Review: New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter & Bold NBA Predictions for 2014

Junk Food Nation – that was QUITE an NBA Finals. Miami Heat are back-to-back Champions, and the Spurs definitely put forth maximum effort.  YAAAY FOR EVERYONE (I feel like I’m at a 5th grade graduation where everyone gets a trophy.) Truthfully, Miami is a polarizing team like the Yankees and the Patriots…them winning probably pissed off half the nation while electrifying the other half of the nation.  It’s the way it goes.  I’m just kind of glad it’s over…I can finally get some sleep OH WAIT THE STANLEY CUP FINALS GAAAAAAHHHH

Anyways, after such a postseason, and seeing how teams played out – I have a few bold predictions for next season (while also hedging my bets too 😉 )

1) Miami will not three-peat – They will surely be favored at the start of the season, but any NBA fan clearly saw how much the gap closed between the Heat and other playoff teams.  And it wasn’t by creating “super teams” to mimic the Heat like the Knicks, Lakers, and Nets supposedly tried to do.  It was teams like Indiana, San Antonio, and others like Golden State and Memphis, putting talent together in unique ways.  Let’s not forget about OKC as well.  Plus, despite Miami’s win, Wade’s knee and Bosh’s lack of inside presence continues to be a problem.  Unless Miami gets a big man, I don’t see them three-peating.

2) Golden State will win the West next year – I said these were bold, didn’t I? San Antonio will contend but I don’t see Manu getting any younger, and without a reliable B-team point man or general strong shooter like Ginobili is/was, I don’t see them going back to the Finals either.  Golden State, however, is built on shooting from ground up.  The only issue I see for GS – David Lee.  He’s amazing when healthy, which isn’t often.  If GS gets a full healthy regular and postseason from David Lee, they will be hard to beat.

3) OKC will lose in the first round of the playoffs – No one loves the Durantula more than me, and OKC will get Westbrook back, but it’s not enough. I’m sure they will be favored at the beginning of the season as well, but they also suffer from B-team problems.  Losing James Harden’s points wasn’t the issue for the Thunder, it was losing his leadership and ability to change tempos on defenses.  Plus, despite Ibaka’s improvement, Kendrick Perkins does NOTHING on offense.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that having a solid big man is going to mean a lot next year.  Dwight Howard, anyone?

Today’s junk food: New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter!

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: The Money Shot

Saw this New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter first over on The Impulsive Buy, and as a lover of peanut butter, I knew I had to try it.  I love whipped cream cheese, so why NOT whipped peanut butter?

Although to be fair, it’s not like peanut butter is THAT hard to spread, is it?

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: Make it into something else?

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter suggests mixing in some honey and cinnamon to transform this tub into an tastier treat. Then why isn’t this tub THAT TREAT ALREADY?  I’m not doing the work FOR you, Jif!

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: How is this possible??

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: OIL OIL EVERYWHERE

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter contains peanuts and a whole bunch of oil… still, it’s mostly just peanuts and sugar.  And who doesn’t love sugar? (Paleo people don’t).

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: I guess that’s a LITTLE better

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter has 50 less calories and 4g less a serving, which means I can eat even more of it, right?  My logic, always.

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: Looks….fluffy. Like whipped cream cheese

Opening this container of New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter, it definitely smelled like regular peanut butter, but look startlingly like whipped cream cheese that was tan in color.  As I squeezed the container, the sound coming from the tub was ….well….squishy.  I was definitely NOT used to peanut butter behaving this way.

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter

New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter: DEFINITELY spreadable

As I ran my knife through this New JIF Whips Creamy Whipped Peanut Butter, it was smooooooooooooooth.  Smooth smooth smooth.  No resistance at all, which I guess is the entire point.  Plus, the oval-like plastic tub ensures that I can get all the PB out of it, unlike a taller jar which always requires my knife to go on a hunt-and-scrape mission at the bottom which covers my knuckles in peanut butter.

The flavor – spot on.  Really, I noticed NO DIFFERENCE from regular peanut butter, so that’s a good thing!  Salty, sweet, and full of peanut flavor.  But the texture gave me a slightly different experience – at times, it sort of felt like I was eating Reese’s filling.  COOL!  Easy to sandwich in between two chocolate chip cookies, or to dollop on some ice cream.  The manageability of this peanut butter as opposed to its original form opened up a WORLD of possibilities in my head!

So, flavor – good. Design – great. Texture – smooth. And workability – superb.  I like this product A LOT. Get it.


