Review: Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar & Hit by a Train & Survive? = SUPERHERO

Junk Food Nation, recently I wrote about a woman who got struck by lightning and survived.  Not only that, but her in-the-womb baby also survived.  I predicted, and still believe, that that baby is now a superhero. If in a few years we start hearing about a super baby pulling people from fiery buildings, I’ll be over here with a big can of I-told-you-so.

But then I heard ANOTHER crazy story – a 22-year old man in Indiana recently was jogging on some train tracks (YOU KNOW, LIKE YA DO) with music blaring in his headphones and didn’t hear a train coming up behind him.  He was struck by the train going 110 MPH…and LIVED!  Apparently, he was struck, propelled forward, and landed in nearby grass.  He had a some injuries, but was fully conscious and knew where he was.

And all I have to say is SUPERHERO.  HE GOT HIT BY A TRAIN AND LIVED.  How is this guy NOT Bruce Willis’ character from Unbreakable, and why aren’t we arresting Samuel Jackson RIGHT NOW???  I’m sure that Mr. Glass had something to do with this whole thing.  Somebody needs to stop him!

I’m calling it right now, 22-year-old Darryle See is a superhero.  If he starts having flashes when he touches people of the crimes they’ve committed, then we’ll know.  But just keep him away from water. (So many Unbreakable references.  Love it.)

Today’s junk food:  Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar!

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar: The Money Shot

Just recently, I wrote about Chuao’s Firecracker Bar, in which I gushed and panted over my love for 1) the company, and 2) the bar itself.  This year, at the Fancy Food Show, they debuted another chocolate marvel: the new Pop Corn Pop Bar. I tried it and all I can say is ….. Wow.  I’m not even gonna keep talking about how much I love Chuao, let’s just get into it.

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar: If only all my popcorn looked like this

Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar is milk chocolate and Pop Rocks…and that’s just scratching the surface of how amazing this chocolate is…

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar: contains corn chips!

Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar contains one of my favorite things: corn chips.

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar: Standard Chuao look

You know, I thought Chuao’s Firecracker Bar couldn’t be beat, and I’m not convinced the Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar has done that…but it’s VERY VERY close.  Because this chocolate bar is really very good too.

This Pop Rocks-filled chocolate bar uses MILK chocolate, as opposed to the Firecracker’s dark chocolate.  It was nice and sweet and the sea salt in this bar gave the whole thing even MORE awesome savory sweetness.  The milk chocolate was also a great base and gave the whole flavor a more creamy, buttery taste – perfect for supporting the idea of popped corn.

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar

Chuao Popcorn Pop Bar: Profile shot

The crunch in this Chuao Pop Corn Pop Bar was still there, thanks to the bits of corn chips and the puffed grain, and these corn chip bits gave off just the right amount of semi-popcorn flavor – I basically tasted whiffs of corn, just enough with the sort-of-creamy-buttery chocolate to believe I was tasting chocolate covered pop corn.  The sea salt definitely complemented this experience perfectly.

Add in the popping from the Pop Rocks, and this was a VERY cool flavor experience – again, my mouth felt like it was percolating, or carbonated…I have to admit, while a stretch, the bar DID sort of give me the sensation of popcorn popping in my mouth!

Overall the bar was excellent in execution, design, and flavor.  REALLY good, Chuao.  This and the Firecracker Bar are truly genius creations.

PURCHASED AT: Mailed to me, but you can buy it here.

COST: $6.00 (see here)

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  1. Soooo…his superpower is the ability to survive punishment received as a result of cluelessness of epic proportions?

  2. Victoria says:

    I’ve tried a few of these Chuao bars (Salted Chocolate Crunch being my favorite), but I haven’t seen the Popcorn one. I’ll have to keep an eye out!

  3. Abigail says:

    I just had this today and I couldnt agree more. To milk chocolate haters, let me add: this is DARK milk chocolate, very elegant and fun in the whole conception.

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