Review: Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn & My 2013-2014 NBA Predictions

Hi there, Junk Food Nation!  And Happy Halloween!  Only appropriate that on this day of terror, my nightmare has come to fruition, and the Red Sox won the World Series.  Sigh.  You guys know I’m not thrilled, but gotta give it to the Red Sox – the best team won, by far.  They deserved to win, played great, and took home the trophy.  Big props.

I take solace in the fact that New York and Boston fans can now unite to fully hate on the Miami Heat.  And since the basketball season is under way, I thought it only appropriate to give my basketball predictions for this year. Instead of how I did in past years (2011 predictions here, 2012 predictions here, and some earlier bold predictions about this upcoming season here), I’m just going to give you the eight teams, in each Conference, that will make the playoffs in the seeding order that I think they’ll finish:


1. Miami. I mean, LeBron is the best in the world.  Why are we even talking about this? I don’t care that Philly beat them.

2. Indiana. This team, led by Paul George, is one year better and they get Danny Granger back.  PLUS, added more size in Luis Scola? This team is dangerous.

3. New York. Can Carmelo win? Who knows but they still have most of their team intact from last year, AND I like the addition of Metta World Peace. I do.  It’s a good addition.  If Shumpert can step it up even more, watch out.

4. Cleveland. SURPRISE!  This is the exciting team to watch right now.  Kyrie Irving has SHOCKED me as an amazing Duke player.  Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters are revelations.  And if Bynum gives them ANYTHING – big win. PLUS they add rookie Anthony Bennett?  Oof.

5. Brooklyn. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of rooting for aging vets, but I do like that there is talent at each position, and Jason Terry is still good coming off the bench.  Not thrilled about them at 5….but every other team is kinda beat.

6. Chicago. Again, REALLY not thrilled about Chicago here.  I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if they missed the playoffs because even with a 95% Derrick Rose, everyone else, Boozer, Deng, Noah just NEVER step it up.  Ugh.

7. Detroit. SURPRISE AGAIN!  Young team, they could be the past two years’ version of the 76ers – basically with more talent.  Not much depth, but I like Greg Monroe a lot.

8. Washington.  My Wiznuts are in the 8th seed, only as a lark and a hope.  Well, we’ll see.  I can see them building with Beal, Wall, and Porter…but Porter needs to play first.  THEN we’ll see what they are made of.  But the move for Gortat over Okafor is a good one, and the addition of Eric Maynor is a good one – MARK IT.

Quick notes: Atlanta can’t do it w/ only Horford, Boston needs more than Brad Stevens, Orlando better hope Oladipo is the answer, I don’t like Philly w/o Jrue Holiday.


1. OKC.  CMON Russell Westbrook.  This team NEEDS you.  What the hell, man.

2. Golden State. My quasi-favorite team for no reason at all.  Just love Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, a LOT.  My dream finals would be Golden State vs. Cleveland.  I actually wrote that.

3. Houston.  Dwight Howard, the player I dislike the most, will of course piss EVERYONE off and have a baller season.  Ugh.  Because he’s annoying good when you don’t want him to be, and frustratingly bad when you want him to perform.  Blech. Go Linsanity.

4. Minnesota.  OOOOH YEEAH.  Love Kevin Love was my fantasy basketball team’s rallying cry two years ago.  Seriously, a full year with Kevin Love and Rubio together should be MAGIC.  And not Orlanda Magic.  The good kind of magic.

5. Clippers.  Lakers beat them, but I’m not worried.  They know they fell short last year, and just have to push it.  In year 3, Blake Griffin will be even better, if possible.

6. San Antonio.  I really don’t love this pick, but I’ve counted them out so many times, and look where that got me?  The whole team is basically intact, and K. Leonard is a revelation.

7. Memphis.  Don’t love this pick either, but do I really think New Orleans can step up and take a THIRD playoff spot from the Southwest Division? I don’t.

8. Denver.  Blech, hate this pick too.  Honestly, I WANT to put New Orleans here, but that would mean I’d have FOUR teams from the Southwest, which CANNOT happen.

Quick notes: I LOVE JRUE HOLIDAY ON NEW ORLEANS.  That is all.

BORING FINALS: Miami vs. OKC. All Number Ones, baby!  Actually this would be good, because of the rematch.  Still, semi-boring only because most statistically likely.

