Review: Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os & Plane Spotting & Plane Sleeping

Junk Food Nation, for those of you who follow my Twitter/Instagram feeds, you might’ve seen this photo before, but let me tell you the whole story.  When I was flying to Mexico, it was a really REALLY early cross country flight which had a layover in Phoenix.  That first leg, however, was wheels up at like 7:00am…and people boarding the flight (like me) had probably been up since 3:00am.

Personally, my record for sleeping on planes is dicey.  Sometimes, if I have a window seat, I can wedge myself in a certain position and doze off for a few hours.  This time, I was in the middle seat, but I still wasn’t too bad…I did the neck tradeoff, where you basically acknowledge you’re going to have a crick in your neck from leaning to one side in exchange for going unconscious.

This old man across the row from me, however, was in the aisle and was having the WORST time of it.  It was like he was in his own bed at home – he was tossing and turning in his aisle seat with abandon.  At various points, he was curled up in his seat, then he had his tray table down and he was leaning on it, he would stand up, look at his seat, and then sit back down to attack the cushions again.  Finally, he resorted to this:


Ah, so…comfortable?

Yep.  And there he snoozed for the remainder of the trip.  I’ve never done a complete turtle, but this guy was a pioneer.  I guess maybe the light deprivation along with inhaling your own sensibilities makes for a comfortable sleep experience? Who knows. I applaud this man for breaking new ground in airflight comfort.  Way to go, Yertle.

Today’s junk food: Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os!

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os: The Money Shot

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os were found, duh, in Mexico, and I was drawn to them because, well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a straight up corn chip.  Besides the Wild Ranch Fritos I reviewed last year, I haven’t reviewed corn chips ONE OTHER TIME on this blog.  Which seems absurd, since I LOVE corn chips.  With chili?  No better.

Plus, these claimed to be chorizo sausage and chipotle pepper flavored!  With “MORE PRODUCT NOW!” How could I resist?

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os

I know it’s meant to be cartoon-ey, but these sort of look like water balloons.

Chorizo Y Chipotle Fritos…sorry, Frit-os…only exist for distribution in Mexico.  With more and more companies coming out with “meat flavored” chips, like hot dog chips and rib chips, it’ll only be a short time before chorizo gains popularity in the US, I feel.  But will this be a good flavor?

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os


Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os are “hecho con maiz natural” – made with natural corn.  Well, that’s a relief.  Although when I eat corn chips, my first thought is not how natural they taste.

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os

Smells…. funky

I opened the bag of Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os and I have to admit…smelled weird. I got a smoky smell with a tinge of …something sour? I dunno.  All of a sudden, I wasn’t looking forward to these…

Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os

Tastes… funky

I ate some of these Chorizo Y Chipotle Frit-os and…yikes.  What did I put into my mouth??  If these smelled weird, they tasted even weirder.  When I first put the chips into my mouth, the first flavor I got was a quasi-meat flavor that was not quite distinguishable.  Honestly, it sort of reminded me of the haggis chips I reviewed from Ireland.

The problem is that the flavor all of a sudden has this really extreme sourness to it.  I’m not sure where the tang comes in…the chipotle, or the chorizo?  Is this supposed to be like lime on the chorizo? Whatever it was, it was REALLY strange.

The more I chewed, there were moments when a distinct sausage-y chorizo taste came through – VERY quickly, though, and disappeared immediately.  The chipotle pepper taste?  Didn’t get it…the chips didn’t really have a slow burn at all.  Maybe there was pepper flavor somewhere?  Wasn’t in the chip.

All in all…these were really bad. Maybe my taste buds were off.  I had to stop eating these after like for chips.  Borderline gross and inedible, to me.

PURCHASED AT: OXXO store in Mexico

COST: about $1.50

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. Also, you can always email me at [email protected]. Let’s hang.


Junk Food Guy

Discuss - 13 Comments

  1. Lindemann says:

    Do you think there may be a Mexican taste vocabulary for their snack foods that isn’t shared in the United States? Like we accept (some of us with great difficulty) a “lime” flavor in our tortilla and corn chips, not to mention our Bud Lights, that bears no resemblance whatsoever to an actual lime. I just wonder whether Mexicans think that’s incredibly gross (which it is, BTW) but prefer their own flavors that taste incredibly gross to United Statesians.

  2. Yipes! They look like reject chips!

  3. Chip Review says:

    Your great description makes these sound gross!! We want to try them now!
    Glad you got to be the guinea pig on this one 🙂

  4. AnE says:

    I grew up eating this chips, they are my favorite ones. I live in IL and my local Mexican Store now has them. I went there and bought them all. Who knows when I will see them again.

  5. fritosconchrizoychipotle says:

    This are my favorite and they are not nasty at all. I wish they would sell them here in Washington.

  6. p3qu3 says:

    @AnE: where in Illinois? ?? I live here too and miss those chips like crazy!!!… it was my snack after lunch in México when I was in High School!!.. I know this is an old post I hope someone can help me on where to find them!!!

  7. justbrewit! says:

    @p3qu3 – The Cermak Fresh Market on Ogden Avenue in Naperville has them. I also imagine many grocery stores in Aurora (next town west of Naperville) would stock them too, very large Mexican immigrant population there.

    I tried them for the first time this past weekend. Have to say, they are definitely weird. I found them oddly compelling though; I kept going back and grabbing a few more out of the bag throughout the day.

  8. TheseChipsAreGreat says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this deliciousness. These are one of my favorite, all time! Still should give it a try!!

  9. Muffy says:

    These are for Mexican palates, flavors that are more part of the local trend of flavors. It’s funny me and a pal where eating them and commenting on how they were nasty but yet so good, and what popped into my head was pansy white boys complaining in their blogs about “I was only able to eat four chips *think of it in a whiny bitchy girly voice.”

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