Review: Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar & After Three One-Offs, PLAYOFF BASEBALL IS HERE.

Junk Food Nation, FINALLY.  The MLB Divisional Series are here.  After three straight one game playoffs (wow, Tampa, I really underestimated you), our playoffs are set!  On the NL side, the Pittsburgh Pirates will face the STL Cards, and the Dodgers take on the Braves. On the AL side, Tampa Bay will take on Boston, and the Tigers face the A’s.  For a baseball fan, these are some damn good series.  Time to prognosticate!  These are Best-Of-5 series:

PIRATES @ CARDINALS: Ah, man, these are actually the two teams I was hoping would meet in the NL Championship.  The key stats in this series: The Cardinals can hit, and the Pirates can pitch.  The Cardinals had a +187 run differential, best in the NL!  But outside of Wainwright, in a five game series…who else do they have? And trust me, I had Wacha and Kelly and Lynn on my fantasy team…but quality starts isn’t the same as wins.  Meanwhile on the Pirates’ end, they had the 3rd best ERA in the majors and the 2nd best opponents’ batting average against.  I KNOW.  Burnett, Liriano, Cole?  Who? Argh it’s tough, because I REALLY like the Pirates. I can see them splitting 1-1 in STL, and splitting 1-1 in Pittsburgh, with the final game in STL…and STL winning it.  STL over PITT in 5.

DODGERS @ BRAVES: At first glance, you might think “Well, the Dodgers have a billion dollar payroll, and Greinke, Kershaw, Ryu will blow them away” until you realize that while the Dodgers had the 2nd best ERA in the majors, the Braves had the FIRST!  WHAT?! Still I’m calling this a draw, even though I do think the Dodgers top 3 are better than the Braves top 3.  The key here will be the bats, and while the Braves hit for WAY more power and Evan Gattis scares me…the Dodgers just get on base at an astonishing clip.  Couple that with their devastating pitching, and it’s hard NOT to pick the Dodgers.  LA over ATL in 3 (sweepy).

TAMPA BAY @ BOSTON: ARGGGGHHHHH. Talk about a series where I wish both teams could lose 😉 But I’m not going to spend too much time on this, because I’m just going to maintain my Tampa Bay underestimation – Boston leads the league in almost every major batting category and is close to the top in most of the pitching ones too.  And let me tell you, this is all TO MY CHAGRIN.  But, since Tampa is managed well, I’m going to say this goes the full five.  BOS over TB in 5.

DETROIT @ OAKLAND: It goes like this – Oakland’s pitching is slightly better, in the peripherals, than Detroit, but Detroit’s offense is a step better than Oakland’s.  Oakland’s low team batting average is a concern, but so does Miguel Cabrera’s hip.  Plus, which Justin Verlander are we going to get?  What will Bartolo Colon be eating between innings?  And what about Oakland’s 10th man – won’t Coliseum be SHAKING tomorrow night, enough to unravel Scherzer?  Maybe…this is a tough one.  My gut says Detroit, but it’s not a landslide for sure.  The A’s are tough tough tough.  I think the Tigers split in Oakland, and take two at home.  DET over OAK in 4…but each game is a 1-runner.

Today’s junk food: Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar!

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar: The Money Shot

For those who don’t have a Wegmans near them, I’ll summarize – it’s basically a high end grocery store, with an excellent 1/3 of the store prepared food section.  It has a wine shop, it has a cheese chop, it has a bakery, it has a dessert chef.  It basically has everything you’d want from a grocery store at lower costs than a Whole Foods, Balduccis, etc.  Plus, the best part of it is their self-branded line of products is EXCELLENT, along the lines of a Trader Joes.  It’s everything rolled into one!  And as an Upstate NY kid, I grew up with Wegmans.  Love.

I’ve been eating Wegmans tomato sauce, canned veggies, breads, chips, yogurts, EVERYTHING for years.  NEar DC, a brand new Wegmans just opened – and Doctor Sis clued me into this – they had their own CHOCOLATE LINE NOW???  WHAT?