COST: $3.00 on sale

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Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 26 Comments

  1. Put some on one of them aerated Hershey bars and that’s practically a health food snack, right?

  2. Kenneth says:

    I bought and tried these at the recommendation of this review, being a peanut butter addict. Love the more spreadable consistency, wonder if and how this would change peanut butter cookies made with it.

  3. Bill says:

    Check out that ingredient list again. WTF is “Rapeseed” oil? lol Jif………

  4. Heidi says:

    I don’t think spreadability is the point. I think more air in the jar (which translates to less actual peanut butter) for the same amount of money is the actual point.

  5. Heidi says:

    Well, Hershey’s already got us with their “aerated” chocolate. Why not Jif too? 🙂

  6. Nick Rovo says:

    Jif is years behind the competition. Peter Pan has had whipped pb out for as long as I can remember Also I love how they’re trying to make it sound heathier than their normal peanut btuter. There’s only 24 grams of peanut butter per serving of this while the normal one has 32 grams. That’s a fourth less than the normal so it should have less calories. If you do the math, gram for gram a 32 gram serving of this whipped pb would have 186.6667 calories which would round to 190. So much for it being different health wise. The whippedness just gives you the illusion that there’s the same amount but it weighs less. /rant

    • Nick Rovo says:

      Disregard all those typos, I’m half awake.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @nick— you have a lot to say at 730am! Wow … But all good input. I do like the malleability of this product though. I swear it’d be good on ice cream

    • Nick Rovo says:

      @Eric, I was up with time to kill so I was catching up on blog posts I’ve missed aha. I actually like nuking normal pb for a little bit so it becomes more liquid and putting it on ice cream. It solidifies back up and turns into something similar to a pb swirl you’d typically find in ice cream. I think I’ve tried it with peter pans version a long time ago but I can’t quite remember.

  7. Jack chleb says:

    I was excited to try this when the Hungry Girl site touted these whipped peanut butters, but whenI looked at the ingredients I was disappointed to see they contain hydrogenated oils. If you google hydrogenated oils you will see how bad they for us. I will not buy this product.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Jack: Yeah, these are definitely not good for you. Still, spreads like butta! (due to the vast amounts of oil, lol)

    • quebert says:

      Jack chleb – Google fully hydrogenated oils, this is what Jif contains. You’re thinking about partially hydrogenated oils, those are the ones that are bad for you.

  8. billyboy says:

    The big surprise here is that JIF has taken a long time to incorporate aerating into their product. Aerating food products has been around for quite a few years. When this technique first came out, I recalled buying Brachs chocolate Easter eggs as a child. They were a nickel and had a cream filling WITHOUT aeration and were comparatively heavy for their small size. Aerated Brachs Easter eggs were very light, the package actually feeling like it was full of air. Yet the size and price was still the same as before. This is now years later and manufacturers of many types of foods have long seen the massive profits in aeration. They have mesmerized brain-dead consumers (Obama Kool-Aid drinkers?) into believing that aerated foods are somehow loads better than non-aerated foods, believe it or not. Food aeration is nothing more than a simple and cheap way for manufacturers to increase profits while really offering the consumer almost nothing new in return. My advice – simply avoid aerated foods, or, at least, check packages and purchase by weight, not by volume or size!!

  9. Liz says:

    All of these new “whipped” and “air bubble packed snacks” are just marketing gimmicks…. I know that whipped yogurt and peanut butter has been around for a while now… but air delights chocolate?? Really? What on earth makes that better than regular chocolate? It just adds a slightly different texture… but what is the price I have to pay to have a slightly different texture on my food? LESS FOOD. All of these whips and air delights are just making you pay more money for LESS FOOD… All that air takes up volume and so instead of having 100% solid food there is now empty space and air in the food… it really makes no sense and is a rip off. None of it is “low calorie” or “healthy”…. but they can get away with making claims like 25% less calories, because indeed, for every spoonful of Jif Whips there is probably 25% less peanut butter… and if I am not mistaken aren’t those whips usually costing the same, if not MORE, than the originals? Basically, this trend is annoying… because we’re only getting ripped off by paying the same amount of money for less food…. and it isn’t actually healthier, and you’ll probably end up eating more of it in one sitting than regular peanut butter simply because it is less dense and less filling…. so really how does this benefit consumers?

  10. Nancy Thompson says:

    Would you use the same amount of whipped as you would regular to make cookies, or would you need to use more?

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