Review: Volu Banana Stangir (Volumetric Banana Rod!) & Which is the Better Bay? Michael Bay or Old Bay?

Junk Food Nation, after yesterday’s rather long and rambling post, I thought I’d open up today with a discussion I heard on my favorite radio show: Which BAY is better, Michael Bay, or Old Bay?

Michael Bay is, of course, the director of many huge action blow-em-up big-budget movies like Armaggedon, the Rock, and the Transformers series.  He gave us huge explosions, Bad Boys II, and breakdancing Autobots!

Old Bay is a delicious spice made nearby in Baltimore and is the main seasoning for crabs, potato chips, and other foods.  It has a great seasoned salt taste, and I can’t imagine a lot of seafood without it.  Old Bay gave us fingers that have a chance to blind you if you accidentally rub your eyes.

What say you, Junk Food Nation? Which Bay is better?

Volu Banana Stangir

Oink oink, fatty

Today’s junk food is brought to you by my friend Mike, and BONUS, which is Iceland’s 7-11, I think. Nice pig cartoon.  Weird, Iceland. Weird.

Volu Banana Stangir

Volu Banana Stangir: The Money Shot

So this is the second of two snacks that my friend Mike brought me back from Iceland.  The first were yesterday’s Cool American Doritos, and the second were…these things.  Volu Banana Stangir.  That’s definitely…er…the toughest sounding snack name that I can think of.  “What’re you eating?” “Oh, just some VOLU BANANA STANGIR!” “Jeez, get away from me.”

Volu Banana Stangir

That banana looks too happy

So what does Volu Banana Stangir mean?  According to Google Translate, it means VOLUMETRIC BANANA RODS!  Which is a good name, I guess.  Kinda literal, but who says literal ain’t delicious!  Just as the makers of Crispy Hexagons!

Volu Banana Stangir


Volu Banana Stangir is made of…yeah I can’t read this.

Volu Banana Stangir

Banana rods!

Volu Banana Stangir is really just banana flavored marshmallows covered in chocolate.  Is it good chocolate, is it bad chocolate? Does it even matter if the banana marshmallow is disgusting?  Let’s find out?

Volu Banana Stangir

Oddly yellow

I bit into one of these Volu Banana Stangirs, and my first impression was…not…inedible.  Basically, it IS indeed a banana flavored marshmallow inside.  It didn’t have the same exact puffiness of a lot of US-based marshmallows I’m familiar with.  This marshmallow filling tasted and felt more like…an air-puffed taffy.  Sort of like Banana Laffy Taffy.  As I chewed on it, it got more compact into a taffy-like state.  And, since I like Banana Laffy Taffy…I liked this flavor.  Decent banana taste, sort of artificial, nothing mind blowing.

The chocolate on the outside?  Pretty standard low grade junk food chocolate.  Not rich or dark or anything like that, just pretty standard.

Together?  This was an interesting combo that I personally didn’t hate.  A co-worker of mine tried these and had to spit it out.  Me? I’d give it an above average ranking.  Then again, I do like bananas, so I may be giving it a little bias.

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Junk Food Guy


Discuss - 11 Comments

  1. Michelle says:

    This actually looks delicious to me!! But, artificial tasting? womp womp.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @Michelle: That is the quickest response I’ve ever received! And artificial tasting, in that banana candy is artificial tasting. I bet you WOULD like these…

  2. Lindemann says:

    I’d totally eat that.

    I can’t imagine why the Bay debate is even an issue. What Bay makes me smile every time I see its yellow canister on a table, waiting for me to open it and cover my fries in it? What Bay is the secret ingredient in many a delicious plate of fried chicken? What Bay also adds a nice roundness to a pot of chili? What Bay is to crabs as tortilla chips are to salsa? WHAT BAY INDEED? It damn sure ain’t Michael.

  3. Elisa says:

    I thought of Old Bay flavored chips from Utz on that one. One of my friends likes Old Bay seasoning.

    As for that banana snack, I’d rather eat the treats from Stover’s.

  4. Echo710 says:

    First thought (upon seeing the picture): “ugh, that looks terrible.”

    :::continues reading::: “…oh, they’re MARSHMALLOWS? I want this!!”

  5. Nick Rovo says:

    So what you’re saying is that they’re circus peanuts covered in low quality chocolate? Yeah, I’ll pass if I’m ever in Iceland.

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