Review: New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato & TAX DAY! FUN FUN FUN (Plus, Jackie R., WNBA, Hunger Games!)

Junk Food Nation, HAPPY TAX DAY!  Get those returns in, fools!  Lucky for me, I have family in the tax biz, so I got my check long ago…but for those of you who are stragglers, pull out those W-2s, brush off those receipts, and get number crunching! And for those of you interested in all those great FAST FOOD TAX DAY DEALS, head on over to GrubGrade, who is doing a great job cataloging all the discounts April 15 holds!

For you baseball fanatics, today is Jackie Robinson Day!  I’ve yet to see 42, but I am going to.  Today, in honor of Jackie R., every single baseball player will be wearing the number 42 in today’s games. Fun fact: the ONLY current player to wear the number 42 normally?  Mariano Rivera.

Tonight is also the WNBA draft, for all those interested.  Will Britney Griner be drafted by the Phoenix Mercury or the Dallas Mavericks?

And perhaps the biggest reason to be excited today – last night the new Hunger Games, Catching Fire, trailer was released!  Yes, sometimes I am a 14-year old girl.  Whatever – shut it, and watch:

SWEET.  Anyways, onto the junk food.

So back when I first saw these new Häagen-Dazs Gelato flavors in the store, I thought there were only a few new flavors.  Little did I know (and then later discovered after reading the Impulsive Buy and Brand Eating and the Ice Cream Informant) that there were SEVEN new flavors!!! Holy crap.  That’s a lotta new flavors!

I’ve already reviewed the Sea Salt Caramel and Vanilla Bean on this blog before.  And I’d seen the Stracciatella and Cappucino Gelatos in stores… and then, while at my local Safeway, I spotted two more!

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato and Dark Chocolate Chip Gelato: Money Shots

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

New Häagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Chip Gelato: Close Up

New Häagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Chip Gelato!  Looked good 🙂  I opted not to get it, since there’s only so many ways I can describe how chocolatey something is.  Instead, I bought the one flavor, besides the still-unseen Limoncello, that I wanted to try: New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato!  So let’s do this:

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato: The Money Shot

As mentioned, New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato is just one of the seven new Gelato flavors that Häagen-Dazs has.  It’s the first time, I think, where I’ve seen amaretto in ice cream form.  Amaretto sours are a favorite drink of old people like me.  Amaretto, btw, is a sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur.

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato


New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

Ah, the Coliseum.  Now I feel like I’m in Italy.

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato is apparently loaded with cherry flavor.  So, I guess if you don’t like cherries to begin with…don’t eat this ice cream.  But, if you’re like me, and LOVE cherry pie and cherry things generally, this should excite you.  “Your passport to Italy is just a spoonful away.”  It is?  Because I’m sure I can’t present this to TSA.  Especially if it’s mostly eaten.

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

Cherry cherry cherry….elderberry??

Let’s peel the top off of this New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato!

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato


New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato has a pink/lavender sort of color, and you could see the cherries right from the start… in fact, this gelato had so many cherries, that when I dug in with my spoon even slightly…

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato



New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato was pretty good, IMO.  The flavor of the gelato was nice and sweet, and had a clear amaretto liquor flavor…nice and almond-y…mixed with a creamy cherry flavor.  The big chunks of cherry also produced a nice, tart, taste of cherry.  The flavor profile, in a sense, was rather simple – creamy, cherry, almond/amaretto.  It didn’t taste artificially constructed at all, and I enjoyed that lilt of boozy flavor in this gelato.  Very good.  Would definitely eat again.

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

Close up 1

New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

Close up 2

There’s only one other review of this New Häagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato out there, here – that eater didn’t care for the overly strong cherry and almond flavors.  That’s exactly what I loved about this.  If you like amaretto, you won’t be disappointed.


COST: $3.00 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Also, you can always email me at [email protected]. Let’s do this.


Junk Food Guy

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  1. DOH! You beat me too it. I just finished typing my Black Cherry Amaretto review not more than five minutes ago (prior to seeing this). Mine will go up Friday.

    Regardless, I felt the same way about it that you did…I loved it. It reminded me of a peaceful dream and who doesn’t like a peaceful dream?

  2. By the way, I saw ’42’ over the weekend and all I can say is that it reminded me of Remember the Titans. It took something despicable (racism) and tried to Disney-fy it and make it a joke and crowd pleasing. People were actually laughing at the most heinous character in the movie (Phillies manager Ben Chapman) by the end like he was some sort of birthday clown put there for their enjoyment. Embarrassing.

    One other thing that upset me is how little people know about one of the seminal moments in sports and also cultural history in this country. Almost everyone in the theater thought it was some made up tale and ended up clapping at the end. It actually upset me and made me think less of our general populace. Of course, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a country looking for free handouts.

    • junkfoodguy says:

      @IE: Huh, interesting. I really want to see it, and I’ll let let you know if I have the same take. I did find it curious that so many people I’ve talked to recently don’t really know JR’s story. But maybe this movie is good – gets the story out there in a digestible fashion? I dunno.

  3. I will agree that despite its flaws, at least it is getting the story out there because it is a story that needs to be told. People can’t forget the amount of hate that this country used to have or as the saying states, “those who ignore history will be doomed to repeat it.”

  4. Nick Rovo says:

    Just did a review involving cherries and amaretto but from Homemade Brand. I still have no idea what amaretto is but I’m more than likely going to stay away from this one and the limoncello though. I’m really not a fan of boozy flavors and we all know Haagen-Dazs doesn’t mess around when it comes to their alcohol.

  5. nathaniel says:

    saw 42 over the weekend as well. i thought it was absolutely amazing, havnt enjoyed a movie like that in a while

  6. Elisa says:

    I’ve had amaretto as a flavor in chocolate or in a dessert. It’s an interesting flavor.

    I don’t get it with procrastinators on tax day. (I did mine early too) They aren’t doing themselves any favors and get stressed.
    Today California Tortilla had free chips and queso with purchase and uttering the secret word. (If you forgot, there was a sign at the door at the location I visited)

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