DREAM FINALS: Cleveland vs. Golden State.  My personal favorite!  Run and gun and run and gun and drive and go and GAAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE THE NBA.

UNSURPRISING FINALS: Miami vs. Houston.  Seriously, if Dwight Howard gives a big Eff You to the league and plays out of his mind, the West will finally have a big man game again.


MY PREDICTION FOR THE 2014 NBA CHAMPION: Well, I predicted the Heat would NOT three-peat in my bold predictions, so eff it – I’m going with CLEVELAND.  

Today’s junk food: Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn!

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: The Money Shot

I spotted this Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn over on The Impulsive Buy, and when I saw it at Target, I thought, why not?  It’s Halloween, right?  After the Candy Corn inundation, why NOT put it on popcorn also?  Let’s not dilly dally…

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: HI ANGIE AND DAN!

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: 140 cal per serving

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: Annatto color added….yeah, which color is that?

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: orange striped

When I opened up this bag of Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn, I could smell sweet sweet white chocolate / vanilla aroma.  Did not strike me as candy corn, so much. Time to munch…

Angie's Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn: lots of piping

This Angie’s Spooky Candy Corn Kettle Corn review can be summed up, like so: Tastes REALLY good, but does not taste like candy corn. Plain and simple.

Angie’s Kettle Corn is awesome, like it always is.  Very light, very fluffy yet crispy, and the balance of sweet and salty on each piece is awesome.  Just awesome.  A really well executed kettle corn.

But the candy corn frosting misses the mark.  It just tastes like white chocolate to me, with some vanilla notes.  The flavor gets close – I do get that sugary sweet vibes that candy corn gives me, but the saltiness of the kettle corn prevents it from going too far, and only helps bring the flavor back to white chocolate/vanilla town for me.  If they had not colored this orange and called it “White Chocolate Drizzle” I wouldn’t have known the difference.

But does the resulting flavor taste good?  ABSOLUTELY.  But I probably wouldn’t buy this gimmick again, settling instead for Angie’s normal popcorn offerings.


COST: $3.29

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Let’s hang out.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 9 Comments

  1. I can’t imagine anyone outside of the clubhouse thought the Sox would beat Detroit and then St. Louis with superior PITCHING, but that’s exactly what happened.

  2. Justin Cornwell says:

    Great point, the Bulls never step up. That’s probably why they had the best record in the East in 2011 and 2012. And then the way they only got the fifth seed last year despite not having Derrick Rose and beat the Nets in the first round of the playoffs… disgraceful. You’re so right, now that Derrick Rose is back making game winning shots and Jimmy Butler is developing, they’ll be even worse.

    End of heavy sarcasm. The only way the Bulls will get lower than a three seed is if multiple starters literally have limbs amputated. Tom Thibodeau takes the regular season more seriously than anyone and will never let them take a night off. They may not get past the Heat, but they’ll challenge them for best record, just like they have every year he’s been coach. Guaranteed.

    This popcorn sounds pretty good.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      Justin: First, love the passion for the Bulls. The White Sox and Cubbies need your support too!

      Second, hell, what do I know? I had the Lakers winning last year 🙂

      Third, So basically you have the Bulls winning the central ahead of Indiana. I think that’s fair; I just see Indiana doing it, that’s all.

      4th, last night’s game was pretty awesome – the Bulls know how to shut another team’s offense down, for sure.

  3. nathaniel bates says:

    would love brooklyn to beat that team

  4. Justin Cornwell says:

    Being a Cubs fan has been so depressing lately, that’s part of the reason why my cup is overflowing with Bulls kool-aid. Actually I shouldn’t say lately, I should say always. The most exciting baseball moment for me in the past three years has been the Cardinals losing the World Series.

    I think the Pacers will be right there with them, but Thibs pushes them so hard every night that they will probably finish ahead of the Pacers and definitely will finish ahead of the Cavs. That Cavs team has a ton of talent but is too young and immature to bring it every night to get as high as a 4 seed. Also the Thunder are in trouble without Westbrook, they will be stronger come playoff time, but his absence will keep them out of the top seed.

    Love the blog JFG, I read it every day, looking forward to a fun season!

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Justin: Thanks man! I’m just glad that you didn’t ban reading my blog b/c of disagreement over Chicago 🙂 Brooklyn and New York in the cellar right now! What do you think?

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