Review: New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn (A So Good Exclusive) & The Winner of a Case of Q Kola Is…

Junk Food Nation, no delays!  Let’s get right to the winner of the case of Q Kola.  Thanks to all who participated and entered!  Using the random number generator at, I assigned every entry a number, clicked the button, and found my winner:

*** @BrentHarris2 ***

Congratulations, BrentHarris2!  E-mail your contact info to [email protected] and Q Drinks will mail you your prize as soon as they can! Enjoy!

Today’s junk food is a review I did over on So Good: New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn! Here’s a preview:


New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn

New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn: The Money Shot

I stumbled on a whole SLEW of Utz snacks that were spiked with Tabasco last week.  As I discussed in my Tabasco Spiked Cheese Curls review, there were four products – the cheese curls, potato chips, butter popcorn, and this snack, the cheese popcorn.  Out of all the snacks, I am a sucker for cheesy items, so I naturally gravitated towards the cheese curls and this New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn.  Because really – cheese is ALWAYS BETTER than no cheese, wouldn’t you agree?

New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn

New Utz Tabasco Spiked Cheese Popcorn: SO RED

I mean, honestly though.  I what situations would you DECLINE cheese?  And I’m not talking absurdly like “Oh, I’d decline cheese on my ice cream.” Of course you would, but we’re also not discussing scenarios like 12 year olds.  I’ll always take fries WITH cheese than without. I’ll always take pasta WITH cheese than without.  Tacos with a little bit of Queso Blanco?  YES YES YES. Without?  WHY???


Alrighty – head on over to So Good Blog to read the rest!

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Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 5 Comments

  1. Sir Jimmy says:

    NOSH! Where do I find these babies?

  2. Kristina says:

    They are DELICIOUS and we can’t find them at Giant anymore!! 🙁

  3. Jes says:

    Parmesan Cheese on spumoni ice cream is surprisingly good 🙂

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