Review: Doritos 3-Ds Queso (A So Good Exclusive!)

Junk Food Nation, do you remember these?

Doritos 3-Ds

Doritos 3-Ds

If so, then you’re going to want to read my most recent post over on So Good.  A preview, below:


What up, So Good Readers? I’d like to take a short walk down memory lane for a second.  When I was in grade school, Doritos came out with a new snack – 3-Ds, they were called.  They were these Bugle-like three corner puffy chips that came in a variety of flavors…and they were damn good.  They had a pretty iconic Super Bowl commercial too, featuring Ali Landry:

Sometime in the later 90?s, this line of snacks was yanked, never to be seen again!  Heck, they even made Buzzfeed (check out #9).  Never eat again…so true…

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a convenience store in Mexico and found: Doritos 3-Ds Queso!!!!  Say whaaaaaa??????

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

Doritos 3-Ds Queso: The Money Shot

I was SHOCKED when I saw these Doritos 3-Ds Queso…primarily because I hadn’t seen them for over a decade!  Was Mexico just behind the times…or ahead of the curve, not letting these bad boys go out of style? Seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw them.  Did I just go back in time 20 years?

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

Doritos 3-Ds Queso


Ok then – Head on over to So Good to read the rest!

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  1. I remember that commercial! It made her a star – she was just a boring model or something before…

  2. ShayDaDon says:

    Aren’t these just Dorito flavored Bugles? I bet they don’t taste the same but probably have the same over all feel eating wise.

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