Review: New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz & Spurs Defying Gravity…Again

Junk Food Nation, the Spurs weren’t supposed to win, were they? They were too old, too creaky, not deep enough, not intense enough.  And yet here they are, in the NBA Finals, having just manhandled the Memphis Grizzlies.  They swept the Grizzlies.  SWEPT.  Um, what?

Did I predict the Spurs in the Finals?  Nope. I predicted the friggin’ Lakers over the Heat in the Finals.  OUCH. Of course, many things went wrong to derail my predictions: namely, that I failed to realize that Dwight Howard is a cancer to any team he joins, and I didn’t foresee Russell Westbrook getting hurt.  And I CERTAINLY didn’t see San Antonio making it out of the West, much less the first round.

Post-game of Game 4 last night was awkward though – nothing stranger than watching a bunch of twenty something basketball players hoist a random-ass trophy above their heads that no one has ever seen before in a room with an NBA cloth backdrop in front of thirty TV cameras and no fans.  All you heard was the weird mutters as players high fived and clapped…why do they even have these ceremonies on TV  Horrible.  Combine that with Tim Duncan giving a Charlie-Rose-type interview to Doris Burke and you had a post-game celebration that was uber silly.

Still, the Spurs deserved it.  Tony Parker was INCREDIBLE – he ran this series from beginning to end.  Tim Duncan running the floor and dunking at 37 years old???  You’ve got to be kidding me.  BTW, did you know Tim Duncan’s personal website is called Ha.  If he wins another ring, that will make FIVE in 14 years.

Personally, if Miami makes it past Indy, I am SALIVATING at the possibility of Heat vs. Spurs. LeBron vs. Duncan. Parker vs. Wade. Old school vs. new school. Big 3 vs. Big 3. Stern vs. the World.  I …I might actually watch the Finals this year.

Today’s junk food: New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz!

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: The Money Shot

I first saw these New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz on The Impulsive Buy, but then spotted them in my local grocery!  Well, as a Cheez-It LOVER, I HAD to eat these.  HAD to.

It does always comfuse me when cracker companies feel compelled to make up new names, however.  Zingz?  Why.

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: WITH A PUNCH!

So these New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz pack a punch, huh? Well, I hope so, since Queso Fundido is merely “melted cheese.”  Still, I like the ingredients Cheez-It is pushing…white cheddar, jalapeno, chili pepper, parsley, onion, garlic, tomato, black pepper.  The more complexity, the better!  New shape of cracker too – I LIKE IT!

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: MAX crunchiness

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz are made with corn masa, huh? Not sure how I feel about that – one of the best things about Cheez-Its is that sort of soft flakiness that the cheese cracker has.  I personally don’t think it needs “beefing up.”  But I’ll reserve judgment…for now.

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: Less than 10 cals a cracker

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: LOTS OF INGREDIENTS

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz is LOADED with processed ingredients.  Wow.  Well, they ain’t selling these at Whole Foods…

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz: Just like on the box…

When I opened these New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz, the first smell that hit me was that normal, slight cheesy Cheez-It smell.  There was also a slight tangy smell to the box too – I’m assuming that was the tomato powder.  I couldn’t wait to taste these.  GET. IN.

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz

Ok, these New Cheez-It Queso Fundido Zingz were pretty good.  But I’ll be truthful – it’s not that hard to sell me on a cheese cracker.  I mean, it’s cheese baked into processed flour and corn meal.  It’s not rocket science that I like these.  But let me break it down.

The crunch of these crackers is noticeably different than normal Cheez-Its, which, as I mentioned before, have more of a flakiness than anything else.  These did not – they were crunchy and crispy, and were kind of a nice change of pace.  I got an immediate vegetable-y jalapeno and chili pepper flavor that broke quickly into a cheesy taste.  The cheese flavor reminded me of a sharp cheddar, but also of a pepperjack cheese, queso taste.  The onion and tomato powders added a nice savoriness to the whole thing, and helped end the taste with a nice tangy bite.  There were good notes of pepper and tomato.  These were slightly salty, but not too salty – to me, just enough to really punch the cheese sharpness up.

All in all – I liked these a lot.  Did they take the place of regular Cheez-Its in my book?  No, because it’s tough to top the original in my book.  But these are a nice addition to the line!  Good work, Sunshine and Kellogg.  Good work.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food Grocery

COST: $3.00 on sale

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Discuss - 8 Comments

  1. Devin says:

    I never believed these ‘new look’ Lakers had a chance. They can get as many overhyped stars as they want, but without the guidance of someone like a Phil Jackson I just can’t see that team winning a championship again anytime soon (probably not during Kobe’s remaining time as a player).

    I continue to find it amazing how much people still underestimate the Spurs despite the fact that they’ve won the most championships out of any team this decade. Sure, it’s been a bit since their last one, but it’s not like they’ve been slacking off during these seasons either. But what can you do when NBA fans probably play into hype more than the fans of any other sport. I don’t mind though, because it just makes this potential championship all the more satisfying.

    Also, a championship win would be the biggest screw you to David Stern for his stupid fine. Fine the Spurs for something stupid like resting their stars, and they respond by winning the championship. That would be the sweetest payback.

  2. Kel says:

    I almost sent you something about these Zingz. I found them last week, and I really like them (but like you, I am addicted to Cheez-Its).

    However, do you remember the triangular spicy Mexican Cheez-Its? These taste just like those. And those had Masa too. I think this may be rebranding.

  3. Chris Cox says:

    My wife and I laughed hysterically after trying these. The smell like, and faintly taste like couchie lol. After hearing my comparison she refuses to eat any more. lol

  4. Drew says:

    Chris, im guessing your wife eats lots of garlic and other spices!

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