Review: Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles & Jim Kelly, The Miami Heat, and Where the Eff is the Lottery Winner??

BREATH EASY, JUNK FOOD NATION HEAT FANS.  Your Miami Heat bludgeoned the Pacers last night to make their way back to the NBA Finals.  I fully attribute my goading yesterday to their success.  I’m always happy to see I control sporting event outcomes so readily.

Of course, in other sadder sporting news (for me), hero-of-mine Jim Kelly announced that he was diagnosed with jawbone cancer.  🙁 I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW JAW CANCER WAS A THING.  Sigh.  The good news is apparently they caught it early, and he is prospectively looking at a full recovery.  Still, what a bummer.  I feel the same way I did when I found out David Cone had an aneurysm.  You never want to see your heroes as mortal, but indeed they are, and episodes like this serve as a reminder.  Good luck, J.K.

And finally, I wanted to address the fact that apparently the winner of the GIGANTIC POWERBALL $590 million dollars STILL hasn’t come forth yet to claim the prize!  In the story I just linked to, the town of ~13000 people all knows each other, so everyone has been speculating for about two weeks who the heck the winner is.  Is it the butcher?  Is it the baker?  Is it the candlestick maker?

Personally, I don’t blame them for not coming forward yet.  The time limit to claim hasn’t run out yet, and you want to get your ducks in a row before anything gets announced.  Plus, with a town of 13000, you’re likely to end up in a ditch after the entire town mobs you for cash.  To me, in a town that small, it’s a losing situation – once you announce, there will be so much pressure to help EVERYONE out since there’s not that many people.  I mean, even if you gave EVERYONE $10,000…you’d still have, oh, 460 MILLION DOLLARS.  So you’d have the entire town looking at you eating at Bennigan’s being like, “WTF DUDE???”

Another take away from the article – this town’s newly elected mayor is 27 years old???? Well, THAT’S just a horrible idea.  How the heck is someone like that supposed to make decisions for people of ALL ages when he probably barely knows what a ROTH IRA is?  Are you serious, Zephyrhills, Florida?  When I was 27, I was an goofball.  Hell, I’m STILL a goofball. (To be fair, the new mayor is a lawyer, a JAG, has served on the city council, etc., so he’s definitely not an idiot.)  I keed, I keed.

Today’s junk food: Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles!

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

Um, what?

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of these pickle Pringles yesterday.  Pringles is apparently trying to do a mind melt on all of us, because these two different cans look like exactly the same flavor.  Xtreme Screamin’ Dill Pickle vs. XTRA Screamin’ Dill Pickle???? Knock it off, Pringles!

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles: The Money Shot

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles: The Money Shot

Still, RIGHT NEXT TO THOSE crazy-ass pickle Pringles were these Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles!  With a big Superman shield on the front.  Has there been cross promotion of the new Man of Steel movie and Pringles lately?  Because *I* haven’t seen it… and aren’t Pringles working with Star Wars right now anyways?  Kinda dippin’ your wick in more than one place, eh, Pringles?  You dirty company, you.

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

SUPER SNACK!  Or something

ANYWAYS Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles!  I did a web search to see if these had been around before, and I couldn’t find any reference to them.  I’ve had their XTREME Buffalo Wing before, and I’ve had the Lay’s Buffalo Wings w/ Ranch STAX before…so hopefully this flavor will fit right in.

Kind of lazy artwork though, right? A cayenne pepper here, and splashing jar of ranch dressing there… I guess Pringles felt like the Superman S was all they needed.

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

10 calories a chip

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

Cayenne pepper sauce is a must

I clearly need to learn more about food science, because whenever I look at the ingredients of a can of Pringles, I feel like they are always the same. Yet they always taste different.  Pringles = wizards.

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

Why do Pringles always look naked?

When I opened this can of Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles I immediately smelled a slight tang that singed my nostrils ever so slightly.  There was a small buffalo sauce / vinegar smell present.  The chips themselves didn’t look like they had too much powder, but I knew these would have a decent taste despite that.  Time for a crunch!

Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles

Buffalo and ranch specks?

These Limited Time Only Buffalo Ranch Pringles were pretty tasty, but if I had to put a number on them, they’d be a 6.75/10.  Good, not great, but delivered on being a flavorful snack.

When I placed a chip in my mouth, they had a slight buffalo taste.  A nice mild vinegar-y tang, and a very slight burn.  This was mild buffalo flavor, basically.  Then the taste gradually developed as the creaminess of the ranch flavor took over.  Creamy, herb-y, nice.  The standard Pringles potato chip flavor also was there, sort of crispy and waxy at the same time.  Still, I am a lover of Pringles, so I enjoyed these.

Mixed together, this did indeed taste like a buffalo ranch.  It wasn’t bold enough, however, to overtake the flavor of the Lay’s Buffalo Wings w/ Ranch Stax.  Still, it was a good savory chip, and was flavorful.  A solid chip.  I’d eat these again, but I probably won’t buy them again.


COST: $1.50 on sale

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Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 5 Comments

  1. Mike says:

    Cancer, Powerball, and Pringles…yeah…

  2. Destiny says:

    I loved these chips and have been looking every where for them. The only place that sold them around my areano longer carries them. Is there any place that still has them or are they no longer in production?

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Destiny: Not sure if they are seasonal – I know when they came out, I was ONLY able to find them at Walmart, where seemingly all new flavor Pringles debut

  3. Brad Porter says:

    I had this flavor recently & it was good.

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