Review: Bubblegum Peeps (A So Good Exclusive) & YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN C’mon Now, NBA/NHL…

Junk Food Nation, I am a sports fan, through and through.  Readers of this blog know this.  And I have aged a good 3-4 years over the last week and a half because of the NHL and NBA playoffs. The Stanley Cup has had three overtime games, with last Wednesday’s Game 1 going into TRIPLE OVER TIME.  The NBA Finals have had blowouts, close ones, and Tuesday’s heart thumper in OT to force a Game 7. I HAVEN’T SLEPT MORE THAN FOUR HOURS A NIGHT HERE.

I nodded off during OT of the hockey game last night, and I might have a coronary during tonight’s Game 7 between the Heat and Spurs.  Sports fans – I know you hear me.  Tonight’s game starting at 9:00pm pretty much guarantees I will be a zombie at work tomorrow.

So thanks, NBA and NHL.  You’ve captured a nation’s attention…and you are slowly, slowly killing me.

Today’s junk food is something I reviewed over on So Good earlier this week: Bubblegum flavored Peeps!!  Read a preview here:


WHAT UP, So Good Readers!  Just your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy, here providing you with more amateur insight into some of the strangest snacks on shelves today!  Today’s sampling: Bubblegum Peeps! 

Bubblegum Peeps

Bubblegum Peeps

You know what I REALLY don’t like?  Things that taste like bubblegum that AREN’T bubblegum.  I’m talking bubblegum ice cream, bubblegum flavored frosting – yick.  So of course, when I saw these Bubblegum Peeps, I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to them.  Because why NOT just make bad decisions for myself?  It’s a living. (Sidenote: It’s not a living.)


You know the drill – head on over to So Good Blog to read the rest!

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Junk Food Guy

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  1. The only thing worse than Peeps is something that has been flavored using artificial bubble gum. I can’t imagine how awful those are.

  2. Kenneth says:

    Believe it or not, I actually found these on clearance for 44 cents. I thought they were way too bland, the bubblegum flavor felt very toned down.

  3. Shorneys says:

    Whenever I’m presented with something that’s supposed to taste like bubblegum, I have the urge to spit it out, because when I was growing up, things that tasted like bubblegum, ie, bubblegum, were things you chewed for a while AND THEN SPIT OUT. Awful.

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