Review: Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt & Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp, & Michael Jordan Turns 50

Junk Food Nation, am I an awful person? After the story about Oscar Pistorius, Bladerunner, came out yesterday about how he shot his girlfriend/fiancé, my first thought was of the culture in South Africa and the gun debate.  I don’t want to discuss that here.  My second thought was about the theories about her actually surprising him vs. him committing homicide.  Those details and accusations will be fleshed out over the next few days, and I don’t want to discuss those here either.

No, my third thought (admittedly) was being totally bummed out because she was smoking hot.  And that’s why I ask – am I an awful person?  Would I think this case any less tragic has the person killed been unattractive? Of course not. But for some reason, I am very bummed because she was a supermodel who spoke out actively against rape and domestic violence ….and was a law school graduate too?   I mean, whether you believe in divine intervention or evolution, it’s clear SOMETHING came together right to make this person. And now she’s gone?  That sucks.  Am I am awful person to be focusing on this?  I am, aren’t I?  Crap. Moving on…

ESPN has been showcasing for a while now that Michael Jordan, his Airness, is turning 50 on Sunday.  FIFTY.  What. The. Heck.  Do you know how old that makes me feel? I have witnessed every single one of the Bulls’ Championships, NOT on ESPN Classic.  I watched his dunk contests as a kid.  I remember his Nike and Gatorade commercials.  I lived during the moment of Air Jordan.  There’s a reason that every star that comes up, Kobe, LeBron, is constantly compared to MJ – because he set a standard, not only in basketball, but also in sports marketing and branding.  Funny when you look back – MJ’s first deal with Nike was something like $7 million over five years.  Chump change, these days, no?

Anyways, MJ turning 50 makes me feel like I’m a hundred years old, right up there with remembering what floppy disks were and playing Atari.  Excuse me while I change my old man diaper.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt!

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt: The Money Shot

Remember when I was complaining I couldn’t find this Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt anywhere? I believe I said, “IN MY BELLY. NOW. PLEASE.”  Well, the fine people over at Turkey Hill stepped up and got me some.  I KNEW there was a reason I loved TH.  Seriously.

I’ve reviewed Turkey Hill products a lot on this blog, but until now, all of them have been ice creams.  Today, Turkey Hill forages into Greek Frozen yogurt territory!

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt


Press Release: Turkey Hill Dairy is adding to its limited edition ice cream flavors by introducing its first Greek frozen yogurt with baklava. This limited edition flavor contains two traditional Greek favorites: creamy yogurt and sweet baklava. Combining these two delicious treats creates a decadent frozen dessert, which will be offered January through April. 

Me: Holy cow, baklava in a frozen treat???? WHAAAAA.  Baklava, for those who don’t know, is is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.  This is a bold move, Turkey Hill…let’s hope you get it right.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Will this be a classic?

Press Release: “The popularity of Greek frozen yogurt continues to grow, and Turkey Hill Dairy is very excited to offer its first flavor,” said Quintin Frey, president of Turkey Hill Dairy. “We are continually expanding our line of frozen desserts, and adding Greek frozen yogurt is the perfect fit.”

Me: 67% more protein than regular frozen yogurt? Well, that’s reason enough to eat this all the time. I’m stoked for TH’s entry into Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Honey Cinnamon Swirl is ingredient #2!!!! Baller.

Press Release: The Dairy’s Baklava Limited Edition Greek Frozen Yogurt contains vanilla Greek frozen yogurt with crunchy baklava pieces and a honey cinnamon swirl. The low-fat frozen yogurt has 67 percent more protein than Turkey Hill’s regular frozen yogurt.

Me: OMG, the honey cinnamon swirl is ingredient #2.  Great googly moogly. Let’s open this baby up.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt


Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt looked like your standard ice cream…or frozen yogurt.  Right off the bat, you can see the baklava chunks.  Slight signs of the honey cinnamon swirl…time to dig.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Loaded with baklava in every bite

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt tasted GREAT. Better than great. SUPERB.

The first bite I took was very refreshing.  The forzen yogurt had a different consistency than ice cream – not as creamy with the spoon smoothly passing through it.  Definitely more milk/ice-y feeling.  But I liked that!  It was cool, refreshing, and tasted SLIGHTLY tangy.  It’s not as tart as those store-bought froyo places, but it has a nice feel to it.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Baklava pieces

The baklava pieces in this Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt were the best. They were chewy and substantial enough to make me feel like I was really biting into baklava!  It had that nice, stick-to-your-teeth honey feeling that I’m so used to with baklava.  Plus, the flavor – pure honey and a good burst of cinnamon.  There was NO mistaking the baklava taste. Awesome.

Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt

Swirly swirl

Finally, the honey cinnamon swirl in this Limited Edition Turkey Hill Baklava Greek Frozen Yogurt was so good. Once I was able to dig into it, the honey cinnamon flavor was everywhere, but still stayed swirl-like enough such that I could separately taste the honey cinnamon vs. the frozen yogurt itself.  If anything, I’d have liked MORE swirl…but I like the subtle take on it here.  Reminded me more of how honey and yogurt really do taste together.

All in all, a REALLY GOOD TREAT!  Highly recommend.  And thanks for sending me some, Turkey Hill!

PURCHASED AT: sent to me, but you can find out where to buy it here.

COST: free for me, varies for you

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Discuss - 14 Comments

  1. Lindemann says:

    OK, you sold me. I’m hittin’ Giant!

  2. I have to find this somehow since stupid Kroger is not currently carrying it.

  3. Elisa says:

    Ah, I remember Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls! Then he was playing for the Wizards for awhile and the team didn’t fare any better.

    I know there’s a frozen yogurt store selling Greek yogurt in Tyson’s Corner Mall but can’t remember the name offhand.

  4. Nick Rovo says:

    …So very jealous of you right now. Wait, why doesn’t turkey hill send us stuff? I call shenanigans!

  5. Sharyn says:

    Not fair! There’s no Turkey Hill here in the NW!!!!

  6. Caitlin says:

    I saw this when cruising down the ice cream isle of Redner’s with a raging sweet tooth. Needless to say, it’s the best thing ever and it ACTUALLY managed to satisfy my endless cravings! It is so perfect, and anyone who hasn’t yet tried it needs to! I just wish it wasn’t only out for a limited time… hopefully that “limited time” is 60 years, at least.

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    i found this at my kroger and bought it just because of your review! so happy i did – you were right, it’s delicious! omg, now i will have to find the self control to keep myself from eating the whole container in a week.

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