Think about this.  You’re used to seeing Stop n’ Shop canned peas…but when have you ever seen Stop n’ Shop high end chocolate? Truffles?  NEVER!  So when I went and saw this Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar, I knew this needed to be reviewed.

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar: Serving size, 1/2 bar?? I LOVE YOU

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar has a short ingredient list, which is very nice, and disclaims that one serving is half the candy bar itself.  Thank God.  I hate when candy says serving size is, like, one of the square pieces inside.  YOU AND I BOTH KNOW THAT’S BS!  I will cram this chocolate bar into my mouth, and you better shush.

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar: Stenciled with the Wegs logo

As soon as I opened this Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar, I could smell the chocolate.  Like, really smell it – lovely chocolate smell came wafting out.  Ok, I had to put my nose closer to the bar, whatever.  Smelled good!  Nothing special though…

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar

Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar: TOFFEE BITS!

I bit and OMG.  This Wegmans Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Toffee Bar was pretty excellent. First, that its called Dark Chocolate was misleading at first to me.  Yes, this is not milk chocolate, but this chocolate is also NOT the type of REALLY dark and REALLY bitter chocolate which is trendy right now.  No, at 61% cacao, this tasted more like a nice deep hot chocolate flavor, decently sweet with LOTS of chocolate flavor.

The sea salt toffee was basically little bits of salty sweet crunch through out.  Imagine a Nestle Crunch bar, but instead of crispy rice, there are just bits of salty sweet toffee.  Each little burst of toffee added a little savory which helped make the chocolate even sweeter.  Plus, the toffee itself gave off nice notes of caramel-like flavor here and there.

I’m not really a big chocolate guy, but this candy bar was well constructed in its simplicity and well executed in its flavor.  Not bad for a grocery store brand.  BUY. BUY THEM ALL.


COST: $1.99 on sale

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  1. Sarah says:

    That sounds amazing, for that price I’ll definitely pick one up! Thanks!

    • EowynofRohan says:


      I know! Every time Junk Food Guy gets some kind of candy bar, he describes it until I’m drooling and ready to rush out and buy a lifetime supply of those things…. Until he mentions the $8.00 price tag. Noooo way I can afford that! So I might give these a try, they definitely sound delicious.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @ E of R – do you have a Wegmans nearby?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Sarah: Which Wegmans is nearest to you?

  2. John C. says:

    @Junkfoodguy: PLAYOFFS! Now, if only the Yankees were in it, but alas, that ship has sailed.

    Anyway, on to the actual series- I’m cheerin’ hard for the Pirates. Have you heard the amazing story of how their bullpen got their Shark Tank nickname?? Absolutely outstanding. And tonight they had quite the victory! I’ve been rooting for the Pirates all season, and am just so sick of the Cardinals at this point that anything less than a Pirates victory will be devastating.

    Between the Dodgers and Atlanta, I’d love it if the Dodgers make it, but man oh man what the hell Mattingly??! You NEVER intentionally walk somebody to face Heyward. Can’t wait to see Puig and McCann go at it in “Wrestlemania on Dirt” (and you just KNOW it’s going to happen).

    Your line about wanting both teams to lose in the Boston vs Tampa Bay series was absolutely hilarious. I want the Rays to advance, but they just seem out of it this year. Not sure what’s going on down in Tampa Bay….almost like they’re just happy to be there.

    Tigers vs Athletics is the series I’m least excited about. Like with the Cardinals, I’m so sick of the Tigers at this point that I can’t help but cheer for Oakland, yet I don’t see them making it past the daunting Tigers pitching.

    Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the awards (MVP, ROY, CY, Manager, etc.?).

    Oh, by the way- when do we get to see a picture of the Fantasy League Trophy??!

    Talk to you soon!!

    -John C.

  3. Nick Rovo says:

    Why must I have no wegmans near me?!?!?!? I’m mentally makin a list of all these products you have access to and I’m going to force you to send me a care package one day.

  4. Pat says:

    These are really, really good.

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