although I did leave it in for about 10 mins longer than they recommended because we like our crust crispy. I have to admit that it was the best frozen pizza I have ever had…..even though I haven’t had a ton of frozen or processed types foods. My boyfriend loved the meat one and actually said that may buy it again . Me , I had some of the cheese one and it was very satisfying. I had quite a bit of mine left and he ate it the next day warmed up and said it was still very good. Inexpensive and tasty …that’s a nice combination. Not to mention the list of ingredients weren’t terrible.

  34. Daniel Klasnick says:

    I have had a few of these. Most often, I’ve chosen the three-meat rising-crust pizza. It has spicy Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, and Canadian Bacon. For a rising-crust pizza, at the price, it really can’t be beat. It’s comparable in every way to the DiGiorno rising-crust pizzas, and in some ways superior. The crust is very hearty with what appears to be a robust corn-meal dusting, the toppings and the sauce are tasty, and they are a very consistent product.

    I’ve also had the ultra-thin-crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo, and it’s comparable to an appetizer pizza at an upscale downtown restaurant: simply delicious and somewhat decadent-tasting. It would make a great appetizer for a small party, a great late-night snack for a couple of people, or part of an awesome meal. The thin crust is a perfect texture, the chunks of chicken are generous, and the alfredo sauce and cheese have a nice savory flavor (and, for once, something is garlicky enough for me!).

  35. peter says:

    Love the chicken n bacon

  36. Phil saylor says:

    Ultra thin crust pepperoni pizza is outstanding, better than any chain pizza

  37. Kayla Head says:

    I have tried Ultra Thin Crust Spicy Italian Sausage with the tomatoes on it and Rising Crust Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza. I have to say I love the pizza I just cant wait to go through all of the different types. Im not a fan of thin crust and was surprised that it was actual good, I love the rising crust more though.

  38. Tony Spisak says:

    Not a frozen pizza guy.Tried the Culinary Circle 5 Cheese Rising Crust and it’s the best frozen out there.Now send my gift card and I thank you.

  39. kim says:

    i have tried the culinary Circle Pizza line of frozen pizzas several times. i concur with you that the crust is the best part of the pizza.i also enjoy the flavor of their pepperoni on their pepperoni self rising crust pizzas.

  40. Torch says:

    I’m a big time pizza over here !
    and I have searched out the best frozen pizza for a long time !
    there are not very many good ones out there but I have found the wood fired crust one of the best frozen pizzas you can buy ! rustic italian style ! the capers… wow !
    ok where’s my gift card lol 😉

    ohhh and the google thing… no freakin way !

  41. wanda says:


  42. Pesto pizza says:

    Here is one of their special pizzas, butternut squash and bacon. I loved the flavors in this pizza, the cheese was creamy with a good bite to it, and how can you go wrong with the classic butternut squash and bacon…anything with bacon on it is a winner in my book! The crust was chewy and somewhere a little bit thicker than “thin crust” pizza. It was a nice change of pace for lunch.

  43. Tea says:

    I have had Culinary Circle Pizza twice now, the latest being last night. Twice I have bought the Garlic/chicken alfredo pizza. I really enjoy it. It was sooo delicious. I cant wait to get another one or two. The first time I tried it was months ago, as I never eat pizza, but this one is very good and so uniquely different in its taste. Its creamy alfredo sauce makes u feel as if u are eating something other than a pizza,due to the absence of tomatoe sauce.I also love the way the pizza’s are described on the front of the box. The write-ups are so yummily detailed u become excited in anticipation of its taste, simply but wonderfully written!! good job and good pizza. I want more. Coupons would be absolutely GREAT!!! Thanks.

  44. Dorothy Hill says:

    I just ate the culinary circle pizza for the first time.
    My husband and I.both really liked it allot. He said he doesnt’
    usually like the sauces on frozen pizza but he liked it allot.
    I’m going to buy another one next time I go out.

  45. Deb says:

    Love this Pizza have tried two different kinds and both were tremendous !!!

  46. Phil saylor says:

    Love them spinach and mushroom

  47. Joe says:

    Just bought the Rising Crust Supreme and looking forward to trying same. The 5 roasted veggies added to the rest of the ingredients caught my interest. Actually bought this before I checked reviews and am further pleased. Will look for all their other flavors at the market.

  48. gretchen alvarado says:

    Best pizza I’ve ever had!

  49. Julie says:

    Love love these pizzas my family owns an Italian restaurant and we have wonderful pizzas but for frozen these are the best my family we love the crust tools

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